A twisted year

At the end of 365 days of many experiences and learnings, I take stock and look for themes, milestones, various repeating patterns, to place it in the overall picture of life’s evolution.

This year I did it differently than usual.
Instead of tuning into the energy of the year and writing whatever came to mind, I asked friends and family to tell me what the year was like for each of them, in one word. We got terms like: working, busy, difficult, transitional, opportunity, fulfilling and tortuous.
I liked this last term, because in a way, it best defines the energy of 2021.

Twisted and mixed, like the thread in a tangled mess, through which we evaluated and appreciated the surrounding reality .

I found in the woven webs of 2021 difficult challenges, moments of pain and suffering, but also extraordinary opportunities and open doors. I found beautiful and balanced relationships, families rebuilt through working “at home”, houses finished and renovated, precisely because of the limitation of walks and going out, but also broken relationships, open conflicts between generations, small internal wars, which weakened the energy of the family.

I found a lot of physical illness, suffering and pain, but also a lot of healing, finding one’s way through discipline and growing up.

In the year 2021, infantile behaviors, children of all ages, who fought with shovels and buckets or threw sand in their eyes, were intertwined with many adult-type behaviors of taking responsibility and big vision. When you see everything “in the big picture” you realize that every event, every person, every relationship, every suffering, every joy – has its place and purpose. That it’s a bigger picture, where everyone is in the right place.

Life played with us throughout 2021.
He gave us all kinds of yarns.
It seemed like every day we stood at a turn, wondering which way to go. And I didn’t have to choose between two options (however difficult it would have been), but between 10-15 options.
Each with his opinion, each with his justice. Each variant with its attractiveness (but also with the bill, discreetly attached).

It’s no wonder that most of us have gotten tangled up in all the threads we’ve used to weave our own version of reality.
And we made a mess, sometimes, as we stood there wondering, scratching our heads: how did we manage to make them all dizzy just like that?

We live a life with a lot of stimuli. Urban life, but also rural life (quite a lot) is too full of stimuli of all kinds.

Technology has come into force in our lives.
In 2021, more than ever, we have become devoted servants of screens: whether mobile, computer, television or other screens. We spend most of the day with these screens.

We have opened the door wide to computer technology, which comes bundled with wi-fi antennas and the entire network of electromagnetic radiation, without asking the slightest question about how it affects our physical body.

In addition, we learned to walk in the virtual world of the Internet and the applications that are proposed to us, witnessing how that world is forced into our lives, to the detriment of the natural world.

Those who felt shivers down their spines at the thought of Artificial Intelligence taking control of us discreetly, gradually but surely turned back to Nature, to outdoor movement, to sports and hiking or to many other artistic hobbies.

So, the threads of entanglement were different: good and bad.

What do we do on winter evenings in our homes?
Or evenings in general?
Are we talking to the family? Do we sing together? Are we playing attractive games? Do we read books or prepare healthy meals for the coming week?
Or do we look at the screens, at the stories that the masters of the world propose to us?

The year 2021 has completed the online transition of many liberal or even official professions. We are gently changing the real world with the virtual world.
We accept the “magic mirror” of screens as another reality in which we spend more and more time.

Traveling on the belt of Bucharest, in a moment of agglomeration, in which the traffic was very slow, it was funny to watch the drivers of the cars from the opposite direction – many trucks, vans, but also small cars. Every second or third driver was looking at their cell phone or talking on the phone (hands-free or not). It was a game to count how many people did NOT have a phone attached to their ear or eye in that 30-40 minute traffic jam. I managed to find about 20 people. Out of a few hundred.

2021 was a year in which the physical body was greatly challenged.
Fear, fear, anxiety, anger – were strong emotions, felt by the majority and which affected important organs (adrenals, kidneys, liver), triggering metabolic storms and on the nervous system.
Food that is increasingly processed and full of chemicals continues to affect the normal functioning of our bodies.
Lack of movement and sitting in the car or at the office, at school or with your eyes on screens – triggers acidosis reactions – which means feeling restless, agitated, rumbling in the stomach or intestines (digestive acidosis) and needing to nibble (to calm down and calm down ). The weight gains we have seen in all age groups over the past year are alarming. We are starting to look just like the US population – obesity is becoming more common.
Children, teenagers, young adults, adults and the elderly – they have tens of kg more than the normal body structure (and the bone skeleton they have).
Tens of kilograms of fat (which encloses toxins and acidic substances) press on the joints and bones of these people.
Becoming heavy, lacking in flexibility and above all, lacking in energy to play and really enjoy life – these people become mobile in their own homes.

He only moves his fingers on the buttons of the phone and his hands that put all kinds of goodies in his mouth.

However, I have also discovered people who have tried all year to be aware of their own diet, to exercise, to be careful about how they invest the energy of their attention. I witnessed many healings and alleviation of sufferings, and the birth of wonderful children, of women careful with their bodies and attuned to the Nature around them.

White threads, black threads, variegated threads, all have been tangled in the energy of this year’s toil, toil, crowd, and twist.

What do we have at the end of 2021?
A fuior mixed with everything: good and not so good.
A very twisted twist.

What can we do with it?
What a good spinner knows how to do. We get a spindle (that is, a sharp tool, like a laser beam), pull a thread from this yarn and begin to gradually wind it on the spindle.

How do we pull a thread?
Which thread should we choose?
With what hook shall we hang it?
That is another story, which we will work together throughout 2022.

Now, at the end of 2021, we give thanks to all the energy that has unfolded to structure the reality of our lives. As she was, with good and bad, with successes and failures, with achievements and mistakes, with successful and less successful relationships. In better or not so good health.
We are grateful for all the lessons.
Behind every suffering, there is a gift, an important lesson to learn.
If we catch it and keep it, it won’t happen again. But if it’s necessary, let’s repeat, it means that we all need it.
Our growth as human beings is SLOW.
Like trees. We need TIME to grow up

Let’s take this time.
And let us honor the temporal space of the year that has passed for the opportunities offered. And for everything I have achieved, materially or spiritually, throughout this year.

Gratitude to the Life Force, the Divine, who has guided and directed us, every moment.
Gratitude to the Intuition of our body, which was able to decipher the Divine guidance.
And gratitude to the physical body for its extraordinary endurance. They endure our abuses, slips and coercions. And he stays with us, day by day.

Thank you 2021 for the twists and turns.
We were able to see a lot, in different ways.
And we get to choose: to keep twisting or to find simplicity and smoother direction. It is in the power of each of us to make the choice within the heart.
The simple thread, repaired on the spindle, or are we still left with the fuiror?

Have a good 2021.
We release the energy that has passed and do not cling to anything. We only keep the lessons that can be useful to us in the future.
The journey of life in the physical body continues.

Let’s see each other well, healthy, in the new year that is right next to us.
With love, everyone!