Bach Flower Therapy

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Bach Flower Therapy is a way of balancing emotional and mental problems with remedies made of flowers from different plants.

The founder of the system – dr. Edwin Bach from England, was a medical trained doctor, which studied later homeopathy and herbal medicine – and due to his innate sensibility – discovered that certain plants are able to support human beings with their qualities and strengthen them in the same time, to overpass their weaknesses.

For example, the remedy prepared out of Wallnut flowers is able to help someone to adapt better to different changes occurring in life, not to be stubbornly holding on the past or old habbits and to overcome the fear of change. In other words, the remedy helps with the acceptance of some new life circumstances (new house, new job, new town, getting married etc). Wallnut helps someone to be less influenced by all the external factors and to have more trust in his/her own strength and powers. Wallnut is very good for children starting a new phase of their life (kindergarden, school), for the teenagers passing some difficult period or for adults when their life changes a lot (social changes, such as divorce, the death of someone close, etc as well as physical changes – of place, job or house).

On our site – we are going to post many materials about Bach Flower Therapy, together with the Romanian translation of dr. Bach’s books – dedicated to all humans – for their information and empowerment in using the gentle and strong therapy he discovered in Nature. In the same time, we also provide a comprehensive book about Bach Flower Therapy written in Romanian language by dr. Sorina Soescu.



Bach Flower Therapist in Constanța, Romania

Bianca Tăzlăoanu – authorized Bach Flower practitioner (also English speaking therapist)

Raluca Basuc – authorized Bach Flower Practitioner (English speaking)
Contact: tel 0726216699,

Claudia Brighidovici – authorized Bach Flower Practitioner
Pharmacy Aries Profarma Constanța, Ion Ratiu streer crossing Mircea street – Constanța.

Where to buy Bach Flower Remedies in Romania

In Constanța:
Pharmacies having Bach Flower Remedies Kit – and prepare bottles with desired remedies:

  • DOM pharmacy, Constanța, Tomis bd 146, across the street to Clinical Hospital Constanta, tel 0241/692429

  • ARIES – PROFARMA pharmacy, Ion Rațiu cross with Mircea cel Bătrân streets, tel 0241/6161171, 0727/053316

  • Plafar shops, in Carrefour and City Mall

One can order remedies on Internet:

Training courses in Bach Flower Therapy in Romania
Carmen Bădilă was in Constanta, as guest teacher in our Nature Health Center and taugh a Level 1 course in Bach Flower Therapy.

Bach Flower Therapy – they can be used by anyone who wishes.

No need to use a special training. Although a therapist accredited Bach flower remedies – can help a lot in choosing the right combinations.

However, anyone who can read descriptions remedies, can recognize and try gentle effect of these special items.

We provide a range of support materials made ​​with Bach therapists from Constanta – and that can be extremely useful to all those who wish to understand more about flowers and their action .

Raluca Basuc – Bach flower therapist Constanta – prepared and conducted a series of presentations beautiful exposed into monthly Argh Workshops in Constanta. We will make available to all in this part of the site – as is too much information and too beautiful not to be shared with all interested parties.