April 2022

We started the year 2022 with a project of Celebration and celebration of each day, through daily posts on Facebook. And I realized that we are already in April and I haven’t uploaded any articles to the site. I intend to fix this gap with this short essay on the ability of words to change our Reality.

I have been working with the power of words for over 30 years.
Every day I discover more about the sounds and vibrations that make up our Reality.
We live in a world of energy.

With each step, I consume or produce energy, depending on the vibrational frequency I tune into.

I realized how important the mental dialogue that I continuously run in my mind is.
It took me years to become aware of it.

I tried to follow the instructions of those who told me to stop this mental dialogue. Through meditation, prayer, mantras and various mental discipline exercises. They were interesting while I was able to do them, but I found that trying to stop the mental dialogue was just like trying to stop the water of a mountain waterfall: massive waste of energy.

When the mental water was not flowing too fast, there was no precipitation or drama, in my life or around me, the attempt to stop and silence the mind seemed easier. But a storm or chaos was enough, and the waterfall started again stronger than the first time.

Seeing that I had no chance of forcibly stopping this mental waterfall, I realized that I could use it, just like the water of the waterfall: to build a facility to help me collect and efficiently use the energy of the water flow.
And I realized that changing the words I speak to myself daily in my mind and in my dialogue with others structures the quality of my daily exchanges and transactions in life.

It was the change in syntax that convinced me of the power of words.
I started telling my life story differently.

Don’t think that change happens overnight. If I speak in my mind in other words, magically everything around changes. Brief moments of synchronicity begin to occur, but the old programming is so powerful that for a time it overrides the new syntax.

“I am calm, relaxed and peaceful, I move gently through life”, I say to myself in the new syntax.
In situations of stress and pressure, I find myself reacting like the old programming, being tense, agitated, tense and rushed. My heart is beating fast, I’m sweating and my hands are shaking slightly.

“I live a life of abundance and I create at every step all the resources I need” I repeat every moment.
But I find myself with unpaid bills, spending more than I earn, or unexpected energy losses due to haste or a lack of smart strategy.

The new syntax, the new mental programming, sometimes seems like magical thinking. Because frequently, the lived reality is different.
But the inertia of a thorough childhood programming should not be underestimated.

The mental and energetic fragmentation that was produced to me by low energy words, by punishments and sanctions at every turn, by social pressure and isolation greatly altered the energetic Unity of my being.
To become energetically, emotionally and mentally whole again, I have to work, persevering and not giving up when things don’t work out the way I expect.

I free myself thought by thought from everything that causes me guilt or distrust in my powers.
I’m relearning to consider mistakes only lessons I learn well.
I persevere despite the difficulties encountered at every step.

And I re-learn the sacredness of the word “NO”.
Because I was forced too many times to say “yes“, when I wanted to say “no”.
The power of words begins with the power of “no”, which I claim and reclaim, victory by victory.

I am learning to stop saying “no” to myself and to be able to say “no” when what is proposed to me is not in my energetic interest.

Along with the power of “no” the power of other words is gradually regaining:
”I forgive myself for everything I did wrong and did not do well; if I had known otherwise, I would have done differently.”
“I appreciate myself for resistance and perseverance”
“As long as I’m alive, I have a chance to change anything in my mind or body.”

I turn off the TV and radio, listen to myself, become aware of my mental dialogue, how it unfolds throughout the days, and learn to be gentle and patient with myself.
Words have power. I use it for myself and for restoring the energy store in my body and life.