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Have you ever wondered what makes a young person FEEL young?

“Being young at 30 is normal, being young at 70 is a miracle” – Sorina Soescu

We are restarting the Vitality Studio & Dr Soescu School courses with adult education at a new level. In a truly challenging year, when nothing is a certainty anymore, we know that if we empower ourselves, take care of our bodies and stay together we can cope brilliantly.

In this new project we will have as theme IMMUNITY. And not just in any way – but IMMUNITY CONNECTED WITH REJUVENATION. We offer you an innovative and ambitious program, in which we aim to ACTIVATE the NATURAL REJUVENATION PROCESS through physical movement, nutrition, but also by changing your vision and mental perspective.

Yes, beautiful people and interested in the unusual and special abilities of the human body.

Rejuvenation is possible at any age. We know that our perfect bodies, created by the Divine, have many abilities built into them, which we neglect, forget or are not even aware of. Rejuvenation is a natural ability of the body and can be activated and sustained.


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