Narrator: Breasts and thyroid with Dr. Sorina Soescu

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We are in the most special and magical energy of the year, in its middle, on the days of the Sânziens, beneficial spirits of Nature, who connect us with Creativity and Imagination.

The long day and the air scented by the flowers that generously decorate the fields send us for a walk, in the fields, on the banks of the waters or wherever the connection with Nature is possible.

What does our thyroid say during this period?

Why are marigold flowers beneficial remedies for balancing thyroid activity?

What do the parathyroids, the glands associated with the thyroid, and responsible for the calcium balance in the body, have to comment on?

What can we do to walk through the world with the ease of the spirits of the Sânziens?

It invites you to celebrate the Summer Solstice days together, enjoy the presence of light photons together, and connect with the balancing abilities of the body’s most well-known (but misunderstood) endocrine gland: the thyroid.


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