Part I

Since I began to realize my existence on earth, I wondered continuously…
What happen to people?
Why get sick so often, why visibly degrade their physical body (people call the process “aging” and accept it as “normal”) in a few years?
Why are so many unhappy? (I don’ t remember that I’ve met a person truly happy and content in my life so far)
Why so much pain?
Why so much suffering?
I continually asked adults around me, at all stages of growth – and raised bit-by-bit theoretical knowledge and then practical that helped me to build my own answers.
I am trying to introduce you to a series of information articles – and to find easier words, but explicit to expose my vision.
To understand why this is happening, you must meet very briefly what I learned from Dr. Robert Morse (author of “Living healthy without toxins”) on the functioning of the human body.
I try to present everything very simple.
The human body consists of billions of cells.
That’ s all.
These cells are grouped into tissues, organs, systems – but only doctors learn about all in detail in medical school – so for everyone let’s keep it simple: the body only consists of billions of cells.
All these cells have two key activities:
1) Feeding
2) Disposal
Like everything in this world – to carry out its functions, each of these billions of cells needs “fuel” (food) and disposal of products resulting in daily activity.
And we, as humans, have the same general functions – and our homes are built to help us – that in any home we have the kitchen (for feeding) and a bathroom (for disposal).

Thus, cells – to stay alive, they need nourishment and expel waste (residues).
The human body has two major fluids that helps those functions, like two huge rivers that flow through the interior of our body and are divided into branches becoming smaller and smaller as they reach individual cells.
Such as water pipes and sewer system of a house – one system providing water that brings life and other, taking wastewater – the same way in our body there are the two systems:
1) Circulatory system (blood) – is the leading food/ nutrition system of cells (through blood circulates all substances that enter the body through the digestive tract)
2) Lymphatic system, lymph (a parallel to the circulatory system) – is that the residue is disposed outside.

1) The blood circulates through the vessels clearly defined, well-known to anatomists, well described, which every man feels – and is helped on his way by heart pump – the engine of the human body. About blood circulation everyone knows, it is extremely important to all cells and represents 25% of the body’s total circulatory system. There are many mechanisms in the body to maintain blood alkaline condition (pH = 7.35-7.45) – for those who do not know the difference between alkaline and acidic, neutral value is 7, what is above 7 is alkaline and everything below 7 is acid and to be alive our body needs to be slightly alkaline!).

2) Lymph – circulates through vessels with a very thin wall – lying in parallel with the blood vessel. Along the lymph vessels are bumps called lymph nodes considered true “septic tank” of this system. Lymph fluid flowing through this system is an oily, viscous fluid which serves to collect waste products of the cell/ the residue (waste thereof) and direct them towards the outside of the body (through the kidney and intestines). Because it has to do with acids – lymph must be “fatty” – to be able to resist the “burning” action type of these acids. The lymph nodes that are along the lymphatic tracts contain at their level a number of bacteria (like any “septic tank”), which decomposes the acid residues, so pH raised from 3 to 6 – such that our urine have pH = 6.5, and not “burn” the kidneys when filtered out. When on urine analysis you have a urine pH = 5, 5.5 or 6 – you know that urine is too acidic, that is something wrong with the lymphatic system (too “full”, clogged up” with acidic residues).

Little is known about the lymphatic system – which has a huge significance in the body, since it represents 75% of the whole circulatory system.
We all have “experienced” lymph when we squeezed a pimp/ spot on the skin – first out blood and then serous fluid, yellowish, which create a crust. This is lymph, present in the entire body.

For the body, removal is more important than feeding the cells, as in the absence of its functioning, the body is intoxicated with its own waste (it’s like the toilet in the bathroom would flood the bath and then the entire house! Certainly would not be good!).

Our body takes out
1) By the kidneys – cellular waste (waste products of cells in their daily work – which are acidic)
2) By the intestine and colon/ thick colon/ large intestine – food waste (results of eaten and digested food).

So for removal to be effective and our body kept in a clean condition, not drown in its own waste, one needs two conditions:
1) Well-functioning kidneys
2) Well-functioning bowels (and whole digestive tract).

In order that cell nutrition to be good is important to receive good quality “ fuel “ through blood – from the digestive process, very important for a person’s body.
So we add a third prerequisite (a third condition):
3) A person’ s diet to be qualitatively and quantitatively appropriate for the needs of the body

The brief presentation already made you understand that there are two essential conditions for the health of all cells – that is the human body:

This was the first response I received to the question:
What happens to us?
It happens two simple things – which makes the difference between life and death:
1) People’ s diet is inadequate / inappropriate for the body they have as biological structure
2) Eliminating accumulated toxins is produced / is not produced properly.

I learned that modern people are malnourished and poisoned continuously, day-by-day, in their brief life on Earth, from their mother’s womb to dying in a shrinked and emaciated body.
This is the answer to the first question:
What happens to us?
We are malnourished and poisoned.

I studied and read a lot, I experienced and experienced over 20 years and I want to introduce new ideas about human nutrition.
I will present quite shocking information that will “knock down” whatever you have been taught, what you were told when you were a child – I will demolish “myths” over “myths” – that proved false truths which kept the human being for thousands of years in sleep and dream-like living.
I thank all my teachers who have opened my eyes and guided my steps, especially Adelbert and Wieke Nelissen, Dr. Tinus Smits, Dr. Jean Elmiger, to Lujan and Mizpah Matus and Dr. Robert Morse.
The content of my articles is made from personal experience and is for educational purposes – not as substitute for medical consultation.

I’ll start with a summary of what I want to discuss in detail in the following articles:

1) Human Nutrition is completely and fundamentally wrong – the human body is tortured every day with “foods” that are poisonous to him, which it can’ t use as “fuel”. So the body is struggling for years to neutralize “the food” we put into it all the time, using all the mechanisms known to him (dilution with water, fat deposits, creating masses etc.). And it’s not enough, the human body receives also daily toxins through food, water, air and skin – in addition to poor nutrition.
2) Waste disposal out of the body is difficult – for numerous reasons, which we will detail – from stress – which slows elimination, and to overload the organs of elimination as a result of excess product that is processed.

We begin the discussion about human nutrition/ diet by declaring gradually, step by step – how wrong the majority of our current diet is.
First we present acidosis-forming foods (you’ll have much more information in our books available on our site – “Just…….Healing” and “5D Health”).

1) Dairy
2) Sugar (sweets)
3) White flour (and pasta)
4) Alcohol and soft drinks
5) Meat
6) Cooked food

1) DAIRY – any milk from any other animal species such as cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, camel etc. IS NOT PROPER FOOD FOR HUMAN BODY.

Although used for thousands of years in human nutrition, diary products are responsible for the huge degradation of our body.
Milk of another species is not suitable for human being.
We are the only species that consumes the milk of another species in nature, long after weaning our baby.
We developed savant baby formulas milk powder, which simply locks their intestinal villi and “clog” literally entire lymphatic system. The body reacts producing regular elimination of mucus (and the doctors called it “colds symptoms”).
We became soft and slow, like the cows and the sheeps – after hundreds and thousands of years of abusive consumption of milk and dairy products (any product – from butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, buttermilk, etc.).

The negative effects of milk consumption are many, but main ones are as follow:
– mucus production and airway blockage (and creating in the body the occurrence of rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis, pharyngitis, post-nasal mucus, bronchitis, etc.)
– slowing bowel movements and produces constipation, both in children and adults; most babies on formula milk powder (made from cow’s milk) are constipated (a child fed with mother’s milk has 2-3 bowel movements a day, soft consistency, very often a bowel movement after every breast feeding, while a child fed with formula or cow’s milk has only once a day, thick, hard to expel, sheep dung like stool, or bowel movements once every 2-3-4 days – leading to retention in the body of toxic waste in large quantities!)
– different allergies and rashes – 60% of people are allergic to dairy – either on the skin, digestive or respiratory. 90% of children’ s skin problems up to 2 years are due to consumption of milk, either in children or in nursing mothers. They disappear after stopping the consumption without further treatment.
– osteopenia and osteoporosis (read serious independent clinical studies – like the Colin Campbell’s China study). Cow’s milk doesn’t provide CALCIUM (it’s not a biological available form of calcium for human bowels).
Only the white colour of the milk is used to make mental associations between calcium (bones) and this food source. Instead of providing calcium for the body, milk and diary products trigger lymphatic blockage due to mucus, causing acidosis in the body, and the body tries to neutralize the acidosis taking bone calcium and magnesium – so the bones become more porous and brittle.
The positive effect of the dairy is a myth constructed by the food industry. One knows from history how big cattle farms managers have payed doctors to tell the population how beneficial the cow milk and the diary products are.
The Truth, which one can easily noticed in the body of all the people around us – is another one – quite the contrary!
– weight gain, water retention and obesity – dairy eaters are overweight – and at least 3-6 months those who stop eating any dairy – lose weight without any effort, exercise or massage. “Modern” diary from cows treated with hormones and antibiotics – have estrogen-like effect, causing enlargement of breasts and hips, both women and men.
– migraines and headaches; homeopathic literature listed 200 years ago the migraine effect of milk consumption – I also have confirmation this from dozens of patients – in which migraines and headaches ceased only after stopping dairy!
– blocking thyroid and parathyroid – is the most dangerous effect of dairy, as it affects major endocrine axis, the main “government” system of the human body (the one that coordinates the activity of all cells in the body). This occurs because of the lymph stagnation with mucus, produced by the consumption of diary, in the neck (where most of the lymph vessels and lymph nodes are and which is also the narrowest area of the body).
Among the body “efforts” to remove toxic lymph we already mentioned pharyngitis, laryngitis, cough, sneezing etc but one has to add organization of “deposits” in the form of lumps in the neck organs: the thyroid, parathyroids, larynx, cervical vertebrae etc.
– drowsiness, mental confusion, weak memory, attention and concentration difficulties(see children after consuming milk with cereal in the morning or after eating milk with croissant at school – afterwards, they are not themselves anymore!).
In the past, it wasn’t accidentally given a glass of warm milk at bedtime – because this induces sleep! People noticed for a long time the sedative action of milk. In fact, the body needs energy to neutralize the toxic effect of milk, and all the energy resources are used by the bowels and digestive system, diverting it from “the suburbs” – head, hands, feet.
– poor peripheral circulation, cold hands and feet, reduced tolerance to cold (effect observed in practice, after eating dairy, see the above explanation).
– joint problems – arising from the degradation of bones and joints, following the “theft” of calcium and magnesium due to lymphatic acidosis. The acidosis causes water retention and poor peripheral circulation, among other important troubles.

These negative effects are so serious and important, so visible in most patients that I studied very carefully milk and diaries, searching at least a positive effect.
We learned that our body cells – for feeding – prefer simple carbohydrates that can be absorbed during a energy saving process (fructose, glucose and galactose).
Galactose is a simple carbohydrate in milk, but only the children up to 2-3 years have enzymes helping the bowel cells to absorb this molecule. These enzymes dissapear after 3 years of age, and adult doesn’t have them it all.

And even if our bowels could absorb this carbohydratate molecule from milk, what about the rest of the “content” of milk – casein, fat, other large proteic molecules (cow is a BIG animal, and the calf needs very rich milk to grow up its natural structure!)? Our human body (which is evidently smaller than the cow’s body), considers many substances from diary products “foreign body” and triggers rejection responses, called inflammation! The first protection mechanism of the mucosa of the digestive tract against this inflammation triggered by diary products – is mucus production!
So – I did not find even one positive aspect of drinking milk!

Our body cells do not need MILK or DIARY.
When the body receives them is struggling hard to eliminate them.
If you stop consuming dairy three months and then you consume milk or yogurt, you will get mucus in nose and throat in an INSTANT – even while you eat! And runny nose in minutes after consumption!

Human body struggles to adapt to these completely inappropriate foods (such as diary products) and visibly degrade and degenerate in the process (and in time). One notices occurance of fat deposits, water retention, drowsiness, exhaustion, gradually advancing to depressive states (in combination with other factors) – and visible aging and physical involution.

We will continue the discussion about food, eating and its effect on health in next parts of this article.