Raw vegan beetroot sour soup

We prepared another version of the raw-vegan soup already presented in the recipes, using a bigger beetroot for different flavor and color.


Main ingredients:

  • 5-6 big carrots (aprox 1 kg carrots)
  • 3 roots parsley
  • 3 roots parsnip
  • one small celery root
  • one medium to big beetroot
  • parsley and lovage leafs – half of bundle each (or any other green leafs, of course!)
  • one small zucchini
  • 2-3 teaspoons of sea buckthorn (fresh or frozen)
  • one small avocado
  • juice from 2 lemons and an orange

The soup is very easy to make.

Just wash well all the ingredients, cut into smaller pieces and use the fruit/vegetable juicer (slow juicer, but also the normal, centrifugal juicer – is OK). Be more patient with the centrifugal juicer and clean periodical the amount of pulp blocking the machine.

So – all the above ingredients will be transformed into juice, except the avocado, 2 small slices of beetroot and some parsley leafs.

Cut the beetroot slices into tiny cubes, the same cut the avocado into small pieces and parsley leafs as little as possible – and place them in the juice.

The soup has been our evening dish and we enjoyed the full, satisfying taste (sweet-sour- little bitter and salty – all tastes together – like a symphony in our plate!) and the alkaline effect afterwards.

The cut pieces gave the perfect texture and forced us to chew better (the liquid would have induced us to swallow without chewing proper). Avocado was the perfect final touch of the soup, giving us the healthy fats our body was craving for days.

The elder eating the soup with us were very pleased – and slept very well afterwards – better than after any cooked meal they had in the past. Even if challenged by dental problems, this soup was no problem it all. And very good for those with osteoporosis and rheumatic issues, due to high content in minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

or any other additions.

The soup is perfect, natural, healthy and tasty!