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How much time do you have available in a week for your state of vitality and energy? But one day? If we tell you that only 15 minutes are enough to “charge your batteries” and learn something new?

The format we propose is for people with little free time available, but with an inner need to really do something for themselves.

We know from the extensive use of homeopathy, herbal medicine, and Bach flower remedies that small doses, frequently repeated, do many things that larger, more intensive doses fail to do. So, we’re excited to hit the road again, with you all, in an easy, playful and effective way to focus on well-being.

You will receive weekly mini-doses of health information and techniques for relaxing, supporting and balancing the physical body, which you can access anytime and anywhere: yes, even at the office, if you have a short break of 10-15 minutes. Because you won’t need the mattress (this time) or a quiet room. You just have to be present every now and then during the week and remind yourself to give attention and care to the wonderful body you have.

NEW!! Each meeting is dedicated to a healing PLANT, and Doctor SOESCU teaches us how these plants support us physically through remedies, extracts or teas.

And what is essential – we will move together and communicate directly, all 6 meetings are transmitted LIVE from the studio.

This time we propose a new concept: GUIDED BODY CONNECTION in just 15 minutes. We elegantly combine body mobilization through pilates and yoga, with natural therapies approved by a specialized doctor.


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