We are happy to welcome all of you who choose to join us at the 5D Health School – an online course for adults!

Who is this course recommended for?

To those who ask questions about their own body and its functioning, but find the explanations in medical books too difficult, too cumbersome and lacking in practical correlations.
For those who are facing health, personal or family problems and want to know what they can do personally to help their body.
For anyone who is curious and interested in understanding the connections between the body, nutrition, the relationships we have in life and well-being and health.
For adults who want to learn further.

No medical education is required to participate in this course. Explanations are comprehensible to everyone and all medical knowledge is provided in accessible language.
All it takes is curiosity, a desire to understand and a willingness to test and try practical things.
The key ingredients are perseverance and a sense of humor.

The course is coordinated and conducted by a doctor with over 30 years of clinical experience and training as a medical educator.

What does this course contain?

The School of Health online course includes 12 Study Modules, which have as their central theory Health 5D (see Course Manual, and 5D Health book, from the website)

Module 1 – Flows – has two lessons – Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology and the Endocrine System.
Module 2 – Elimination – has lessons on Digestion, organs of elimination and more
Module 3 – Holograms – has lessons on Links and connections between body devices and systems
Module 4 – The cell, has lessons on cell structure and cell functions
Module 5 – Biochemistry – has lessons on body biochemistry, simply presented
Module 6 – Acidosis – has lessons about acidosis in general and its particularities in the body
Module 7 – Illness – includes lessons on the stages of evolution from health to illness
Module 8 – 5D Health – explained as a whole
Module 9 – Diet – lessons on acidosis and alkalinity-creating foods
Module 10 – Detoxification – Lessons on lymphatic detoxification, gut detoxification, kidney detoxification and adrenal support, and diet/detoxification pairings
Module 11 – Evolution – Lessons on Emotional Detachment, Decision Making and Energy (and Mental) Openness
Module 12 – Conclusions – Lessons on personalization (diet, detoxification) and issues and challenges encountered in the healing process

Each Module is accompanied by many additional lessons, practical exercises, summaries and other interesting materials.

This course is a journey from health to illness and back, in the same order as it happens in our body and in life. If we understand the general principles, we can apply them much more easily in our daily life.

Everything can be completed in the quiet of the house and in the available time you have at your disposal. Payment of the fee will ensure access for 12 months to the course platform. You can enter and exit as you like, go through the materials, solve the exercises, watch the materials offered. And to download/print the Course Manual, which is offered to you as a bonus, within the course, in the version ebook.

Join many other learners interested in body wellness and streamlining their lives. Be with many others, a warrior who changes his destiny, using the acquired knowledge.

Starting in September 2021, the 5D Health School opens, an online course for adults.

Welcome back to School!