Mission: promotion of natural medicine, of a healthy life style and enlighted soul


  • Organisation of Health Center “Nature” – which offers medical consultations and services

  • Own publishing center, with activities such as translations, editing books, leaflets, articles

  • Health education activities – such as workshops, classes, conferences, on-line workshops

  • Collaboration with other Foundations and Associations, with similar interests and activities, collaboration with persons and other institutions

  • Charity (free consultations in person, at home or on-line, for children, elderly and others)


The activity of Simile Foundation Constanta starts in December 1998, with the support of NJL Foundation England and dr. Anita Davies, homeopathic physician, London.

The initial practice was located in a studio in Tomis Nord, Constanța, where the homeopathic practice of dr. Sorina Soescu functioned from 1999 to 2006.

The health center ”Nature” organised by the SIMILE Foundation, according to the 629 from 2001 Law, opened in June 2006, with the generous support of mr. Grecu Ion and Elcomex firm. In the new building of the Center, from Fagetului str. 79, there are actually several practices, offering medical and psychology services.In present, 4 full time specialists and some invited specialists are offering natural services and consultations.


  • Str. Fulgerului 79, Constanța, Romania

  • Postal/ZIP Code: 900371

  • Tel/fax: 0241 543358


  • Founder: dr. Sorina Soescu

  • Manager: Vladimir Sergiu Soescu

  • Executive council: Sorina Soescu, Sergiu Soescu, Aneta Mușat

  • Accountant: Gabriela Dumitru

  • Book editing: Dan Zepa Antonoaea, editura Leda Constanța

  • Volunteers: Costică Bolea, Marin Enică, Corina Băsceanu, Amalia Savin, Letiția Pleșoianu, Vasile Pleșoianu, Mimi Pleșoianu


Can be made in Foundation Account
RO65 BTRL 0140 1205 6951 94XX – RON only not other currencies
Banca Transilvania Constanta, agenția Tomis Nord
CUI/CIF: 10720602

Donations allow us to prind books and informative materials, to buy remedies from England, Holland and Austria, to take part in formative programs in Romania or abroad, and to offer charity services to different people (chilren in Homes, old people etc)
Thank you for being with us!
People are growing faster in groups – together we stronger and healthier!