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We collaborate with a homeopathic doctor from Constanta – Dr. Soescu Sorina who, as always, offers us a new perspective for everything that happens in our body.

In this program:
– we activate a better blood and lymphatic circulation in the pelvic area, at the level of the entire abdomen, to improve the functioning of the lower abdominal organs
– we support the energetic body (we are talking about: Fertility, Balance, Spirituality, Sexuality, Vitality, Creativity)
– we help you to understand, perhaps for the first time, the deep connections between your body’s messages (physical, emotional and mental) and the causes that can favor the appearance of feminine problems.

Following this program, you will acquire effective training for your intimate health: pilates, yoga, perineal exercises, as well as energetic practices that will help you solve cystitis, vaginitis, anorgasms, libido problems, painful periods, unwanted urine loss, prolapses, rupture of the perineum, hemorrhoids and many other intimate problems.


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