Narrator: High heat. Lymphatic acidosis and Caragiale with Dr. Sorina Soescu

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Wednesday August 16, 2023

Hours 19.00-21.00

Online, ZOOM platform

Dr. Sorina Soescu in narrative dialogues

“From one to two, give me permission: either to revise, I accept! But let nothing change; or not to revise, I receive! But then let it change here and there, namely in the essential…points”

When we talk about lymphatic acidosis, we express it exactly like Nenea Iancu.

In Caragiale’s texts, the repetitions of disadvantageous human habits, which keep us in the state of lymphatic acidosis, are perfectly described.

I started with “The lost letter”, because the quote reminds me about the changes we make in our diet, in communication with others, in our daily schedule and above all, in our way of thinking.

I invite you to use Caragiale’s texts to connect to the reality of the hot season and the scorching sun, the source of acidosis and the aggravator of a pre-existing lymphatic acidosis.

Why does sunstroke occur?

Why does the skin react intensely to sun exposure in some people?

Why are there so many indigestion and enterovirus type problems during the summer?

Why is ice cream a source of acidosis, and not a source of refreshment?

And many other stories in the spirit of the summer season.

If you have your own questions and concerns about heat and its effect on the body, let’s have a dialogue with Caragiale’s texts.

On Pacientii street, at number 11 bis, with the thermometer in the shade 33 degrees Celsius.

Password mon cher.


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