2021 balance sheet

A twisted year At the end of 365 days of many experiences and learnings, I take stock and look for themes, milestones, various repeating patterns, to place it in the overall picture of life's evolution. This year I did it differently than usual. Instead of tuning into the energy of [...]

January 3, 2022|

A little chemistry, a little physics, observations made with open eyes

When you carefully observe the world around you, when you know your body well and trust its signals, you can realize when something is happening. Recently, the feeling that "something is happening" is more and more intense. I mean the last 30 years. But especially in the last 2 years. [...]

October 25, 2021|

Let’ s love ourselves just the way we are!

Discontent. Dissatisfaction. Self-blame. Guilt. Shame. There are many experiences that we learn in early childhood, watching the adults who grow and educate us. When we came into the world, we were happy, bright and interested in each experiment as a giant adventure. If you watch a child up to 2-3 [...]

October 10, 2015|

Save the children!

All those who have children will deeply resonate with the article’s title. For any responsible parent will want to know his child safe, and especially healthy. We give birth to lights, bright miracles. We, mothers, remember our children's eyes in the first months of their life. Their eyes looked as [...]

September 28, 2015|


I recently heard Matt Kahn’s last transmission, the modern mystic, who reverses spirituality, as I knew it. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=9CYS6nbtdMY&feature=em-subs_digest And I received some messages that "touched" me deeply. One of them particularly suits me: Awakening from EGO is like awakening from a “spiritual” drunkenness. When you live in EGO it [...]

February 11, 2015|

Mung beans salad with bell-peppers

Recipe from Silvia Soescu, a young, creative and skilled amateur “chef” in her own kitchen It’s a good dish for lunch or dinner for colder days, when the body needs something more “consistent”. It is also good for those in “transition” from cooked to raw food – used with the [...]

September 9, 2014|

“Healthy” raw vegan ice-cream

Dintotdeauna mi-a plăcut înghețata. A fost dulcele preferat al copilăriei mele - și cauza celor mai multe dintre problemele de sănătate ale vieții mele. Explicația tuturor a fost că ”recele” dăunează gâtului meu. Ulterior – după ce am studiat mult – am aflat că problema cu înghețata nu este atât [...]

September 9, 2014|

Raw vegan beetroot sour soup

We prepared another version of the raw-vegan soup already presented in the recipes, using a bigger beetroot for different flavor and color.   Main ingredients: 5-6 big carrots (aprox 1 kg carrots) 3 roots parsley 3 roots parsnip one small celery root one medium to big beetroot parsley and lovage [...]

September 9, 2014|


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