When you carefully observe the world around you, when you know your body well and trust its signals, you can realize when something is happening.

Recently, the feeling that “something is happening” is more and more intense.

I mean the last 30 years.

But especially in the last 2 years. And especially in the last months (September-October).

I observe how people’s bodies degrade rapidly and intensively. Despite the proclaimed technical revolution in medicine. Which is just an illusion. “Something is happening” around us, inside us, between us and it is not something “good”.

Computers have not made people’s lives easier. I notice something completely different. And to me and to those around me. A degree of dehumanization and transformation into something unfamiliar to me. We are all becoming a kind of appendage to artificial intelligence.

In addition, all the wi-fi communications that required tens and hundreds of antennas, mounted everywhere, in some way influenced human biology and nature. Just like the hundreds of thousands of cars, plus asphalt roads, somehow affected the world around them.

But most of all I notice a huge impact of the aggressive chemistry that human bodies are subjected to. I discovered many more around me: damaged and degraded birds, really burnt, wingless or in great difficulty. Wild and domestic animals in a very bad condition, you say they were dehydrated and poisoned. Burnt, dry, leafless trees and plants in high summer.

And of course, people who have strange, strange symptoms, appearing at varying ages and advancing irreversibly towards the exit, despite all efforts (diet, detoxification, natural treatment, work on emotions, etc.).

If I were to fall into the Conspiracy Theory, I would say that we are being poisoned systematically, gradually, gradually, worldwide. I have seen the symptoms and signs in all the countries I have had the privilege of visiting: South America, North America, Asia and Europe. Everywhere is the same. Like it’s a huge global conspiracy of human poisoning and degradation and life in general.

Because I don’t like to leave my mind in war scenarios, I prefer to formulate my own stories. And homeopathy, with its interesting discoveries of the last 200 years, helps me a lot in supporting my stories.

Let me tell you some stories about interesting chemical elements. Seasoned with some physics (a little, as I know and understand it). And with some intuition, from my own experience. And discover for yourself whether they are relevant to the situation of each of you.

You’ve all heard of potassium (or Kalium), considered the most important intracellular cation. About 98% of the potassium in the human body is located in the cells and is essential for the body’s state of strength, power and endurance.

Potassium influences neuromuscular functions.

When there is too little potassium, hypo-kalemia occurs, characterized by muscle weakness. We simply don’t have the strength left in the muscles in our legs, to walk, in our hands, to do the complex tasks we can do as humans, or even in our respiratory muscles, to draw deep breaths in our chest, or in our tongue muscles , let’s talk.

When there is too much potassium, hyperkalemia occurs, and the most important effect is cardiac arrhythmia. The heart begins to beat faster, more irregularly, more disorderly and the inner sensations are of agitation and panic.

Together with sodium (Natrium), potassium (Kalium) influences the hydro-electrolytic balance of the body.

Our body’s functioning as an energy battery is based on this balance between sodium (outside the cells) and potassium (inside the cells).

In homeopathy, there is some clear information obtained from the study of 9 potassium salts, very important in the body. They all have common characteristics and some particularities. Likewise, the people who need these remedies have common characteristics and some particularities.

For all potassium remedies, there are some common symptoms:

  • Intense desire for sweets
  • Sensitivity to cold drafts
  • Aggravation between 2 and 4 in the morning
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach pains (stinging, sometimes very intense and violent), very sensitive stomach, prone to gastric pains and ulcers. The entire area of the solar plexus is sensitive (fear is transferred to the stomach)
  • Sciatica, with pain in the back (worsened by pressure, by standing on the painful side and during menstruation).
  • Abundant, viscous, sometimes sticky, yellowish or greenish-yellow secretions (nose, eyes, sometimes from the throat)
  • Weakness and anemia
  • Colds and sinuses
  • Oedema, especially of the ankles and around the eyes (weakened kidneys)
  • Pneumonia with stabbing pains in pleura
  • Heart conditions, from simple palpitations and high blood pressure, to hardening of the arterial walls and sudden heart attacks
  • Constipation
  • Feminine disorders (heavy periods, sometimes they come early, sometimes they come late). Abundant, creamy, yellowish vaginal discharge.
  • Rheumatic conditions: inflammation of joints with deformations, especially knees and hips.
  • Chilliness or hot flushes and heat.

Let’s mention some of the potassium salts and come back later with some more details:

Kali arsenicum

Kali bichromicum

Kali carbonicum

Kali phosphoricum

Kali muriaticum

Nitric potassium

Kali bromatum

Kali sulphuricum

Potassium iodate.


Let’s leave potassium aside for a bit and discuss another chemical element, Thallium.

Thallium salts are used as key ingredients in many pesticides and rodent poisons (grains and silos are the sites of spread). They are also secondary products of coal combustion and cement manufacturing.

Thallium salts are quickly and completely absorbed by all routes, reaching the body and disrupting the production of energy in the cells (Krebs cycle).

At most, Thallium displaces potassium and the body begins to show potassium deficiency or excess disorders.

Thallium toxicity manifests as a rapidly progressive, ascending, very painful and sensory neuropathy plus alopecia. Constipation is more common than diarrhea among the digestive symptoms. Brain disorders, motor weakness, heart, liver and kidney problems also occur.

Thallium that accumulates in the body as a result of ingesting grains, fruits and vegetables treated with Thallium salts can be activated by electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone, GPS and others). Many of the symptoms of poisoning can be triggered or intensified by radiation and intensive use of technology.

The most common antidote is Prussian blue (iron salts – Ferrum ferrocyanatum) in homeopathy. Prussian blue is very useful for the treatment of the radioactive effects of thallium or cesium (extracted through stool or urine – blue color).

Let’s describe the symptoms for which this remedy Thalium met is used in homeopathy (it has nothing to do with the virus that has been giving us headaches lately):

  • Horrible, intense, spastic pains, electric shock-like pains, violent pains (at all levels, hands, feet, joints)
  • Adrenal and thyroid gland involvement – with symptoms of hyperthyroidism (restlessness, palpitations, fear and panic attacks, weight loss)
  • Numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes, extending to the arms and lower limbs, to the lower abdomen, perineum and lower chest
  • Muscular pains, tremors, general weakness with lack of strength; disorders can appear and disappear at the same time
  • Anxiety without any cause, panic attacks
  • Increasing impatience, irritability,
  • Hysterical symptoms with hyperesthesia (sensitivity of the senses) then hypoesthesia (lack of smell, taste, etc.)
  • Extreme restlessness with insomnia
  • Permanent state of nervous excitement, with crying and screaming
  • Apathy with depression
  • Alopecia, complete loss of hair, after an exhausting condition.

Thallium poisoning is a reality in the population. Regardless of the official version, regardless of other symptoms of other chemical poisoning, knowing that Thallium dislocates potassium, we see how the symptoms of the two problems overlap and turn into an interesting combined picture that has only a coincidental similarity with the symptoms of the virus of the day.

It is useful to look more deeply at these two elements.

Let’s go back a bit to potassium salts – Kalium. We will describe them one by one as they are found in homeopathy books. Who knows? You may find these descriptions useful. If you find yourself in either picture, you can use these simple and effective remedies (when indicated) without worry.

Kalium carbonicum (potassium carbonate) is indicated for an insecure person, with many anxieties and fear of loneliness, fear of everything (slight tremors) fear of thieves, ghosts, of dangers, but can become frightened, argumentative and irritable, shouting at anything.

He has profuse sweating, back pain and general weakness, being very cold and feeling weak in his joints (his knees go soft when he stands up. He also has cramps in his calves and twitching in his sleep. He has a desire intense sweet and many gastrointestinal problems, especially flatulence (gas).

Women are very irritable before menstruation and have breast pain before menstruation.

Kali carboni can be administered cum 30 – 3 granules in the morning, daily, 5 days a week, 1-2 months.

Kali muriaticum (potassium chloride) is indicated in sinusitis problems, rhinitis with viscous, whitish secretions, blocked ear feeling as if there is water in the ears (blockage of the tubes Eustachian), releasing the ear from abundant secretions;

Kali muriaticum 9 or 15 is frequently administered, 2 times a day – daily, 30-40 days.

Kali sulphuricum (potassium sulphide) is indicated for a person with a desire for company, warm and aversion to heat, relieved in the open air, yellowish discharges (from the nose , eyes, ears, throat or vagina), viscous, abundant, especially on the left side. Also useful in eczema with viscous yellowish discharge, with intense itching, especially at night. And this remedy has an intense sweet craving.

It can be administered in the 30CH dilution, 3 grains in the morning, daily, 5 days a week, 1-2 months.

Kali phosphoricum – indicated in nerve problems, neurological disorders, being useful in insomnia, exhaustion, especially after exaggerated intellectual efforts (remedy for exhausted students). Their mind is full of thoughts and they fall asleep with great difficulty.

Kali phosphoricum 9 or 15, 3 grains in the morning, daily, 3-4 weeks, helps a lot in these situations.

Kali arsenicosum is a remedy for very cold people with skin problems such as psoriasis (itching of the skin, aggravated by heat, although the patient is very cold). The skin can also present various ulcerations or malignant conditions.

A characteristic of the person is extreme anxiety and suspicion, especially about his own health, he does not trust doctors and avoids people as much as possible (for fear of contaminating himself with germs), he is very fearful and a sudden noise leads to at the appearance of an uncontrollable tremor in the whole body

Kali arsenicosum 30, 3 grains in the morning, daily, 30-40 days

Kali bromatum is another anxious, fearful person who has a very intense feeling of guilt, as if they have done something very bad. The guilt is permanent, for everything, and he always feels like he has committed a crime. He is a person with many strong compulsions and obsessions. She needs to keep her hands busy (knitting, knitting, playing a musical instrument, computer, painting, etc.). It is one of the best remedies for purulent acne in teenagers, the kind that leaves a scar on the face or back.

Kali bromatum 30 – 3 granules 1-2 times a day – daily 5 days a week, 1-3 months of treatment.

Kali iodatum is a remedy for hot, anxious people who fear danger and bad luck. Fear and anxiety are relieved by walking outdoors, so they love walking. He likes fast and tonic walks with quick and vigorous movements. He can be irritable, rude and abusive, especially with children. He can even be cruel to his family, quarrelsome, malicious and violent.

Kali iodatum 30 or 200, 3 grains once a week, Sunday, 2-3 months.

Kali bichromicum is a quiet, reserved person who does not express or show his feelings at all. As physical symptoms, they present punctate, stabbing pains, which move as location from place to place. There are also headaches, which increase and decrease with the sun, sinusitis, with pains aggravated by bending forward and the feeling of a loaded forehead, pains that gradually increase and decrease.

Discharge from the nose or eyes may be viscous, sticky, and stringy.

All symptoms can be triggered by cold drafts, people being very cold and sensitive to cold drafts.

For removing too sticky secretions or clearing the sinuses, Kali bichromicum 9 or 7, 3 granules 2 times a day – daily, 2-3 weeks.

Kali silicatum is a remedy for stinging pains, like needles or splinters, for hairy sensations (in the throat, in the eyes, in the nose), for profuse, yellowish discharge , thick, smelling like old cheese and difficult to remove. There is also edema (swelling) of the ankles, eyelids, upper body. The person catches cold easily, has bone, nail and hair problems, as well as wounds that heal with difficulty.

All these potassium homeopathic remedies can be used in situations where the pictures in the description are found in the reality of the sufferer.

Now let’s draw a little conclusion, because we have enough information to do so.

What do I notice when I look at myself and others?

Pictures of illness that resemble intoxication or poisoning.

I don’t notice these paintings from this year or the last 2 years, but for more than 25-30 years.

In fact, since the beginning of my life on earth.
I noticed myself And then the people around. I looked for explanations.

In a fragmented world, where collaboration is just a word and commerce is the rule of the Game, it takes time and enough resources to find out real and useful information.

And these are often fragmentary. Like incomplete pieces in a puzzle.

It took me a long time to accumulate information, knowledge, experience.

I have paid with great suffering for every failure, error or dead end.

I generously offered the stupidity fee, as many times as I was misled or tricked.

But I kept going forward. Because it was the only way: the continuation of the Game.

Beyond all the things I don’t want to comment on, I have noticed large and important mineral imbalances in my body and that of others.

Imbalances on potassium salts (very important), leading to important sodium-potassium variations (with states of weakness, fatigue, fainting, lack of strength and difficulties in using muscles).

Imbalances on iron salts, with anemia and the same lack of strength, physical weakness (also seasoned with palpitations, panic attacks and behavioral disorders).

Imbalances in small minerals, apparently unimportant, but essential in certain body functions: manganese, titanium, germanium, selenium, etc.

Many of them triggered marked hormonal imbalances.

And mental and behavioral aberrations.

The thoughts that run through the mind seem to be taken from the movies and books that are generously offered to us from infancy.

We have discovered that the food offered to us by children, and which is NOT the food useful for our bodies, leads us to a state of huge acidosis, which potentiates the chemical poisoning and physical irradiation that occurs daily.

It is amazing to me how we stay alive despite the fact that we are literally poisoned with food every day, intoxicated with aggressive and limiting thoughts and paralyzing emotions, irradiated, burned alive or frozen by incredible cold.

We have discovered that our biological bodies withstand incredible abuse. They are of miraculous strength and adaptability.

Potassium imbalances, connected to possible thallium poisoning (and many other toxins and heavy metals), plus exposure to aggressive electromagnetic transmission networks affect our bodies in ways we are only beginning to discover.

What can we do practically? How can we support and strengthen ourselves?

The homeopathic remedies described above are temporary solutions to solve acute problems. That’s why I described them in detail. May it be of use to anyone looking for a solution. They can be administered whenever physical symptoms call for them.

But beyond homeopathy, which is a human science, discovered and applied by men, we have Nature, with the Divine creation of its fruits.

Fruits and vegetables.

Let’s not forget that the most natural and easy source of good quality potassium salts remains fruits.

We are frequently told to stay away from these fruits because of the fructose (sugar) and its effects on the liver and pancreas.

But it is precisely the moderate and constant consumption of fruit that maintains our balance of minerals (especially potassium) that we need so much to endure.

Pears, bananas, papayas, but also grapes, quinces and corks come with a significant intake of potassium. We cannot consume any of these fruits in large quantities, because symptoms appear. But that’s the point: to keep the doses reasonable, not to fall on the side of excessive consumption, and to continuously observe the body’s reactions.

Eating the fruit neutralizes many of the effects of intoxication that we are subject to by accepting the social structure as it is today.

And we are not only talking about the fruits of trees, but also the fruits of vegetables, such as cucumbers and pumpkins, tomatoes and peppers, sometimes cauliflower and broccoli (these are inflorescences, not fruits, but the protective effects are just as important).

If fruits and vegetables can withstand the huge manipulations they are subjected to and stay alive, then they can keep us alive too. I agree that organic fruits and vegetables would be the best solution for the improved quality of our lives. But in their absence, we can eat any kind of fruits and vegetables, because the life in them keeps life in us.

Balancing potassium in our body’s cells supports the balancing of many other minerals. And it temporarily strengthens the body subjected to the assault of electromagnetic radiation, which cooks it on low heat, especially on the inside. Our internal organs are literally burning, we have a constant fever and we feel the acids inside melting us. Potassium and fruit cool this burn triggered by human-controlled physical factors.

Regardless of the challenges induced by human ignorance and unconsciousness (or anything else), we can find solutions. That is the gift of human creativity.
A little chemistry, a little physics, a closer look at ourselves and our surroundings, and interesting clues emerge about what is really going on with ourselves. For those who want to know and understand.