Herbal Therapy

Herbal Therapy is a natural therapy using plants, as main remedies – fresh or dry plants (or different parts of the plants) – prepared in many ways. Plants are used to balance many problems in the human body.

Traditional herbal medicine is the oldest therapy used in the world, for thousand of years. All civilizations have extended knowledge concerning herbal medicine. Plants are used as main food source for human beings for thousands of years – but in the same time, as medicine sources and healing remedies.

The chemistry and farmacology development, in the last decades, helped us to understand, appreciate and expand the use of many of the familiar plants existing on Earth.

In the same time, through chemical synthesis of some active substances from plants, herbal medicine represents the starting point of the modern medicine of the present times.

Even if the conventional doctors have taken distance from the wholistic principles of natural healing with plants, they perform many of their daily treatments because of the herbal medicine.

Modern surgery wouldn’t have been possible without the anesthetic substances, all being chemicals made as a model of active plant substances. Modern cardiology will not be the same without digitalis or strophantin, from plants. Many of the modern drugs used as chemotherapy in oncology (vincristine, vinblastine etc) have been developed from plant sources. And there are more examples as the above.

Modern herbal medicine has been developed in many ways, and has been enriched by all the studies and researches. Aromatherapy, flower therapies, gemmotherapy, therapy with essential oils – and many others – have become important tools in daily practice.

Herbal tinctures, preparates of plants (such as infusions, cold pressing tinctures and other), local or general plants baths, using fresh or dry plants in daily food – in pillows or other objects for the house – and others are many parts of the herbal medicine and of the healing process.

Our new site will present some articles about herbal medicine, about plants (the knowledge of plants being extremely important) and some strategies of treatment used in herbal medicine.