There are many experiences that we learn in early childhood, watching the adults who grow and educate us.

When we came into the world, we were happy, bright and interested in each experiment as a giant adventure.

If you watch a child up to 2-3 years – you’ll see how he accepts and receives everything that happens with a tremendous curiosity and an unlimited spirit of adventure. Any new locker or any new room is an endless exploration and discovery area.

Only every day repetitive contact with “constipated” adults around them and their constant “NO” (“Not allowed”!) are changing slowly the light that we are as children – covering it with a layer of swamp and mire.

A layer composed of unpleasant emotions, consisting of painful memories and toxic residues.

We cover the light that we are with “dirt” gained from the world we came to explore.

When you begin the process of healing, “detoxifying”, general cleaning – eliminations occur both physically, emotionally and mentally.

In these “disposals” – we live again and again – many emotions tested in infancy – that we did not define then, but we’ve “saved” them unconsciously in the cells of our bodies.

Many emotions and memories of past experiences recur obsessively in the reality of those involved in detoxification.

They don’t understand why they get to go through different emotions – mostly negative – about the present reality: they do not understand why they feel agitated, anxious, unhappy, sad, melancholic or irritable and angry.

Where do all these states come from?

In most cases – they are emotional eliminations of the energy waste standing stored in cells and tissues of our body.
Your present circumstances may favor them- but they aren’t the ones causing the problems.

In other words – you aren’t angry / furious on your partner- because he/she said something or did something that bothered you.

But you manifest a profound anger that comes from deep childhood wounds – exhibited better by the detoxification process and ransacked by a gesture, or a partner replica.

When we live intense emotions (negative or positive) – we actually remove them.

If you let it “go” without clinging to it (i.e. only live it and that’s it), looking, judging, interpreting, then the emotion will leave quickly and will be more quiet and cleanliness in our mind and soul.

If, instead, we begin to judge, analyze and explain what happens to us, especially if we try to control reality (our behavior or that of our partners/ people around us), then we have the chance to lock in experiencing emotions in question.

And a state of discontent, dissatisfaction, guilt, shame, irritability or anger will cling to our energy/ reality and attract the circumstances that validate them.

In other words, the Universe tells us:

“Do you like being angry? (Because otherwise I do not see why are you still “hanging” on that experience?). Then let’s provide you reasons to experience this state! “And in our lives begin to appear reason after reason to cause us anger.

We don’t like emotional states considered to be “negative”.

We don’t like to repeat, as in a movie theater, the same behaviors over and over again, as if we spin in the same circus roundabout until dizziness appears.

And yet – we are doing it again and again and again.

The whole human experience is done on the “tests – failures – successful” principle.

We repeat the experience whenever we need to learn our lessons and move forward naturally.

But it is absolutely right to be like that.

It is normal and natural to be simpletons, and especially naïve, ignorant.

It is normal to live all human emotions, those we like and those we don’t.

You don’t have to like everything you feel. Important is to love yourself the way you are.

Let us accept everything that we experience – all the adventures that we have to go through (or choose to go).

In the detoxification process, one of the most vulnerable places that produce elimination and “cleaning” is the subconscious.

Most of those who are changing diet – face different emotional states that they understand or control more or less.

As I told you before, I still feel the need to repeat! When we live an intense emotion, in fact, we eliminate that sensation from our body.

When we live anger/ rage, we eliminate anger/ rage vibrations.

When we live in anxiety/ restlessness we eliminate its vibrations.

Unlike the feelings, that are deep and lasting, emotions are intense feelings, of short duration, appearing and disappearing. If you don’t react in any way, if especially you don’t interpret or judge them, the emotions that appear, are released and then disappear.

Look at small children.

When something doesn’t please them, they complain immediately, intensively, with so much force that it feels that the problem is vital for them. And it really is. They perceive each “trifle” as “vital”.

Another child took my car. I cry a lot, because I feel frustrated, and I need to remove that frustration energy, otherwise It would block my system.

And after 30 minutes I make friends with the buckle, which took my car, and we play as best friends.
A child doesn’t let emotions ruin her/his life or relationships. He/she released, gets rid of them and then forgets. Because he/she has so many experiences and adventures to explore.

An adult learns to “cling” with his mind on these emotions and decide to assess, to interpret and seek “meanings” for them.

An emotion is an emotion.

You don’t even have to like the emotion that you experience.

Many emotions are not pleasant. It’s not pleasant to feel frightened, uncertain, hesitant, indecisive, fearful or inhibited. It’s not pleasant to feel irritated, unhappy, angry or frustrated.

An emotion is an emotion.

It is a profound experience, which we feel at various stimuli that remind us of various other sides of life.

Important is to love myself so much that I allow to be angry and to love myself for being angry.

The emotions that arise show me that I need to love myself more, not less. I need to accept myself as I am, with all that I am and everything I feel.

We need to overcome the “Settings” from childhood and school. We have been “trained” to react only in certain ways – considered “desirable” (for which we were always rewarded and praised) and not to react in other ways – considered “undesirable” (for which we were always criticized or punished).

And our interior message was always the same.

“You don’t deserve to be loved when you are/act like that”.

Conditional love is the rule for our growth/evolution.

And the “challenge” of detoxification is to replace this conditional love with unconditionally self-love.

I deserve to be loved anytime, anyway, regardless of what I do and feel.

And especially…

I deserve to love and treasure myself.
I deserve to admire myself for my perseverance and strength and give myself infinitely more chances, while I’m alive/ I live.

Many people feel that if they made a mistake or several, their life is irreparably “spoiled”/broken.


The good news is that we can make any mistakes we wish – while we’re alive.

In the process of learning, mistakes are inherent and necessary to learn new occupations and correct attitudes.

As long as we are alive on Earth and as long as we breathe – we can correct and make anything right again.

In fact, while we live, we can experience life.

You don’t need to like what you live and experience.

There is no need to dislike something!

Simply… TRY IT!


And especially, continue to breathe and play well/ nice – the game of inner discovery.

Learn about the wonder and light that you are – even if you experience long mud, dirt and darkness.

Keep on playing while you are alive!

Do not stop exploring!

And especially love yourselves more enough – as you allow yourself to be any way you choose!

Love you more – not less!
Love you more!

Have a quiet, relaxed and full of regeneration weekend!