From Silvia Soescu, young and creative amateur ”chef” in her own kitchen – we present a very ”rich” meal – in the IIIrd step of detox diet transition – from cooked meals to raw-vegan meals.

This is a good meal for cold autumn and winter days, when body craves something consistent and the memory of ”old tastes” affects all those starting the detox diet.

The three dishes we present could be prepared and served for the same meal and some are combinations of vegetal proteins (beans and soy products) and vegetables.


Tofu cream with spinach

Main ingredients:
– one tofu pack (ready to find in all supermarkets – or in Chinese food shops. If tofu comes in salted water, for conservation purpose – put it in fresh water 1-2 hours prior to cooking, for taking the salt out).
– fresh or frozen spinach (both soaked in hot water, 1-2 minutes)
– onion, garlic, other spices (if desired)
– one bell-pepper (optional)
Mix all the ingredients in blender, until one gets a green soft cream.

Red beans salad with parsley

Main ingredients:
– red beans (dry beans, soaked and boiled for one hour or pre-boiled red beans, from a can – but take care to choose only cans with beans in water and salt, NO sugar or other substances added)
– one bunch of parsley
– one tomato
– 2 green onions
– half of yellow bell-pepper
– one lemon
– optional – Himalaya salt, pepper, other spices
Cut into small pieces the parsley, red onion, tomato and yellow bell-pepper and mix everything with the beans, add the lemon juice and other optional ingredients.

Spicy grilled vegetables:

Eggplants and zucchini, covered with thyme, paprika, pepper and curry

For the people accustomed with spicy meals and ”good old steak and chips” (and other fast-food meals) – the above combination is a good example of transition toward a vegan meal – healthier and less damaging for the body – but giving the same ”full” sensation in the body.

For other people, the above combination could be ”overmuch” or ”too heavy” (too many vegetable proteins) – and they can replace the beans salad with a simple vegetable salad (tomatoes, bell-peppers, cucumbers, green onion, parsley).
Or one can replace the tofu spinach cream with a simple spinach cream or puree (spinach, with/without avocado, lemon juice, onion, garlic – according to personal taste).
We presented the combination as a suggestion – and we strongly recommend to adapt all the recipes to the likes, needs and reactions of the physical body.

The ”transition” recipes are very important in the detoxification diet.
They help reducing the frustration inevitable existing in all those involved in the detoxification process and prevents the detox symptoms, keeping a small level of ”intoxication” of the body.
These recipes are also useful in the cold season, when an intoxicated body asks for cooked food and rejects, sometimes completely, the raw-vegan or fruitarian dishes.

The most important issue in the ”transition detox recipes” is the fact they do not include animal proteins it all (meat, eggs, diary products), do not include gluten grains (wheat, rye, barley and oat) and do not include oils and salt (only very little or optional, for those really feeling the need to use them).