A recipe suggestion for an evening meal, from Silvia Soescu, our young artist, creator of another ”culinary picture” made with natural ingredients.

It’s an easy and quick to make recipe – suitable for an active, dynamic and busy person.

sos_usturoiMain ingredients:
– one avocado
– half lemon
– 3-4 garlic cloves
– half tomato
– dill (as much as desired)

All the ingredients are blended together. When adding a little mustard seeds flour (mustard seeds crushed in the coffee electric mill), the sauce will taste like garlic mayonnaise sauce (but without dill and tomato).

One can serve the sauce on pieces of bell-pepper, cucumbers and celery (for raw vegan meals).
In cold winter evenings, one can bake in the oven potatoes, pumpkins, chestnuts or sweet potatoes, or can steam zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli or Bruxelles cabbage and serve them with the sauce (the vegan meals).

Other possible sauce recipes (without garlic):
– avocado, mango, lemon juice, optional green onion/chives
– avocado, orange juice, tomatoes and basil
– avocado, lemon juice, mustard flour, turmeric

We invite to create your own sauce, using simple natural ingredients you have in the house – according to your own preferences.

Raw vegan and vegan detox diet means very easy to prepare recipes and a very SIMPLE way of eating.
Only pieces of vegetables, as such – with a tasty sauce.
Or just a baked or steamed vegetable, with a good sauce to accompany.
A good and healthy meal is ALWAYS VERY SIMPLE.

The quantity to cook depends of how hungry you are and how many people will share the same meal.