Others Therapies

On Earth live actually more than 7 billion humans, each one different – but having all a physical body, based on the same chemical and physical laws.

All the unbalances occurring in one’s life could be helped with different methods, for different persons.

Not everybody will benefit from the therapy strategies presented on our site, so we are aware of the need of more therapies than the ones covered by us.

We’ll present shortly some of other therapies we have encountered and could be valuable for people looking for restoring their health.

The psychological therapy – especially through methods such as personal development, family Constellation method (a wide spreading method in our country recently), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), psycho-neuro-immunology, and all other psychology-based therapies – are very good in supporting the medical strategies.

The traditional Chinese medicine – with all the elements – diet, life-style, herbal medicine and acupuncture (physical therapy) – is another good tool in daily practice.

Ayurveda medicine has reached our country, through specialists trained in india – and offers good healing treatments with plants and old Indian techniques.

Traditional folk medicine, from Romania and other countries (such as famous books written in Austria by Maria Treben) – is another treasure of knowledge and information.

Water therapy – passive one (baths, local and general, with cold/warm water, dry and/or wet sauna) and the active one (swimming) – is also highly esteemed in our country, in resorts and spa’s.

Isychastic therapy, using faith and prayers in healing – is a more spiritual direction of healing.

The same is Reiki – considered a method to balance the energy of the body.

Shamanic rituals and knowledge is again occurring more and more in the world of today, pointing the need of people to go back to primordial energies and the core of the being (the Soul).

Beyond all these energetical and interesting therapeutical approaches – we have to remember also the most valuable part of the modern medicine:

  • emergency medicine

  • surgergy

These two branches of medicine have been extensively developed in the last tens of years and have proven life-saving for many situations where natural and energy medicine was not enough.

We will cover in an article a whole subject about how to avoid going to emergency room – but also what to do when forced to go there.

In the same direction – we’ll discuss about how can we support the physical body before, during and after surgery (or other medical intervention, even a dentist intervention which involves local anesthesy) – and how to detox and recover the body after such and intervention.

One can notice that we covered – from modern medicine to very energy “soul recovery” in shamanic practice – all the possibilities of dealing with our problems and unbalances.

We need all knowledge and information in order to face the challenging patients of the present.

I have experienced directly many of the above disciplines and I will offer some personal feedback regarding many of them.