Summer time and water

The heat of summer influences our human body – which work its thermal balance through perspiration processes.
The need for drinking water is bigger in summer time than in other periods of the year.

How much water do we need to drink in summer, to keep a good hydration of the body and for good health?
Medical advices are variable, from 2 to 4 liters a day – but of course, the whole process is up to the need of every person.

Maybe more than drinking water, ”HOW” we drink this water is equally important.
HOW WE DRINK water is more important than HOW MUCH WATER we drink.
How come is this, you’ll ask?

A short example is significant.
I see a lot of people caring bottles of water, and drinking the whole bottle in a run, very quick.
There is a Romanian folk story about a man called “Thirsty” – which always complaining about having endless thirst – and one can see around many such examples in the present society.
When drinking too quick, the water will flow the body like a waterfall, like a flood – and start overworking the internal systems of water regulation in the body – especially kidneys.
When the water quantity ingested at once is big and quickly introduced – the kidneys are forced to work and they will be over-tired eliminating the excess of water in the system.

No matter how thirsty a person is – this “flooding” method is of no use for the body – and is not helping with the general re-hydration of the body. The water is quickly eliminated through several passings of urine and the desired internal cooling is not taking place.
When we have a very dry piece of land and a downpour is occurring, the land will not absorb water and the result is a stagnant mass of water. But if there is a sprinkle for a period of time, the land will moisten slowly and the water will get into the soil.
The same in our body – if we will drink water slowly, mouthful a time, keeping for some time the water in our mouth, with every sip we take – giving our body time to get some information about what will be introduced in the system (even “chew” a little every sip of water before swallowing it) – then the kidneys will be prepared and ready for what is coming and how their work will be.
The kidneys would not be astonished with the flood of water – and the “energy” consumed for the filtration process will be minimal.

The majority of humans are overworking the kidneys in summer time – drinking too much and too quick water – and especially ingesting very cold water (or ice water). Our body is not taking well food and drinks which are too cold or too hot – using a lot of energy for the “heating” or “cooling” at body’s temperature of everything introduced in the mouth.
The gas water consumption – the mineral water consumption – in high amounts – is also very aggressive for the kidneys and the whole body.
No wonder that many people feel weak, exhausted and without stamina during summer time – because they add to the “heat” of the Sun, the “flooding” of the Kidneys.

More does not mean always better.
We all discovered this after the flourishing of modern society.
There are continues messages like “more, more, more” (more shopping, more eating, more drinking, more working, more socializing).
The visible results are the increasing number of auto-immune diseases and cancers in adults and children.

The same with the water consumption – “more” is not “better”.
There is only consumption according to one’s needs.

I will not talk here about plastic bottle water consumption. There are too many articles about the bad effect of plastic on water structure.
I will not talk about water filters for the tap water, either. I found them a little better than plastic bottle water consumption, but they also have their problems.

Best consumption water is the spring water of the mountains – “filtered” by natural elements as rocks, soil and grass.
Majority of humans don’t have access to good drinking water – and each one finds the best possible solution – and makes best possible choices – spring water in glass bottles, filters, deep wells etc.
None of the choices are better or worse.
They are only survival strategies.

But let’s go back to QUALITY more (HOW WE DRINK water) and not so much on QUANTITY (what kind of water and HOW MUCH to drink).

Don’t forget drinking water in the morning – on empty stomach – at least one glass of water every morning – to wash out all the waste products eliminated in the walls of the digestive system over night.
And then, during the whole day, to drink mouthful of water – every time we feel the need.

Never to consume water after 6 p.m. – for allowing the kidneys to rest during night time (and not making them “work” when they have to rest and do the detoxification).

Hydration is important, especially in summer.
Water is an important internal and external cleaning factor.
But water doesn’t do lymphatic drainage (cleaning), because lymph is a lipid-base fluid and only fruit juices (the “fruit water”) will do this – so the body will ask for lemon juice, orange juice, grape juice, melon juice, apple juice and others.
The people doing the detox diet will confirm this detail.

We’ll end with a comment about “Kangen water”.
“Lymphatic acidosis” or “systemic acidosis” has been identified as main cause of health issues in a human being.
Many researchers came with “quick-fix” solutions for this acidosis.
Humans always aim for “instant” solutions (for a blow – we answer with another blow! – eye for an eye!).
Kangen water is a very alkaline water – with a pH=9.5. There is no such an alkaline pH in a water in Nature. The highest one can get is pH=8.5-8.6 (only few springs in Romania and in the world).
When one put into the body something “too alkaline” to neutralize something “too acidic” – one creates a “small war”. The body will call “buffer systems” to balance the two pH extremes and uses a lot of energy in the process. There will be overwork of kidneys and liver – main organs involved in pH balance.

Lymphatic acidosis occurs due to the “acid forming” diet and life-style.
(see the book “5D Health” for details
This diet and life style cannot be “neutralized” with “hyper-alkaline” water.
The only meaningful change is that of the food intake and the activity impairing the body, and replacing them with others, with a healing effect on the body.
Kangen water consumption 1-2 times a week is OK. Regularly Kangen water consumption will bring a lot of health issues in time.
Any excess of substance is considered by our body as “unnatural” (for eg like the treatment with sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice too long period of time)

The wonderful Nature around us has rules and law valuable for thousand of years – since our blue planet starts revolving the Sun.
With patience and perseverance, with care and love – we can observe and learn these laws and include them in our life.
When the artificial and “the instant” will vanish from our lives – and we will become a part of Nature again – the healing and regeneration of our physical body will be granted.
Water is a strong cleaning instrument of Mother Nature – this is why we dedicated this small article to it – to help you remember it!
I wish you all a beautiful and relaxing summer!