Raw vegan sour soup

For the warm period of summer we introduce a cooling and filling soup.
Thanks to Mrs Daniela Sorina Barbu of Ploiești, who send us the following recipe.

It is a raw vegan sour soup easy to prepare, needing only a blender, a grater, a knife and a chopping board.
The effect of the soup is cooling, nourishing and ”filling” – being a good option instead of a warm soup, in the summer heat.

Main ingredients are as following:

  • few tomatoes
  • one turnip, peeled
  • one avocado (a soft one)
  • one red bell pepper (a half to put in blender, another half, to choppen in small pieces for decoration)
  • one grated cucumber
  • one-two onions (or green onion)
  • carrot and celery chooped little (for decoration)
  • the juice from two lemons
  • some garlick (if desired)
  • parsely, celery or other green leafs
  • mint leafs (or basil leafs)
  • pepper (or other condiments, such as paprika, curry – as desired)
  • salt – according to taste
  • different germinated seeds – for decoration

Creative cookind is easy:

One put into blender tomatoes, pieces of turnip, avocado, half of the red bell pepper, onion, garlic, a little salt, grinded pepper and the lemon juice. There is no need to add water. One blends everything until gets a smooth cream.
Then pour it into a soup plate – and decorate with the grated cucumber, the chopped red bell pepper, the chopped carrot and celery root, mint leafs and other green leafs and germinated seeds.
One serves it fresh and full of flavors!

Enjoy the soup!


Our articles are about ”Creative cooking” – so one can use different ingredients – using different vegetables and different condiments:
– other tubercles – instead of turnips (sweet potato or topinambur)
– ginger, chives – instead of garlic
And many others.

The taste and colours could be combined in many ways, every time ”painting” a different work in the plate – to inspire the body for a different reaction.
The basis of the soup are tomatoes – which are vegetable/fruits of the plant, juicy, sweet-sour, well combined with a lot of vegetables, helping to emulsionate the fat of the avocado (to neutralize the reaction of fats on liver) and making everything easy to digest. The lemon juice will also ”cook” in an acidic environment the vegetables, and making all of them easily digested.

The tomatoes soup – combined in a blender (tomatoes, onion, avocado and some salt/and condiments) – could be considered a good ”basis” for a variety of raw-vegan soups, such as:

The tomatoes soup with chopped cauliflower
The tomatoes soup with young bean or pea pods
The tomatoes raw-vegan soup with quinoa
The tomatoes raw vegan soup with buckwheat
The tomatoes soup with zucchini noodles.

We will present all the above and much more recipes in other articles – we have just listed some of them to inspire the creative women already involved in the diet detox approach with fruits and vegetables.