We love Fruits

Colors, flavors and taste of fruits recall memories from spring and summer holidays, with long day and sun up in the sky – and being outdoors the whole day, playing with friends or favorite pet.

All the joy and hope of trees is found in the energy of fruits.

The fruit basket has been always the symbol of abundance.
”The horn of plenty” (or cornucopia) – the main symbol of richness – is represented many times as offering continue fruits.
For the old Dacians (the old inhabitans of Romania), Zalmoxis (the main God) was represented as an old man visiting periodically the villages and cities and offering fruits for children – as a message of call toward the original energy of Paradise – open and accessible for everybody, always.

The fruits are THE GIFT of the trees for humans. Between humans and trees there is a strong and intimate connection. We exist together and support each other, on Earth, as we humans breath in oxygen produced in the leafs of the trees and them, the trees, use the carbon dioxide – a waste product of human respiration – for the synthesis of their necessary substances.

We, as well as the trees – use CARBON – as the main chemical element for energy supply required by live itself.
Trees take carbon from air (carbon dioxide) and from soil (different carbon based substances) and us, human, can also assimilate carbon from air (but so few of us breathe properly and spend enough time in open air!) and from food (through carbo-hydrates).

Carbohydrates or glucids or sugars – are the MAIN SOURCE OF ENERGY for human bodies.
”Desire for something sweet” or ”the sweet tooth” exist for everybody – being the main signal of our body that it needs ”fuel” (or energy).

Fructose from fruits is a SIMPLE carbohydrate (sugar) (a very simple chemical struture) – which is the easiest to use by the human body cells. The other simple sugar – glucose – is more energy consuming as it needs insulin for absorption in the cells of the small bowel, while fructose is directly absorbed, through physical diffusion (no chemical reaction needed), is easily used inside all cells and is more energy saving in it’s overall metabolic process.

There are 3 (three) simple sugars (or carbohydrates) – fructose, glucose and galactose (the simple sugar from breast milk) – and they are the main source of energy for the human cells, in children or adults.
Fructose from fruits is the main “fuel” of the brain, the liver and spermatozoids, cells DIRECTLY dependent on fructose intake.
In the long time absence of the fructose – these cells (and all cells) suffer and degenerate.

Fruits represent DIVINE FOOD of the first humans.
After thousands of years of “culinary experiences”, humans forgot completely the real needs of their physical bodies and accepted as “food” different other items – which proved in time the main reason for the innumerable health problems of the mankind.
Fruits, more than other food items, have been the subject of many “negative” comments and repeated “myths”.

People eating an “omnivorous” diet (with everything), as well as the vegetarians, vegans and raw-vegans refrain from eating too much fruits because all the “negative” information about fruits are countless:

  • fruits are fattening
  • fruits induce the development of fungus and Candida
  • fruits induce raising of blood sugar and pancreas weakness
  • fruits produce gases, fermentation and bloating
  • fruis have too much “sugar”
  • if one eats too much fruits, one will feel weak, dizzy and sometimes, will faint

Vegetables and the other food items have never been subject to so many negative comments and myths, the way fruits are.
On the contrary, there are many books about the “benefit” of eating different leafs, roots or plants, such as garlic, onion, salad, cabbage or potato.

It is as if there is a huge “conspiration” against fruits and a shifting of human awarness toward daily consumption of other food items, such as vegetables, dairy products, meats or eggs.
The experience of the great specialists in food hygiene, gathered in the last century, as well as personal experiences of thousand of people, forced by the sufferance of their physical body too look for another kind of diet – proved that “modern nutrition” is completely wrong.

Human beings DO NOT REQUIRE PROTEINS (from animal or vegetal source), or any other food item such as leafs, roots, herbs or seeds – to live in a healthy physical body. On the contrary.
Exactly this category of food items keep humans continue in a very low energy frequency – where disease and sufferance occur – prisoners of PAIN.

Exactly this category of food items keep humans continue in a very low energy frequency – where disease and sufferance occur – prisoners of PAIN.

The intent of our program for presenting FRUITS AND EXPERIENCES WITH FRUITS – is to add another contribution to the whole direction of awakening people regarding the REAL FOOD SOURCE FOR THE HUMAN BEING.

The time has come to TAKE OUT THE HEAD OF THE GROUND, where we buried it with potatoes and roots, with dead bodies and dead food items – and to LOOK UP TOWARD THE SKY – to the HIGHTS – to INNER DIVINITY which we are and have always been (the fruits leads us there).

The time has come to remember the ORIGINAL PARADISE – where only fruit trees were growing – and where fruits were the main food item of the divine humans.

Fruits are very important elements in the healing strategy we have developed in the last 2 years – called 5D HEALTH – and one can read a lot of articles about it, on our web-site , as well as in our books. All the materials have original and important information, useful to everybody looking a way out of sufferance and disease.

FRUITS HAVE SOME UNIC FEATURES, useful of known and used daily:

  • Fruits are the only food item performing LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE (cleaning). In other words, only the fruits (fruit juice, fruit blend, mainly) are able to perform “the cleaning” of the sewage system of the human body – which removes daily all waste produced by being alive.
  • The “astringent” (cleaning) power of fruits is due to the complex of chemical substance – such as bio-flavonoids (or anti-oxidants), vitamin C being only one of the many. There is no utility in using chemical C vitamin – because our cells cannot use ISOLATES (isolated substances from Nature). Our cells recognize only God’s creations – ideal chemical combination for the balance of life. The “astringent” (pulling, cleaning) power of fruits – which promotes elimination in the walls and spaces between cells, elimination of mucus in the bowel walls – makes fruit important products for “internal cleaning”. As a side comment, the main cleaning products humans are using daily in cleaning houses have mostly fruit flavors – lemon, orange or other fruits. One will never find cleaning products smelling as garlic or onion, because no women will associated the smell of these with cleaning! Other smells we associate with “cleaness” are, beside the citrus smelss, lavender or resinous smell (eg pine).
  • Some fruits have a stronger “cleaning action” than other – so we’ll have to be aware of these details. When one’s body is full of toxins and waste products, one will be very cautious with fruits and use them in the detox process only gradually. If one releases an increased amount of toxins and waste products in the body, and the eliminatory organs cannot cope, then a lot of “symptoms” will occur (such as diarrhoea, skin eruptions, burning pains in passing urine, nasal secretions, cough, different pains in throat, head, ears, gums, eyes etc). We found it here the “origin” of the myth “too much fruits produse aggravations”.
  • Fruits support the nervous system (central and vegetative), induce a well-being general state, an optimistic, joyfull inner state, bring smile on face, support memory, concentration and attention (the learning process).
  • Fruits support and induces fertility (the abundance of fruits in a fruit tree gives us an idea about the “fertility” of Nature!) – through nourishing spermatozoids (exclusively dependent of fructose!). No fructose – no spermatozoids!

Our project “WE LOVE FRUITS” aims to gather information about fruits, from all possible source, Internet, literature, from farmers and scientist, from fruitarians (people eating exclusively fruits for years) and from our own personal and professional experience of the last years.
We grouped information on categories of fruits and main subjects.
We will present and load the materials graduatelly, in time – depending on our experiences and the energy of the seasons.
We will discuss in detail about the effects of fruits on physical body – presenting our direct, personal and professional experiences, together with other information – from all possible sources. We will present many forgotten materials, in Romanian and English – so the information will not stay in books only!

The returns to fruits – as essential and important food items for human being – represent our “Salvation” – from degradation, involution and degeneration threatening us, as individuals and as species.
Mother Nature, planet Earth, as a living Entity – is making a special energetically effort to contact us and “communicate” with as – to offer the tools for salvation – tools that have been always here, with us – but we are not able to see any more – due to a heavy veil of mucus on our brains.

The relationship humans – trees (especially fruit trees) is one needing support, strengthening and empowering, more than ever, in our too techno times!
We need to plant as many fruit trees as possible, in all cities, in all gardens, on all available grounds – in order to be able to replace the chemical agriculture which is poisoning us constantly – with the TRUE FOOD beneficial for our body!



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