Diet and Detox

Nutrition – or diet – is essential for the human being, because our body has certain chemical and biological fundamental principles. Once we understand and respect them, the body is able to keep it’s integrity and function, in other words, it’s health.

Robert Morse – the author of the book “The Detox Miralce Sourcebook: raw foods and herbs” – translated into Romanian Language by the Publishing House Paralela 45 in 2011, is one of the main world renown promoters of detoxification through diet, having more than 40 years of experience, and thousand of treated cases, with important successes in healing and regeneration.

Using Robert Morses’s approach and method, we will post many materials about diet and detoxification.

Thanks to Internet and globalization of access to information, thanks to continue work and dedication of thousand of practitioners and researchers, our level of understanding had reached a point where we can clearly follow the sickening process and reverse the process into healing.
Diet means not only nutrition, but also a healthy life style – and represents a fundamental and simple healing method.

Without a proper nutrition – a proper diet – all other methods are just treating symptoms and only hiding the reality of the body condition.

Diet is:

  • WHAT we eat and drink (what we put into our body)

  • HOW we eat and HOW MUCH we eat

  • HOW we digest, absorb, use and eliminate

  • HOW we breathe, we move and what we put on our skin

  • HOW we use the physical body during one day and HOW we understand and respect it’s needs

  • HOW our physical body interacts with the Energy (the Soul), but especially with the MIND.

And many more other links.

This new healing direction will be a lot present in the articles and discussions on our site – and in the consulting practice – with the clients interested in this direction. There will be new books in Romanian language, but also in English language – dedicated to personal and professional experience gathered in the last years.