General detailsGemmotherapy – training and continuous education
Gemmotherapy is the newest and youngest branch of herbal medicine, developed scientifically in the last 50 years and used in clinical environment, in the last 30 years, especially in France, Belgium, Italy, Romania – but also in England, USA, Japan and other countries.

Main “tools” of gemmotherapy are fresh extracts in alcohol and glycerine made from young tissues of plants, such as buds, young shoots, young roots or other parts.

These products are used as single tinctures or different combinations, according to the needs of a client. They have strong detox and drainage effect, in other words, they support body’s own cleaning efforts, to eliminate waste products from every-day activity – and also to expel different toxic substances incidentally introduced in the body (through food, cosmetics or air).

Many gemmotherapy remedies have a stronger reactivity than the herbal tinctures made from the same plants (adult plants) – it’s exactly like the difference between children and adults. Both types of remedies (gemmo and herbal) can be used together for the same person.

Gemmotherapic remedies have “affinities” for certain organs and tissues – and there are many books in English or Romanian for guiding their use. For example, the remedy made of young shoots of Juniper has a strong action over kidneys, liver and joints. Or the remedy made of young shoots of Raspberry has an important action on female genital organs, but also on the whole endocrine system.

On our website- one can find best Romanian language books – translated or written by Romanian authors. In the years to come, there will be also English language materials available – books included.

Dr. Sorina Soescu is an associate professor for the on-line Gemmotherapy School in England, principal Nick Churchill

In Romania – gemmotherapy has a special development in the last 10 years, dr. Sorina Soescu being a part of the first team promoting this very young therapy

Dr. Soescu is a vice-president (and Founder Member) of the ARGH (Romanian Association of Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy), and in the same time, a teacher in the monthly meetings organized in Constanta, in the last 3 years – for medical doctors and pharmacist.

In these meetings (workshops) – one study in detail gemmotherapy remedies, makes clinical provings (group provings) and performs family group analysis, sharing in the same time, clinical experience and results.

Many families of remedies have been covered extensively – and new remedies have been developed after group/clinical provings (such as Malus sylvestris D1 – Crab apple buds – which has a group proving done at the 3rd National Conference of Gemmotherap – May 2012, Mamaia, Constanta).


I provide you gemmotherapy workshop materials presented at the November 21, 2014 in Constanta, hosted by Forte life

We thank the doctors who chose to leave the house and participate in the workshop – and especially thank the wonderful energy of Fagus sylvatica and magic of Nature – which teaches us to overcome challenges every time !

Presentation made ​​at Argh monthly meeting of 27 March 2015:

Presentation made ​​at Argh monthly meeting of 20 February 2015:

Presentation made ​​at Argh monthly meeting of 12 December 2014:

In the future we will be adding other materials, step by step.