I recently heard Matt Kahn’s last transmission, the modern mystic, who reverses spirituality, as I knew it. v=9CYS6nbtdMY&feature=em-subs_digest

And I received some messages that “touched” me deeply.

One of them particularly suits me:

Awakening from EGO is like awakening from a “spiritual” drunkenness.

When you live in EGO it is like being energetic, DRUNK!


And I had another observation that shook me: I was “DRUNK” for more than 40 years!

I lived in a state of mental fog and confusion in which I hurt myself constantly, I misbehaved with myself (and I was awful with “My Inner Child”) and, of course, I have not behaved very well with those around me.

Even the fact that, unconsciously, I have sent my negative energy, my state of irritation, discomfort, dissatisfaction, incompleteness etc. etc. to people around me, contributed daily to lower the vibrational state of all those around me, and those with whom I met daily.

I behaved so badly with “My Inner Child” and I offered many moralizing speeches that made him shun me, not to speak at all to me, to sit in a corner, very gloomy and leave me alone.

Just as I did in my childhood, when my father came home drunk and started to give me lectures: I knew that if I fought back, I may receive a beating, or the “lectures” could continue for a long time. If I shut up and left him make his point of view”, everything would end more quickly and he would go to bed.

I did the same with My Inner Child, who behaved exactly as I had done in my childhood. He stopped talking and disappeared. I forgot that he ever existed!

In various workshops and meetings of spirituality – I kept trying different techniques and methods of relaxation, meditation, increased vibration, connecting with My Inner Child – etc. etc. And each time, the reaction was: “Yes! Up! Okay! Good! “- And nothing happened, nothing changed.

All the rhetoric, all the techniques, all the positive affirmations and all the optimistic reprogramming – were only UNILATERAL PRESSURES FROM ADULT TO CHILD – from an adult who knew him better, to a stupid and ignorant child who needed to be educated and who had to “come to his senses”.

And your Inner Child, already saturated with one-sided communication from adult to child, and resentful for having been so long neglected and treated with an air of superiority – answered only in disgust, “Well Okay!! ”

Those who have children know exactly how children respond after you hold an “adult-type lecture”, you try to explain them in many words- why it is not good and healthy to eat chocolate. Politely, the small ones will listen (because they do not want to upset you, do not want to lose your love, and they do not want the lecture to be extended!) Of course, they will not listen to you! And, just as you finish what you have to say – they will go to their grandparents and they will get as much chocolate as possible, to show what is, in fact, their position on the subject!

Our Inner Child does the same: our Higher Self, our primordial Innocence and Angelic energy that came with us to Earth!

When we are not listening to him, concerned “to hold to the lecture”, and force him to accept healthy ideas, (like it is not good to eat too much, it is not good to work too much, you should do more exercise, you would better not look so much at TV, or sit at the computer so much etc. etc.), he fights back pushing us specifically towards behaviors that we want to change or to avoid!

When we are very tired the rational mind, (the outside adult), no longer works well. Then the Inner Child’s energy releases the brakes- and we cannot stop eating sweets, watching TV, playing on PC, and many other undesirable habits!

The more we treat ourselves devoid of GENTLENESS and KINDNESS, the more we will deal with our Inner Child in an ugly and inconsiderate way, treating it like an idiot who needed to be ignored, or to learn it what is right and wrong (by force). So it becomes mischievous, and self-aggressive behaviors are harder to control and avoid!

And at the first attempts to MAKE PEACE” with our Inner Child, we encounter more opposition from him. After years of abuse and inappropriate behavior, when you start to behave nicely towards him, the Inner Child says: Are you talking to me? Are you sure? It is very distrustful of your attempts to make peace. A good speech for a re- alignment with your INNER INNOCENCE would be something like:

“ My Inner Child, I’ve been drunk inside for more than 40 years. Can you help me, MY INNER CHILD (SEED OF MY HIGHER SELF)? Can you teach me HOW TO LOVE YOU – because I have no idea how to love you, how to love me, how to behave nicely with myself?”

“Can you forgive me for all the moments when I treated you poorly and can you give me another chance to communicate with you, teaching me everything that I wasn’t able to learn from the world?

If you help me to love you, then we can communicate with each other and learn how to make our life together more beautiful.”

Speak openly and invite your Inner Child to participate in your “awakening” process from the EGO, from it’s drunken state of: I! I! I! TO ME! TO ME! TO ME! Invite innocence in your life, invite THE ANGEL vibration that you were when you came on Earth, to once again become part of your daily reality!

You learn to take decisions out of love and innocence because every decision you’ll have to take in any circumstance, if you’ll it filter through KINDNESS, GENTLENESS and SELF-LOVE, will lead you to the results that you need in your life.

WE ARE ALL ANGELS sent to Earth to learn and remember SKY’S VIBRATION while we are in the PHISYCAL BODY. We forget that in the first years of life we immerse ourselves in a continuous EGO DRUNKENESS”, supported by the social environment all around us.

If you look at the games played by adults, (just look at a meeting of politicians, an hour spent in Primary school, High school, College or a medical consultation), you realize that EGO DRUNKENESS” is the real disease from which mankind is suffering.


You need some time to apologize to everything to which you have given trouble and grief in your unconscious drunkenness. And you need some time to get over the hangover (and to resist the temptation to restart the drunkenness – just to stop the malaise that the hangover leaves!).

Then you need more time to begin to fix what you broke when you were DRUNK and UNCONSCIOUSLY HURTFUL”.

And after that, you can begin to work constructively, positively and gives other “gifts” with which you came endowed by the Creator.

BE GENTLE AND KIND with yourself and if you have the chance to be awakened, HAVE THE PATIENCE TO GO THROUGH ALL THE STAIGES LEISURELY!

If you didn’t understand anything in this article, but still you have read it, thank you for your effort, and I’m glad your own Inner Child has received a message; that someone knows of his presence, and he has not been forgotten!

PATIENCEEach of you will go through the process of awakening from the EGO- IT IS INEVITABLE!

Make peace with yourself – it is the only possible way to rise up the vibration of the energy that you are!

Awakening from the “EGO DRUNKENNESS”, finding peace with your Inner child and collaboration with him in the game of life, are important steps in the EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY in us!

With gentleness, kindness and goodness – I say to you “Good morning!” and “ HAVE AN EXCITING JOURNEY!”