Detoxification through food is the most important therapeutic approach that can take place in the life of each person, day by day, in their own kitchen. Creativity and imagination are the basic ingredients of detoxification through diet. Along with the freshest and most organic fruits and vegetables.

In the course of the 5D Health School and within the 5D Health School, a lot is learned about the three stages (variants) of detoxification – which need to be followed in order to achieve a thorough cleansing and balancing of the body.

We will present a series of Recipes for each of the three stages – as an example of preparation possibilities – for those who are starting the healing process.

Most of those advanced in the process no longer need “recipes” – “creativity” has already become a part of themselves.
But many of those who are just starting out can benefit from a series of general “guidelines” – to change the culinary and gastronomic habits they have been used to for a lifetime.

We wish success to all those with the spirit of adventure and courage – who start the journey of their own healing by taking responsibility for the most important step: DIET!

Categories of recipes