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What is the watchword of a new season of love and life?


Do we need more available energy to move our wonderful bodies more flexibly and skillfully weave through the meanderings of life’s challenges?

Do we need to position our spine and head in such a way that we streamline every movement, keenly observe the changes around and within, and quickly adapt to whatever comes our way?

Do we need to refill our inner reservoir of love?

The postural design we propose for the month of March meets all these criteria:

– It provides us with more energy to be able to live with joy the thrill of the buds of spring, both in the physical body and in the appreciation of the beauty of life

– It reminds us of the correct attitude of the spine, head and limbs, i.e. of the Musculo-articular-bone structure of the physical body, for the efficiency of all the actions necessary to restart activities in the spring

– It helps us fill our own reservoirs of love by devoting time, attention and awareness to ourselves.

Come and be part of the Vitality community!

We start on this magical road together.

With love. Now.


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