We will start loading some materials with cooking recipes and ideas – although I don’t particular like the idea of “recipes” – which mean a lot of work, time and energy investment, spending time in the kitchen etc.

But a lot of women feel very creative in the kitchen and they have a general well-being inner state when they “work out” the next meal for their family.

In the detox diet we need to understand the transition period toward fruit detoxification – so many of the recipes could be very useful in the transition.

All the recipes are very simple, without ingrediens such as salt, oil or vinegar.

I will use only fruit and vegetables, seldom other ingredients. They will be raw vegan dishes and/or vegan dishes.

One can eat as much as one desires from the dish prepared.

The taste can be adjusted and varied – with every preparation. CREATIVITY is the main ingredient of the recipes. We will vary the taste and look of the dish, with every preparation.

First recipe is:

Cucumber and zucchini pasta with tomato/mango/avocado sauce

I have always loved pasta, but unfortunately – it turned to be one of the unhealthiest and damaging food for the bowels and lymphatic system. So I looked for a raw vegan option of it – to have it as a dish whenever the “nostalgy” for pasta occur in a cold autumn or winter evening.

I have found the recipes in different combinations and adapted it on my own taste – and each one can play with the basic recipe and do a different dish, according to one’s imagination and creativity.

What one needs for the recipe:

– 1-2 or more zucchini (longer fruits)

– 1-2 or more cucumbers (also longer)

– 5-6 tomatoes bio and juicy

– one mango (soft)

– one avocado (soft)

– green stuff – according to one’s preferences (green onion, chives, basil, oregano, dill, parsley, ginger, celery and other)

How to make the dish

One will follow two simple steps:

1) Making the zucchini and cucumber “pasta” – using a simple device called “spiralizer” (could be taken on Internet, different websites) or another very simple device, which looks similar to the potato and vegetable peeler – only has a different blader – and is able to make very fine “spaghetti” from the zucchini and cucumbers.

2) Making the sauce – using a normal blender – and putting together the tomatoes, mango and avocado, cut in pieces (and peeled) and the desired green seasoning.

In 30 seconds we will have the sauce.

Mix a little part of the sauce with the pasta – and keep the rest for serving.

Or we put pasta in the plate and mix the sauce with it only there.

Eat the dish in a soup plate, with a spoon and a fork, exactly like one eats the “normal” pasta.

I use different other ingredients for the sauce – instead of mango and avocado – sometimes I use peaches – nectarines or plums, sometimes I use kaki (when I can find them in the store) – or kiwi. Combination tomatoes, kaki and dill is my favourite, but others are good, as well.

I consider using other acidic and sub-acidic fruits as well – only to taste the difference of taste.

There is every time a variation of the ingredients I use for the “seasoning” of sauce – from using curry powder – to different herbs and plants such as fennel, turmeric, pepper, sage, watercress and many others.

I really enjoy getting a different taste, every time I cook the dish.

The way I cook in the last years was named – “creative cooking” – because I have never get twice the same taste for any recipe prepared.

I am so happy and grateful about the variety and abundance of the life using fruits and vegetables – as main ingredients in the kitchen – so I really want to share the experience with everybody.

On our site – one will find many articles about medical explanation regarding the effect of some food on the physical body.

Being a medical doctor, a women and somebody involved in a deep detox process – put me into a good position to understand a little more what is happening in the body – and to share my findings with those interested in getting back their health.

Here is a picture of the dish prepared last winter – with a tomato/kaki/dill sauce and with some pomegranate seeds adding more flavour to my cucumber/zucchini pasta!