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General details

Blackberries are found in hill areas, in forests, near rivers in Europe, The Middle East, North Africa and North America.
Rubus Fruticosu, the wild blackberry; this is the name of the well known forest blackberries. Besides the fact that these fruits are sweet and sour, they are extraordinarily delicious and they can have unknown benefits for one’s health. Recent discoveries show that these fruits can prevent some forms of cancer. If you want to know more amazing effects of blackberries on your health, here are a series of useful information.

What do blackberries contain?

Blackberries are rich in the most powerful antioxidant: resveratrol, this being at the same time a pigment that gives the purple color of the fruits.
They also contain vitamins and minerals, oligoelements and active substances with anti-inflammatory role, antibacterial, anti-aging and anticancer.

Here’s what blackberries contain:

  • vitamin C;

  • antioxidants;

  • folic acid

  • iron

  • magnesium

  • tannin

  • lutein

  • vitamin E

  • calcium

  • vitamins B1,B2,B3,B5,B6

  • phosphorus

  • sodium

  • copper

  • selenium

  • manganesium

  • Sacharids

  • Proteins

  • Vegetable fats

Medical Data

  • Blackberries strengthen bones.

  • Blackberries strenghten our immune system due to their content of vitamins, oligoelements, as well as proteins.

  • Blackberries detoxify the liver. The liver needs many vitamins and minerals, and less toxic substances to function properly. Blackberries have an important role in liver detoxification and prevent the fatty liver.

  • Blackberries combat constipation and aid in cases of hemorrohoids with their abundance of fibres. Blackberries reduce bad cholesterol. Blackberries help in the fight against arthrosclerosis, reduce the oxidative stress and bad cholesterol.

  • Blackberries accelerate the healing of the wounds due to their high concentration of tanine. They have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-hemorrhagic effects, contracting the bleeding vessels.

  • In traditional medicine, the blackberries were used as bandages for open superficial wounds, but also for bruises.

  • Blackberries protect the eyes. Due to their high level of vitamin A, blackberries protect the sight, and the eyes from diseases such as glaucoma and cataract.

  • Blackberries prevent cancer. An excellent property they all have is preventing cancer. The purple fruits are in fact the ones which contain the pigment resverastrol (the strongest antioxidant among black grapes, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, plums, cherries etc.)

  • Blackberries prevent anemia. They contain a lot of vitamin C, folic acid and iron.

Eat blackberries in their season, but you also can find them in extra season in iced form. Eat them naturally and not in juices or cake etc., these contain more flavors and colorants than the actual fruit.

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