In his last transmission, the modern mystic Matt Kahn ( discusses about a spiritual question that characterizes the “new” awakening of the world.

He says that the old question: “Who am I?” is no longer suitable for the new stage that people are passing.

“Who am I?” is a question that all the searchers of spiritual traditions ask – but it didn’t help many of them to become more friendly, nice, full of love and kind people.

I personally noticed, with astonishment, how many “spiritual people” are not nice. They don’t behave gently, smile, or talk with love to people. Far from being shiny and full of love, like angels – most “spiritual” people are scowling, warriors, aggressive and sometimes even mischievous.

Indeed, the search for the meaning of “who am I?” hardly helped people on the spiritual path to become a better version of themselves.

On the contrary!

Many have become more arrogant, rigid, prouder – reaching a huge self-importance. “Do you know who am I?”

So the question is related to a new spiritual paradigm of “Who do I become when things don’t turn out as I want?” Who do I turn into when I have setbacks and obstacles? Who do I become when the circumstances are challenging?

The manipulator?

The aggressive?

The undecided?

The shy and timid one?

The coward who hides?

“The controller” and the punisher?

Who do I become when I have problems?

Because spirituality and all theoretical lessons received in life have no importance as long as my behavior is gentle and good only in peaceful times. The true measure of my spirituality appears in the most challenging circumstances possible.

Who do I become when I have a medical emergency on hospital halls without anyone there to help or support me?

Who do I become while in traffic, when I rush over and only meet incompetent drivers?

Who do I become when I visit my mother-in-law or my parents?

One of the most famous sayings by Wayne Dyer, a great promoter of spirituality in the US, recently ascended to the angels said, “If you’re a very spiritual person, go and spend a week with your mother!”

For most people, their relationship with their parents, especially their mother – is difficult. Because the mother refuses to look beyond the child she knows that was brought into this world. She refuses to see the adult beyond the child – and strives to maintain the adult- child “alive” (with all its infirmities and dependencies).

Your mother doesn’t want to connect with the adult you became.

Because that means she has to change too. And women are stubborn when it comes to change. If they don’t want to do it – they don’t change!

And a mother no longer wants not to be a mother, after a life she behaved like a mother.

So – the mother will stir in each of us – the deepest wounds of childhood, the most unexplored existing weaknesses, and the unresolved conflicts – because thanks to them – mothers keep us “alive” in a state of helpless CHILDREN.

” You have always loved sweets!” says the mother to an adult of 52 years old- who no longer eats sweets for over 20 years since he/she changed the paradigm of food. But the mother refused to accept this and each visit is preparing something sweet, “like a child” and every visit the “child” must explain that for a long time he/she doesn’t consume sweets and is forced to refuse, producing the same consternation on the face of his mother: “But you always loved sweets!”.

The same dialog, repeated endlessly on every visit.

How does a “spiritual” man behave in this situation?

WHO DOES HE BECOME when he needs to repeat, like in a cinema, the same scenario again and again?

Love is interior and exterior measuring of a person’s spirituality.

If we can remain in a state of continue self-love and self-acceptance, persevere in loving ourselves day by day, behave with kindness and care for ourselves and everyone else around (which are merely “the mirror “of the world we live in) – then we will know to answer the question:

“Who do I become when I have problems?”

But I’m not satisfied with a theoretical response/answer.

Yes, it is simple to say, “I am love and I manifest as love!”

But is that really my experience when someone exasperates me?

Is that my experience when things don’t turn out the way I want?

When I make plans and want to get something (I want to buy an object, for example) and I deal only with difficulties – Who do I become?

Do I manage to remain in a state of self-love?

Do I manage to accept what happens?

Many spiritual teachings kept pushing us to “accept” everything that happens to us in life.

Do I agree to accept that I don’t get what I want?

Do I manage to accept that another person treats me miserably?

Or I assault myself (or another) and I feel miserable for that?

Matt Kahn says that the Ego is the one who lays so many conditions for “feeling good” and “being spiritual” and rage on all who stand in the way, without realizing that the obstacles are, in fact, the real spiritual path.

When you learn about nutrition, diet and health 5D – as the strategy of healing, many of you said, “Aha! That is the issue. Let’s fix it! “And you’ve got” cool “. And you bumped into a lot of obstacles in your outside and inside.

Without realizing that “obstacles” are nothing but the real long way to change.

But for now, they will “get in the way” and will not let you do “what you want” for “troubleshoot”.

WHO DO YOU BECOME when you’re re unable to eat as I teach in my writings?

What person do you “turn” into when you can’t do what you propose to do?

Do you become self-abuser?

Do you become the “poor me”?

Do you become deposits of laziness, weariness, self-blame and self-pity saying, “ I’m not able to change?”

Matt Kahn says that nothing matters about everything that we were told that’s “important”. We have learned that ”truth” is important (among others).

He says that if these things were important – they would be able to help us transform our experiences in loving ones.

That is not the case.

What use is that YOU KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD? Or that you know the truth about your body, medicine, how society is organized or how banks operate as institutions of “burden” of people?

Knowing the truth helps you change the way you live your daily experiences?

If not, then it means that something else is more important.


But the answer to the question: “Who do I become when I have problems? Who do I become when I imagine the perfect scenario for my life and everything around it’s upside down? “

It is OK to be nervous, frustrated, and even angry.


It is ok as long as we love ourselves with all the frustration, anger or excitement.

I want to eat “healthy”!

I intend to eat more fruits and vegetables.

And just after a few hours after my mental “proposal” – I get really hungry, pass a pastry shop – and a cheese cockie attracts me like a magnet.

I know it’s not good – I know it’s “a food bomb”, which will block my intestines and lymphatic system.

But in my mind is the memory of the hundreds of times I spent with cheese pastry, the memory of the taste, the sensation of pleasure to the taste buds and a state of contentment that occurs when my “belly is full”.

And I can’t help myself and buy the cheese pastry. And eat greedily.

Then I feel guilty within, because I succumbed to greed and impulses. And talk to myself and argue like my parents should have treated me in my childhood, if I had done something silly – even with shame and punishment!


Let’s answer this question together – that seems to me the biggest “spiritual” challenge lately.

And it comes in full autumnal season, when everyone is “caught” in projects and “things” which are defined as “non-compliance” to the original plans. In other words, all are going through circumstances that do not match plans and images in our head.


Good luck finding the answers to feel comfortable with!

Treat yourselves with kindness and gentleness and enjoy the whole process – it’s an extraordinary spiritual exercises!