Recipe from Silvia Soescu, a young, creative and skilled amateur “chef” in her own kitchen

It’s a good dish for lunch or dinner for colder days, when the body needs something more “consistent”.
It is also good for those in “transition” from cooked to raw food – used with the presence and texture of starches, which cannot be pleased with the “light” sensation after eating fruits and raw vegetables.
And it’s a good alternative to meat or other animal-products dishes.

One needs:

– a bag of Mung beans (a special type of bean, small and green, with small amounts of starch, easy to cook and very digestible, suitable also for children above 2 years ) – from health food shops
– 2-3 bell-peppers (red or green) baked in the oven (on a tray covered with baking paper, at 200 grade, 20-25 minutes one side, 20-25 minutes the other side) then cut in small pieces.
– 1-2 onions, 1-2 garlic cloves
– 2 green onions
– one bundle of parsley
– tahini sauce – with 2 spoons of tahini cream with the juice from one lemon (or half a lemon) and some water – mix well with a wooden spoon, until one gets a white thin sauce like a mayonnaise
– optional – pepper, a little Himalaya salt or chilli

Tahini cream
– is cream from sesame seeds – homemade or bought from the diet department of every supermarket. It is an ingredient of Arabic cuisine – used for hummus, babaganoush and other dishes.

We will use a lot the tahini sauce in the transition recipes, because it’s a very tasty, simple and low-fat sauce, replacing mayonnaise (has a similar structure – but instead of eggs, vegetable oil and lemon – we use ONLY sesame seeds, lemon and water).
When we use the tahini sauce, we don’t need salt or oil for our salads, so these are more healthy and easy for digestion.

Time to prepare: one hour.
We will do all the operations in the same time: put the bean to boil in water, wash and put the bell-peppers in the oven, clean and cut the onion, garlic and parsley and place them in the bowl. Prepare the tahini sauce. When the beans are soft, add and mix them in the bowl with the onion and parsley. And at the end, add and mix the cut bell-papers and the tahini sauce.
In the same time – we will clean all the vessels and the kitchen – so when we are ready – everything is in order!
All in approximately one hour!

Totul în aproximativ o oră.