Diet represents an essential step for the human being, since the human body has a series of important chemical and physical laws. Once these are understood and respected, the body can maintain its integrity and good function, in other words, health.

Dr. Robert Morse – the author of the book “Let’s live healthy without toxins”, published in Romanian by Paralela 45 Publishing House, in 2011 – is one of the pioneers of the detoxification approach through diet, having notable healing and regeneration successes, after over 40 years of experience and thousands of treated cases.

Using his method, we will discuss a lot about detoxification through diet, which has been tried over time in many forms and in many directions.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the globalization of access to information, thanks to the tireless work of thousands of doctors and researchers, our level of understanding has now reached the point where we can clearly observe, demonstrate and apply the healing process of the physical body.

Diet, which means not only food, but also a healthy lifestyle, is an essential method of healing. Without its application, all other methods used by therapists do nothing more than deal with symptoms that appear here and there during the person’s life.

Diet means:

  • WHAT we eat and drink (what we put into the body)

  • HOW and WÂT we eat

  • HOW we digest, absorb, use and eliminate

  • HOW we breathe, move and what we put on our skin

  • HOW we use the physical body during a day and HOW we understand and respect its needs

  • HOW the physical body interacts with the energy part of the Soul, but especially with the Mind

And many other details related to the above.

This direction of healing will be extensively discussed on our website, in the discussion form and at the consulting room of the Natura Health Center – with patients interested in the therapies we offer. Author books dedicated to this method will appear, available on this site.


Easter Lent is a wonderful opportunity to allow the body to cleanse itself of the toxins accumulated in the body over the winter, as a result of little movement and more “acidic” foods. consumed.

We propose a ”strategy” of detoxification, lasting 4 weeks, which overlaps very well with this fasting period. The diet can also be followed by children, regardless of age, with adaptations according to food wishes and preferences. It is very useful – helps to detoxify the body and allows the digestive tract to rest – overloaded by animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) and cooked food (bread, pastries, sweets, salt, etc.) consumed daily.

Daily menu:


  • plate of alkaline (sweet) fruits, ripe – oranges (sweet, Spanish), bananas, sweet apples, kiwi, ripe pineapple, sweet mango, or any other sweet and ripe fruit you can find

  • or watermelon, or yellow (sweet cantaloupe), a few slices in the morning

  • or ”green smoothie” – in the blender – banana, with orange, with 2-3 lettuce leaves, with a little raw pollen/or ground pollen (a pinch of a teaspoon) and half a teaspoon of ground flaxseed plus water (or wood water sweet, up to 250 or 500 ml – it depends on how fluid you want the mixture) – and blends well

Snacks between meals: ripe fruit (grapes, peeled apples or sweet pears)

 At lunch:

  • raw vegetable salad

Variants of salad:

  • spinach leaves, with green onions and various sprouts (fenugreek, radishes, broccoli). You can make your own quinoa sprouts (put 2-3 tablespoons of quinoa seeds in a little water, and leave it to soak overnight – the next day you have quinoa sprouts, which can be put in straight salad!), plus parsley leaves and a lot of lemon

  • cucumber salad with avocado (diced) and dill, finely chopped, with lemon

  • Willow(Salcia)
  • Genital Apparatus
  • Skin and gemotherapy

Îin the future, we will add other materials, step by step.