Save the children!

All those who have children will deeply resonate with the article’s title.

For any responsible parent will want to know his child safe, and especially healthy.

We give birth to lights, bright miracles. We, mothers, remember our children’s eyes in the first months of their life. Their eyes looked as if they had come to us from Infinity. With them we relived The Magic of life and especially the feeling of infinite power coming from the Source.

Children remind us that anything is possible – and I know many parents in the process of raising children who have discovered and noted in themselves strengths and skills that they did not know they had (or had forgotten them).

Our children are the most affected by artificial world in which we all accepted to live – in the last hundred years.

We “swallowed” without comment all the aberrations of the economic, political, medical and religious teachings – around the globe – without questioning the many “theories” that we have been fed up with.

You have to work!

You must” and “make a living!

Buy! Buy! Much and all!

Fashion – fashion!”

For every disease swallow a pill!

If you have physical problems, go to a doctor, if you have problems of the soul, go to a psychologist, if you have existential problems or you do not understand this world, go to a priest“. None of them have answers to questions that only a human being needs to ask himself: Who am I? Why am I here, on Earth?

And there are so many other “theories” and “models” that are “pulled” over our eyes – and with their help we are taken as a flock of here to there.

Perhaps we agreed long ago to be domesticated, sit head down and swallow much garbage (we are not surprised by the acidosis state of the body and soul). But we suffer so much when our children enter in the same game.

When the infinite light from their eyes begin to be covered by fog fears, doubts and anger.

First “collectivity” experiences of children in kindergartens or schools are true trauma to the body and soul. The child is effectively punished to stay still in its bank or to stand motionless on its chair for hours and listen to stupid things that will never be used in real life. All this time, lost in unventilated rooms inspiring carbon dioxide and germs from other children, cannot be used for creative exploration and the search for their own interests and passions.

And when children fall ill after this emotionally and intellectually abuse (backed by physical abuse – eating awful food served in kindergartens and schools) – and are taken to a doctor – here are subjected to other bigger abuses: traumatic procedures, chemical drugs, which poison their bodies, cold and often aggressively behavior- from health professionals.

And then we wonder why children are shy, intimidated, bullied, sensitive and sometimes fearful of their surroundings.

Children with lights glance off.

We can save our children!

We can help them maintain life and light!

Without systems to contend with, without being as aggressive as those we tame.

We can stick to the inner vibration of love and we can intentionally choose the best options for ourselves and for our children.

Because we save the children when we save ourselves!

We do that when we take care of the wonder that each one of us is, the beautiful body that the Divine, gave us as strong biological machine.

When we act lovingly, gently, with infinite care and especially with delicacy – with ourselves – we outline a new pattern of behavior – which our children can see it and compare to the other available models.

If everyone else is wearing carelessly with their body, soul and mind – and relentlessly mocks the divine gifts – does not mean that we will continue to do the same. We can choose the opposite behavior – in which we take great care of what we eat, everything we put into contact with the body (cosmetics, detergents, clothes, perfumes etc.), the relationships we have, anything that influence our emotional state, the places that we frequent and occupations which give us more time.

We can make small and gradual changes in all areas where we see that we do not like what we feel, live, learn and experience.

Nothing sharply. All gradually, step by step.

Every day, every week – one small change.

Enter more fruits in the diet, less bread, remove dairy, and reduce salt, avoid sweets. Go to other restaurants. Refuse visit people who take your energy. Go on holiday to a pleasant place, only with your family without dozens of others in addition. Find a sport that makes you happy, or a hobby that you wanted to do for a long time. Go to bed a little earlier in the evening, spend less time at the computer. And many other similar examples.

As our body, soul and mind begin to relax, smile more often will lie ahead.

And this smile will be able to handle all the challenges brought by the children in our lives.

We will be with them with all the power brought from our inner happiness and together, we will find the best solutions to make them feel HAPPY too: we can discuss about changing a school, finding another similar study, following a hobby or simply a change of diet.

Only then we can save our children.

We have to inform ourselves and apply in life everything that can bring joy and happiness and remove all that make us sad, unhappy, frustrated and grumpy.

By teaching our children that it is never too late to change anything for the better in life, body, soul and mind.

By teaching our children that always in the midst of darkness, chaos, fighting and inertia of the whole universe, there is an energy flow of harmony and light. And we can access this stream, this “flow” only when we are in a state of tranquility, happiness and light.

I went on a Sunday morning (a sunny day at the end of September 2015) to the Exhibition Hall of the Harvest Day – in Constanta. There were a lot of people, congestion and usual blends of energies from places frequented by many people.

Upon arrival, apparently there was no parking space, but driving slowly and present I noticed a car that was leaving exactly from a place near the pedestrian crossing in front of the pavilion. Within seconds, my car was parked there.

I did a lap through the entire area in an order that I “felt” inside and I hit most of the time in places less crowded – although in most places there were a lot of people. I also have seen many products; I met some beautiful and talented people, with bright eyes and proud of their creations. The sunny day became even more beautiful due to the interaction with the creators of folk from all parts of the country seafront – the Harvest Day.

And the abundance of products, fruits and vegetables – caused me a good feeling, of “fullness”.

However, after a while, I vibrated with products from the “grills” category (the smoke came aggressively from all sides!) – And I entered into the aggressiveness of those clamoring to taste rather products of corpses (small sausages) than fresh products (wine, grapes, pears).

Fatigue has its say – and I came out of harmony flow – in which I was in most of the visit to the fair.

Towards the end of the visit I got a small stampede at a stand, I was irritated a little on the inside, the state of disharmony has deepened – and I felt the need to leave the fair. I went as fast as I could – and while I was removing the car from the parking lot, someone almost blocked my access. I slipped and managed to leave.

I felt the most of “the flow” of harmony, which allowed me to find the fastest routes, the shortcuts and the most pleasant people – and “the out of line” – that put me instant amid the chaos and I began “to collide” energetically, with my inner aggressiveness and all those around me.

If we could exercise our perception and maintain the “harmonious flow“, with minimum power consumption and maximum joy and make this normal life- we could pass it to our children.

And we could teach them a “navigation mode” through the chaos of modern civilization.

They will learn to find the fastest, most efficient solutions consuming less energy, for any given problems that arise on the road.

And so – we save our children from the devastating effects of social undergoing domestication of “civilization“.
Saving our children – we will save the future of this planet – because those children in a harmony flow – will have more respect for Planet Earth (which maintains the flow) and every living thing around.

And Harvest Day – to children and adults in harmonious flow will be in the future an exhibition pavilion filled with fruits and vegetables, art and music, dance and movement – not hundreds of stalls with corpses and smelly products (I get really sick besides dairy’s stands, which smells like “sweat“!) and people standing with huge bottoms on chairs and gobbling themselves – without the slightest power to move properly (which claims can I have to dance?).

Maybe our children will worship and honor Nature in the future and will celebrate its fruits with respect and consideration – not with the spirit of greed and pillage.

Children who save their souls will have so much love that will not even conceive the slaughter of animals for human food – as long as there are available large amounts of fruits, vegetables, grains – as long as the plants and the earth give us more than we need.

Let us save children from the hardness of the soul that appears after you find it normal to raise a lamb, to play with it and then stab it and eat it.

Let us save children from mental paralysis induced by all the colored stimuli provided from computers, mobile phones and televisions –that hypnotize and immobilize them on the sofa.

And to save our children from alienation that occurs in relationships with their own parents.

Most children do not want to look like their parents (or resemble), don’t want to have the same fate as them. It is sad but unfortunately it is true!

Let us save our children being ourselves, their parents, ROLE MODELS for them, as models of joy, contentment, self-respect and self-consideration.

Let’s save our children – save our inner child – and try to rediscover the joy of playing with ourselves.

Have beautiful sunny days in autumn!