The storyteller: about Mucus with Dr. Sorina Soescu

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It is the best friend of doctors and pharmacists: the mucus that comes out of the nose, mouth, ears or other openings of the body, in conditions of cold or heat, chemical irritations or food abuse.

What exactly is mucus?

How is it produced and what roles does it play?

Why are we so “flooded” with mucus in many periods of life?

Is there anything we can do to prevent mucus build-up?

I invite you on an exceptional energy day, Friday October 13, to tune in to the energy of a physical reality that is hard to ignore. Let’s dive into the depth of understanding the issue and set aside its complexity to connect to simple and practical stories.

If you have questions or situations you want to discuss, we invite you to dialogue.

Mucus can only be discussed by smiling and playing.

And of course… often telling stories.

Let’s be together at the last Webinar of the year, organized on the Alexa Event platform, in a series of 5 meetings dedicated to the physical body and the main health issues. We have the opportunity to recap everything we’ve learned throughout the year and discover what we’d like to continue our storytelling series with.

I am grateful to be together on the journey and stay healthy and balanced, every step of our lives.


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