The colors, aromas and taste of the fruits remind us of the joy of sunny spring days, of the afternoons of the summer holidays – with the soothing sun and the long day – all spent outside, playing, with friends and favorite animals.

All the joy and hope of the trees is found in the energy of the fruits.

The fruit basket has always been the symbol of abundance.

The cornucopia” – the main symbol of wealth – is represented as continually bearing fruit.

Among the ancient Dacians, Zalmoxis periodically came to the villages and offered fruit to children – as a message of the return from animality to spirituality – calling them back to the primordial Paradise – open and accessible to all people – always.

Fruits represent THE GIFT of trees to humans. There is an intimate, strong connection between humans and trees – on planet Earth – we co-exist and support each other – we humans breathe the oxygen produced by trees, and they use the carbon dioxide removed as a waste product from human breathing for their own synthesis needs.
And we, and the trees – use CARBON – as the main chemical element to supply the energy necessary for life.

Trees take carbon from the air (carbon dioxide) and soil (different carbon compounds dissolved in water and soil), and we humans can also assimilate carbon from the air (too few of us breathe well and stay in open air) and from food – through CARBOHYDRATES.

Carbohydrates – or carbohydrates – or sugars – represent the MAIN ENERGY SOURCE of human bodies.

Sweet craving” – the desire for sweets – exists in all people – being the body’s main signal that it needs “energy”.

Fructose from fruit – represents the simple carbohydrate (sugar) – the easiest to use by the cells of the human body. Unlike glucose, another simple carbohydrate – fructose is very easily digested, absorbed very quickly both from the intestine and inside the cells (it is very easy to use by all cells of the body) – without energy consumption (glucose absorption requires insulin, the absorption of fructose is direct, by diffusion, without energy consumption and stress on the pancreas).

The three simple sugars – fructose, glucose and galactose (the simple sugar in breast milk) – are the main sources of energy for human cells – whether we are talking about children or adults.
Fructose from fruits – is the main “fuel” of the brain – liver and sperm – cells that are directly dependent on fructose.
In its long-term absence – cells suffer, degrade and degenerate.

Fruits represent the primordial DIVINE FOOD of humans.
After thousands of years of different “culinary experiences” – people completely forgot what their body’s real needs are – and accepted as “food” various other sources, which over time, proved to be the cause of mankind’s health problems .

No category of food, such as fruit, has been loaded with so many “negative myths”.

Both those who eat “everything“, as well as “vegetarians“, vegans or raw-vegans – avoid consuming too much fruit – because the messages ” negative” about fruits are extremely numerous:

  • fruits make you fat

  • fruits stimulate the development of Candida and fungi

  • fruits increase blood sugar and damage the pancreas

  • fruits produce gas and fermentation

  • fruits have too much “sugar”

  • in too large quantities, the fruits produce states of “evil” and fainting

Vegetables, vegetables and other categories of food – were not “loaded” with as many negative myths as fruits.

On the contrary – there are whole books about the “beneficial” effect of consuming different leaves, roots and plants – such as garlic, onion, cabbage or potato.

It seems like a whole “conspiracy” against fruits – and a “push” towards the daily dietary consumption of vegetables, legumes and vegetables.

The experience of the great nutritionists and hygienists of the last century and the practical experiences of thousands of people, awakened by the terrible sufferings of the physical body – have shown that the “nutritional” direction in which humanity is being pushed is completely wrong.
Humans DO NOT NEED protein (animal or vegetable) or food such as leaves, roots, herbs or seeds – to live and to be healthy. On the contrary.

It is precisely these food categories that hold them prisoners of low energy states, states of sickness and eternal suffering, they hold them prisoners of SUFFERING – continuously.

The intention of our fruit and fruit experience program – is to participate in the movement of people’s awareness of the TRUTH NUTRITION SOURCE OF HUMAN BEINGS. p>

The time has come to GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GROUND (where we keep our vegetables, vegetables and animal proteins) and LET US GO HEAVEN – to the high – to the inner Divinity that we are and have always been (where the fruits lead us).

The time has come to remember the PRIMIDAL PARADISE – where only fruit trees grew – and where fruit was the essential food of humans/divine beings.

Fruits are the basic elements in the healing strategy 5D HEALTH – which you can read about on our website – in all articles – as well as in the books 5D Health and 5D Health School – where you have original, important and useful information for everyone who wants to overcome the captivity of suffering.

Fruits have some unique characteristics, useful to know and apply in practice:
  • are the only category of foods that achieve LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE. In other words, only fruits (fruit juice, fruit blend) “cleanse” the sewage system of the human body, which deals with the removal of cellular residues produced DAILY, following the normal functioning of the body.

  • the astringent (“cleansing”) power of the fruit is given by the complex of bio-flavonoid substances (or anti-oxidants), of which vitamin C is only a part. It makes no sense to use chemical (synthetic) vitamin C – because our body CANNOT PROCESS IT IN ISOLATION – Nature only knows how to use creations of the Divine – which are ideal chemical combinations that balance life. This “astringent” power – to pull, to remove dirt from the walls, to “strip” and “unstick” the mucus from the intestinal walls or between the cells – makes fruits the essential products for internal cleaning. Besides – the main chemical cleaning products, which people use daily in their homes – are also with fruity aromas – of lemon, orange or other fruits. You won’t find cleaning products with the smell of onions or garlic! Housewives are looking for another type of smell to associate with the feeling of “clean” – and this is the smell of citrus fruits, or the smell of pine (fir, softwoods, conifers) or the smell of lavender (or mint, basil, or other aromatic plants).

  • the internal “cleaning” ability of some fruits is greater than others – therefore, it is necessary to know all these details. The more “intoxicated” a person is, the more full of residues and waste – the more cautiously he will use fruits and introduce them into his diet ONLY to the extent that the body allows. The release of too much toxins into the circulation – leads to the appearance of many malaise and “elimination type” symptoms (diarrhea, rashes on the skin, stinging when urinating, nasal secretions, coughs, sore throats etc etc) – here being and the origin of many of the “myths” according to which “fruits cause ill health”.

  • fruits support the nervous, central and vegetative system, give a state of well-being, optimism, joy, bring a smile to the face, support memory, ability to concentrate and attention.

  • fruits support and stimulate fertility (the abundance of fruit on a tree gives us an idea of the “fertility” of Nature!), by nourishing spermatozoa – those essential “seeds” for the appearance of children!

The “Iubim fructele” project aims to gather information about fruits – from all possible sources – from the Internet, from literature, from growers and connoisseurs, from fructarians (people who feed exclusively on fruits for years) and from the personal and professional experience of the last years.
We have grouped the information by fruit categories and by topics of interest.
We will present materials and information gradually – over time – according to our experiences and according to the flow of the seasons .
We will insist on the effect of fruits on the physical body – resulting mainly from our direct, personal and professional experiences, accompanied by all the information taken from other people, from detoxification specialists, from fruitarians and of course, from the texts of the great masters of nutrition and hygiene, who will periodically accompany us on the road. We will present, for the first time in Romanian, old texts on nutrition and dietetics, with comments and personal observations.

The return to fruits – as an essential and important food source for humans – represents our SALVATION, of all of us – from degradation, the involution and degeneration that threatens us, as individuals and as a species.
Mother Nature, planet Earth, as a living entity – makes a special energetic effort to contact us and “communicate” with us – to give us the tools of salvation – which have always been within our reach – but which we no longer see – thanks to the mucus (wave of fog) on our brains!

People’s relationship with trees – especially fruit trees – is one that needs sustaining, strengthening and empowering – in this technological millennium, more than ever!
We need to plant as many as possible fruit trees – in all cities – in all yards – on all vacant lots – we need to “dethrone” agriculture with its neurotoxic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers for our human bodies – and turn to another way of procuring our REAL FOOD that our body needs!



  • LET’S PLANT FRUIT TREES EVERYWHERE – so that all people can reap their fruits.