Healthy liver and smiling faces

Healthy liver and smiling faces The liver and abundanceBreathing Dirt and cleaning Cleanliness continues!

“Natura” Centre Constanța and Foundation Simile invites everyone to participate in the project:

“Healthy liver and smiling faces” before winter holidays.

The Japanese god of happiness, Hotei, inspired us in our project before the winter holidays.

I suggest everyone to attend 40 days of LIVER CELEBRATIONS – throughout the Orthodox Fast.

We live in a small world and the Internet allows us all to be connected wherever we are in the physical world, and to share experiences from all traditions and cultures of the world.
Let’s use the nicer part of what we have available and create a celebration of the body, soul and mind for 40 days – before the Christmas holidays!

We all know that the liver is the most “worked/requested” and tormented organ in our body in this period of transition to winter.

The liver is required to realize the body’s”adaption” to temperature changes and humidity, immune defense, balance of the whole body to the change of food (from raw products of summer to winter cooked food) and detoxification (removing toxins collected all year in our body).

The liver is the headquarter of courage, boldness, personal power , imposing of will, and the “authority” of a person.

The voice’s power, eyes glow, the state of our joints, hair and nails appearance, skin and mucous membranes – all reflect the liver damage.
Let’s apply the next 40 days as more measures as we can to support our liver!

1. Plan a dietary for 40 days

Avoid eating “HEAVY” or “HARMFUL” FOOD for your liver:
Fructe zambitoareFats (especially fried fats- – Avoid fried food completely!), oil, seeds (cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, any other seed), butter, cocoa butter, avocado etc.
MEAT (is a HEAVY food for our liver – take a complete break from any meat products!)
Dairy – are very difficult to process for our liver – avoid them completely in the next 40 days (including products containing them, such as cheesecake).


Fruit juices – oranges or grapes (on first place), and any other citrus fruits (lemons, grafts, pommels, mandarin etc.), pineapple.
Raw fruits of any kind (BAKED! – UNRIPE fruits are ACIDIC and hurt the liver! – beware, in the market there are a lot of unripen fruits and many are very acidic and sour taste!)
Fruits can be consumed IN THEIR NATURAL FORM – or as JUICES and / or BLENDS.

OUR LIVER LOVES simple food = one kind of fruit on a table (= “mono-fruit meal”) is what your liver prefers.


Eat at your meal ONLY apples, pears or JUST bananas or grapes.

Or drink only orange juice. It depends on how comfortable you feel with fruits.

So – one meal a day – JUST FRUITS! (Preferably the first or second meal of the day, not in the evening before bedtime!).
Green vegetables (need to be as BIO as possible- chemicals harm the liver – prefer lettuce, spinach, arugula, artichokes, asparagus, okra, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, kale, etc.) and any other vegetables of good quality you can find in the market.

Cook them as easy as possible (steamed, simmered) –vegetables are more digestible and tasty when they are easily cooked than raw. But salads are welcome – for anyone who can digest them and has no problems of bloating or gas! If you experience discomfort, cook vegetables!! They are rich in fiber and take longer to digest than fruits!
Eat 2-3 times day, SMALL QUANTITIES (Your stomach is the size of your left wrist. Do not load it up!).

DON’T EAT AFTER 18.00 – 19.00 IN THE EVENING. Allow the liver to rest.

Even if you’re hungry – RESIST!

It does not take much time for hunger to disappear – if you watch a great movie – a comedy!

Drink TEA – herbal INFUSIONS – to help the liver – St John wort, calendula, dandelion, celandine, artichokes, etc. (look for combinations of herbs in health stores). 1-2 cups of tea a day (sweetened or not with honey) are wonderful on cold days of autumn / winter.


Do not just clean your food (and your body) but also your home!

If you need help (and if you do not find the energy, motivation or the best ideas) you can call our specialist in “domestic cleanliness and order.”

Sometimes, someone from the outside can give us very useful information, ideas about home organization, kitchen cabinets and our securities.


Our house is the “shell” of our external body – and it influences our health, spiritual balance and mental silence.

In a harmonious, clean and balanced house- the body finds a place to heal, refresh it forces and an oasis of recovery and regeneration.


fete_zambitoarePeople with liver problems are grumpy, sour, irritable, miserable and aggressive.
Laughter is the liver’s favorite GYMNASTIC.
Let us find together the best “jokes”, funny sentences, comedy, clips, funny photos.
Let us fill our Facebook sites and emails of laughter and fun photos!
Let’s spread the joy around us, to help people to get out of their “bitterness”.

GIVE “HAPPY FACES” (smiley faces) – to all those around you!

Let’s wear clothes – shirts – badges – caps – balloons – bags – cakes – dishes etc. etc. with smiling faces!
Let’s create smiling faces on drawings of fruits – let’s be imaginative!
Let us help ourselves and those around us – to heal the liver!
40 days of smiling faces and humor!
We can be the ones creating joy and happiness to all around us!
Let each of us do as much as we can – and spread smiles around us!
Let’s help the GOD OF HAPPINESS to find ambassadors among us all!

FREEDOM and HAPPINESS go hand in hand – those who have sick liver feel like “prisoners” of an unjust fate.
If you “release” the excess toxins (from your body) of the house (junk and useless things) and the mind (anger, resentment) remains room to move easier, flexible and FREE.

4. The LIVER balances muscles and joints

Let us all do more exercises/movements in the next 40 days.
Let us meet either on the seafront (when it is nice weather), in parks or gyms – to practice light physical exercises, breathing exercises, to ride a bike, to run, or simply to walk.
OUR LIVER LOVES MOVEMENT – when it is not excessive.
You can do any kind of sport or movement, without pains, muscle tension or fever.
We’ll propose you soon a few meetings for movement and relaxation on site. .


Good night’s sleep – Go to bed no later than 11.00 in the evening and be sure to be in deep sleep when your liver is resting – to allow it to recover.
Take a break from the computer addiction at night – at least for 40 days.
Delay everything that is not important and essential to your health!


You have the power and authority over your body, its desires and the beliefs of your mind.
You are the ONLY AUTHORITY in your life.
You decide if you want to be healthy or become ill. With each bite of food and every word taken out of your mouth!

Look for any creative activity, as small as it is (in the kitchen, bathroom in the house and dressing, in shopping or at work – arrange everything artistic / but simply in the same time).

The sick liver makes us shy, reluctant, distrustful of our own powers or authority.
DARE to take as many measures as you can in the next 40 days – to help your liver!

The liver is the headquarter of “abundance” in our body, it’s the organ with the most “deposits” and reserves. It always ensures that we have “enough” when needed.
The theme of “gaps / abundance” is a theme of the liver.
When you remove everything you do not need in your life, you discover that you have so many – that you can give a lot to others!

Use your power to make you strong and balanced.
Do not use the power to struggle with what is outside. You need ALL THE POWER AND WILL to fight with your own fears, timidity, ignorance and “demons” within.

BE BRAVE AND JOIN US in this project!
Come along to take another step towards recovery!


We will return soon to the site with other details of the project!


Propose yourselves 40 days for your liver recovery!

HEALTHY LIVER AND SMILEY FACES before the winter holidays!

The liver and abundance

The liver and abundance

It takes a long time for the liver to show signs of distress.
The liver is one of the most resistant organs of our body.
Only when 75% of its functions are blocked – only then the “events/ manifestations”, pain and changes of the blood test begin.

There is NO SICKNESS, NO SUFFERING, and NO PAIN in our physical body that does not have a link with the liver!
Even a dental abscess, otitis or pimples on the face, and rarely dull hair, nails that break easily, smoles and skin spots etc. – indicate SUFFERING OF THE LIVER!

However, liver cirrhosis or hepatitis develops not only in HUGE mental, emotional and physical pressure situations! The more a negative experiences affects a person, the deeper the liver is weak and unbalanced.

There are a lot of “biological conflicts” – which are transmitted unconsciously from one generation to another.
It is important TO REALIZE the topics “conflict “ that affect our liver the most and to identify them in our daily work.

I propose you that in the next 40 days to pay attention to these themes in your work and to write them down in the evening – when and how those conflicts occurred in your life.

With each AWARENESS, we understand more of our body function.
When we no longer work “automatically” like “robots” at the mercy of the wind, we become HEALTHIER.


  3. DISPUTES WITH COWORKERS (FEAR OF LOSING YOUR JOB – considered the “source of making a living”).
  4. ANGER (possibly suppressed, non- manifested) mostly against “invisible enemies” (viruses, parasites, chemicals in food, pollution etc.), the whole world or an individual.
  5. FAMILY CONFLICTS RELATED TO FINANCIAL ISSUES – “money management” is a liver problem!

All conflicts above are profound and affect our entire lives and health!

All the conflicts above lead us to dependence – undermines our PERSONAL POWER- cause us to yield to the authority of others and AFFECT OUR LIVER.

FAMILY DISPUTES, in particular – affect the gall and the liver!
The more we learn to relax, to detach ourselves, to calm inside – we’ll understand more clearly and better that OUR HEALTH depends less on ALL and EVERYTHING around us and more on our inside REACTION to EVERYTHING and ALL.

We need To REALIZE, To LEARN in a disciplined way to balance our MIND, EMOTIONS and PHYSICAL BODY in order to maintain our health.

I WILL PROPOSE you THAT IN THE NEXT 40 days, to do the following together:

  1. Observe your own FEARS OF POVERTY, DEATH, SOLITUDE – OBSERVE YOUR EMOTIONAL REACTIONS to everyday conflicts and disputes.
    Write in a notebook, briefly, your observations.
  2. Change your diet – introducing a mass of fruit a day.
    The morning meal should be made up ONLY of fruit (if possible, ONLY ONE FRUIT).
    And notice your own body REACTIONS, your mind, and the family (and colleagues) reactions to this change.
  3. Put aside 10 lei each day.
    As you did in childhood, when you put money “in a piggy bank.”
    Tell yourself that this money is your own energy (MONEY IS YOUR ENERGY – it is only an “exchange” occurred between the time and energy and your knowledge and money!) And SAVE YOUR MONEY everyday a little bit.

And at the end of 40 days – the Christmas holiday’s -make you a gift with the amount collected.
WHATEVER YOU NEED TO BUY- for soul, mind or your body!

BE YOUR OWN “SANTA CLAUS” – learning to “save” ENERGY wherever it is stored in your life.
Exercise “rich and plentiful ingestion of the Christmas celebration.””.




HoteiThe Japanese god of happiness, Hotei – is a smiling face, his face is calm and serene – and he embodies the spiritual energy of the LIVER.

Serenity – inner peace – calm, peace, smile always present – represents its mark of POWER AND INSIDE AUTONOMY.

When someone does not depend on anything or anyone outside, in order to condition his wellness – and is in a state of INNER PEACE– even in the midst of the storm and chaos outside – then that person embodies the image of a HEALTHY LIVER AND BODY.

For thousands of years people strive to achieve this state of INNER TRANQUILITY and created many schools of consciousness and extension of states of awareness, which are based on the WISH OF RELEASE FROM CONVICTIONS, PREJUDICES AND EXPECTATIONS.
People who reach the state of TRANQUILITY, SERENITY (YES, IT IS POSSIBLE!) succeed to look BEYOND the world of facts, events and objects and see what is REAL and ETERNAL.

In every man there is a UNIFICATION process: to become ONE with yourself and become one with the WORLD around – and this process, of a stunning simplicity, is based on the simplest meditation, since the world: BREATHING.

Put yourself in the most comfortable position possible (seated, cross-legged, sitting, or lying down) so that your breathing can occur unhindered. Be dressed in comfortable clothes and be in a calm, relaxed atmosphere, free from noise, odor or presence to distract you.
TAKE A DEEP BREATH, CALM and focus as much attention as you can on your breathing.
Pay attention to how the air ENTERS and EXITS from your body.

For the breathing to be calm and the air to enter and exit freely in/from your body, your mind needs to be quiet.
Thoughts, emotions and bodily reactions cause a contracture of the muscles (especially of the neck and back) and breathing becomes shallow and rattling.
Only when the body is completely relaxed and the mind is quiet, BREATHING runs smoothly, deeply, continuously.

The easiest way to quiet your mind is TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH.

There is a well-documented connection between breathing and the liver (the liver is located just below the diaphragm membrane that separates the chest from the abdomen and moves with every movement of it) – or rather a connection between breath, spirit and body.

A QUIET MIND helps the body to calm down and be maintained in a healthy condition.
The liver is the inner Alchemy organ of the body – where matter is energy.
In the liver, the food consumed is converted into their component parts and helps to balance the body’s energy.

Pentru ca acest proces să aibă loc nestânjenit – sunt necesare mai multe condiții:

  1. ALKALINE DIET – Foods to be ALIVE, NUTRITONAL, FRESH, as much NATURAL as possible, and BETTER DIGESTED (well chewed and absorbed).
  2. THE MECHANISM OF THE BODY doesn’t have to be blocked or closed (if we eat under stress, on the run, in excess, too much etc. the mechanisms of digestion, absorption, use and disposal ARE CLOSED= automatic reaction of the body).
  3. THE MIND NEEDS TO BE QUIET AND BREATHING has to be fluid (position of the body, especially the back, is very important).

In the next 40 days – I suggest everyone to spend 10 minutes a day – in the evening, after the end of the day- focusing on BREATHING.

Open a window (no matter how cold it is outside) and allow fresh air to enter the room.

Dress well (it is important that you don’t feel your hands and feet cold), sit comfortably and relax your body as best as you can.

Have your back straight (can stand against a wall, chair, or lying, if this is the only way to stay erect).

And focus your attention on your BREATHING.

Be careful to INSPIRE și la EXPIRE– observing how air enters and exits the body, to where air enters, exits and how your body feels in the process.

DON’T LET YOUR MIND flee to other thoughts.
Try to be present in BREATHING.

For 10 minutes – JUST BE THE BREATHING!!

40 days of healing the mental noise, soothing the body, balancing the body’s inner energy and THE LIVER.
QUIETING THE MIND- means cleaning your mental “computer” energy from parasites and many outside influences.

LET’S DO IT TOGHETHER, every night, 10 minutes of CONSCIOUS BREATHING.
Without any other technique or another effort.



Dirt and cleaning

”Disorder is made unconsciously and cleaning is made consciously”,Sergiu said to me this morning – after a few days in which we were constantly concerned about “cleaning” – at all levels.

And I gave him right, if all the early days of December we experienced this.
I noticed that everyone likes a clean, nice smelling and good-looking place: a clean room, car, clothes, things, items and a new look. And all snort at a room full of dust, dirt or a “decrepit” and tormented car.

At the same time, people turn unconsciously, spaces and objects into wrecks and debris.
I noticed how I gradually begin to extend my inner chaos in the space around me and how I made it “dirty” without realizing all around: bring a coat or socks beside the bed, leave one napkin thrown on a bedside table, crave to eat an apple while working on the computer and leave the spine and shells on a plate next to the bed, sofa or armchair (managing to make small spots on the blankets and sheets) – and so on.
Automatic unconscious gestures, made often in moments of fatigue and overwork.

As a wise man said, most of us spend a big part of our life unconsciously, as small automatic robots.
That is what we do while working on the computer, while talking on the mobile phone when driving a car or when doing any kind of repeated actions so often that they have become automatism.
And we all like “routines“, because they are predictable and we know how to do them.

Therefore we like “familiar“, “known things”, “traditions” – because for 1000 years NOTHING CHANGES (yes, details change but the spirit remains the same).
There are very small differences between people and the animals that grow around the houses that know their “gate” when returning from the pasture in the evening.
And we all know very well our “gates”, houses and cupboards – and we always put them in the same way – because automatism make us feel safe.

NEW means EXPLORATION- and always requires energy.
CLEANING means AWARENESS – and she requires energy as well.

So, no wonder what difficulties you have in the detoxification process of the physical body (when you propose a cure).
Because it is the same difficulty that you have in your house, when you get to do the cleaning.
Often do you feel exhausted not so much because of the physical effort itself (which is considerably in a general cleaning), but of mental and emotional effort – to decide what to do with ALL the THINGS accumulated and gathered in your house?

When you dust or wipe clean and arrange all items, trinkets, books, CDs or clothes – you realize how much you gathered in a lifetime.
In all objects around your there is YOUR ENERGY.
It is THE ENERGY AND TIME spent on “work”, doing an activity that you’ve got some money for and you bought with them everything you gathered in the house.

I realized that in recent days, trying to put in order the “clutter” that we perceive around, that was made by me.
And when I found objects scattered everywhere, and discovered discard clothes crumpled in one corner, I didn’t feel comfortable to discover how I behaved like a spoiled girl who knew she had a “servant” who would gather after her. I was allowed to practice this behavior for over 18 years and it is already an inside automatism.
I didn’t grow up feeling responsible “to clean up after me” – I knew my mom would come and do it. I did the same when I used to feel bad, I knew that she would make “hocus-pocus” and she will heal me.

No wonder I kept this “magical thinking” at adulthood and I still subconsciously expect someone else to pick up after me (or heal me).
The muscle of responsibility for itself” was never educated in childhood.
You might notice the same thing in your life.

Do you like what you see, feel, live – are you sick, lonely or unhappy?
No matter where – in the house, body, and relationships or anywhere in life – once started in a part – it continues, almost automatically elsewhere. Because it mobilizes the “cleaning” type energy (especially in favorable times, as this “magical” week of healing, detoxification and “absolution“) and you will feel so good by cleaning (it is NORMAL! You “recover “some of the energy that was stagnant and stuck in objects!), that you will want to continue the process.

SIMPLIFY YOUR HOME – simplifies each room – the bedroom, the office, the dining room and the bathroom, the kitchen and the outbuildings (if any).
SIMPLIFY YOUR WARDROBE – look at how many clothes you have but you do not like and haven’t worn them for a long time (but you don’t want to give them up, because there are still good and you think maybe … maybe … you will still wear them sometime).
SIMPLIFY your storage areas, do not let the dust put in your mixtures of things, try to make your entire house to be easier to clean and maintain.
AWARE how in the whole process of cleaning you accumulated unconsciously a huge amount of waste, or how things that used to be useful or enjoyable sometimes now have turned in wastes. Nature is a normal evolution of things – all go through “cycles” of life.
But you need to remove residues – to make a new movement of energy – around your home and yourself.
Do not expect someone else to come to do it for you- either in your house or in your body – you need to get involved in the process of cleaning 100% – which is really an AWARENESS.

Your HOUSE is for the physical body what THE PHYSICAL BODY is to the SOUL (energy) that lives there – A CONTAINER OF ENERGY.
CLEANLINESS of your house is an extension or can be a preamble of the cleaning of your own body.

In this way, you will better understand the PRINCIPLES of the physical body detoxification.
And you will discover how UNCONSCIOUSLY you have fouled the inside of your body (and your home) for years and how, now, you need (even forced) to clean CONSTIENTLY and to face the effects of your own unconsciousness.

It is not easy.
It is not simple.
But is not impossible.
It is a process – and is worthwhile to do it STEP BY STEP – to be able to pass it.
If we “suddenly” start to take out all the dirt – we will not be happy (on the contrary!).
That happens to those who finds cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or other serious diseases – and begin precipitated and tormented to do a general cleaning in a horrible dirty “house” of the body, that was unconsciously filled with waste for a lifetime.
And then we can understand the failures of the approach, because there are very few people willing to confront their own wastes (not to call them “poop“, that sounds bad, but it is true!) without panic.

You’ll understand why you will need much more help and guidance to move through the process.
Because the elimination of a physical body unconsciously polluted with waste “burn” and affect the “holes” and the places where they get out.
No one treats with pleasure smelly scavengers and their cars; all of us hardly wait for them to leave in order to not face our own “smelling” facts of filth.

The magical week, in which we are, aimed to highlight ALL MENTAL PATTERNS and CONFLICTS that we face with, and that we have to “work” with.

To me – one MAJOR pattern accentuated by St. Andrew day and particularly visible in the first days of the week, was related to the UNCONSCIOUS way I treated my life, house, things and body.
I found myself cleaning and discovering that I have some books twice (when did I took it?), I found the remedies to my private medical practice bought twice, household items (quilts, linens) taken 2 or 3 times (“to be“, like my grandmother used to say…just in case) and equally among all objects including my clothes I found “duplicates“.
And when I discussed the need to purchase new equipment for the office or home – my first proposal was to “take two of them to be…just in case!
I found myself talking and thinking “automatic” in this way.
Luckily “I woke up!

And I realized that when I have the same 2 or 3 objects I tend to behave very carelessly and unconsciously with them, because I know that “I have reserves“!
If I have only one – I am very careful and cautious with the object / garment / book / remedy – because it is “unique” and I can’t find another one.
But if there are more, I already become careless.

I lived consciously this thing in this morning, while I spent a lot of energy to clean a closet where “laid” things gathered for decades, for which I bared to break up.
And I managed to do a cleaning like I have never done before- that actually drained my closet from “flea” and stagnant energy.

Things are good and can be used for a long time (that is is why I didn’t bear to give them for so long), but for me they are full of emotions and keep me hanging in the “old” emotions of the periods in which I used them.

I found the strength to say NO MORE – I don’t want them – I don’t need them anymore – and I choose not to take things (it is like all the ‘dowry’ that I didn’t have!) – just like that “Maybe they are needed.”
When I’ll need something, I’ll find a solution.
Releasing the imagination and intuition, I’ll know what to do in the future, I don’t need to “ensure” that “I put aside” something.

Here we come to another sensitive topic – “security” and “certainties” – but we’ll talk about it another time – that is another topic to “process” in this period.

For now, keep CLEANING the house, body and mind.
We’re trying to meet St. Nicholas with as much energy and as much “free place” we can, where we can get his gifts – with gratitude and awareness.

We hope to make you “appetite” for cleaning and entangled in our game – the release and disposal of all that is old, outdated and stagnant.
And to heal YOUR LIVER – with a smile and light in your eyes!

We wish all wonderful days of sunshine and abundance!


Cleanliness continues!

If you failed to grasp the energy of the “magical week“ that just ended with St. Nicholas, 6th of December –it is not too late to do (or continue) CLEANING.
Because the energy “cleaning” type of the Universe continues until the full moon on Friday, 11th of December 2015.

So, the moon’s decreasing helps us further to keep the fast easier (those who proposed it) or to achieve detoxification and healing (those who have proposed to do it).
Or simply supports us in any endeavor towards “cleaning” (elimination of everything that we do not need) – at any level.

We have five days to put in practice good cleaning measures – which will be fully effective in this period.
Of course, cleaning can be done whenever you want, not necessarily in this specific period.

But, as I said in other materials, there are times when the Universe supports us effectively and the nature’s energies are with us.
It is like we ascend on moving stairs of the kind that we encountered in major airports – and being able to walk on it – while it is running on mechanical wheels- we move much more quickly and with less effort.

The real possibility of the human being is to make less effort and to achieve better results.
Is it possible to get MORE with LESS effort.

Although we were taught in communist schools that we must “toil” hard to get a few broken pieces – I realized that the opposite of this “indoctrination” is the reality of the human being awakened and conscious.

If we pay attention to the details of Nature, if we use the laws of biology, chemistry and physics (applicable at all levels – and that ALWAYS works – whether we know them or not, whether we accept them or not, whether we comply them or not) – then we discover a new quality of our lives.

Get more with less effort.

That’s what happens in these special days before the winter solstice (preceding the “Day of the Sun“).
Nature is cleaning – removing everything that does not need to refresh in order to start a new life cycle.

So, for all of you who want to “line up” to the cleaning vibrations of Nature, for all those who want to “clean” the body of impurities and your life of undesirable “parasite energies” – it is important to know that now is the time to put into practice all that you have read.

Eat plenty of fruit and raw vegetables (pick the best, as bio / organic as possible and as fresh and ripe), eat less, try holding longer periods of “black” fasting only with water (between 16.00 – 17.00 of the day, to 16.00 – 17.00 the following day – and spend time in solitude, praying or meditating.

We wish you a new week full of inspiration and light – and success in cleaning to all!

And because I enormously liked the video sent by a student of the 5D Health School discussion group – I thought to share it with as many people as possible- to start the week with a big smile on the lips!