Temperate area fruits


Here we are going to present the fruits available in our markets and shops. There will be not only fruits growing in our soil, but also many exotic fruits, but which one can find daily n the supermarkets (positive side-effect of globalization!).

We will insist on local fruits – but we are going to discuss a lot about the imported fruits, as well – talking about chemicals used for artificially growing, ripening and depositing fruits.

Our simple introductory message is the following: any fruit, no matter the amount of substances and irradiation used – is still better for our body than vegetables, proteins or any other cooked food (“destroyed” with fire).

So eat any fruit available – even the supermarket fruits – than not eating it all (eat most of the fruits pealed off, because in the skin of fruits one find the biggest deposit of chemicals from the fruit).

One must wash very thoroughly fruits – but the best advice, if consuming fruits from supermarket is to peal them off.

Of course, good organic and ripe fruits are “the Nirvana” for our body – which enjoys with all senses their flavor. Any time one is able to find a good fruit – from a garden or in a small village – eat them directly from the tree – no problem with washing them up!

There are many categories of fruits, according to their reaction on our body (but remember that any classification is only relative – and good quality ripe fruits, freshly eating from tree – have a beneficial effect on our body – no matter our classification or chemical description).

We will divide fruits into following groups:

  • melons (separate category – discussed a lot in their own section) – which includes water-melons, honeydew melons and papaya (in tropical/exotic fruits section).

  • acid fruits: all citrus fruis – oranges, lemons, lime, tangerine, clementines, pomelo, grapefruits; forest fruits – raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrant, blueberries, wild strawberries, hawthorn fruits and others, as well as strawberries, plums, cherryplums, and some exotic fruits such as kiwi and pineapple

  • semi-acid fruits – such as cherries, wild cherries, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, nectarines, quinces, mango, grapes, pomegranate and others.

  • alcaline, sweet fruits – bananas, dates, figs and resins (dried fruits)

Sweet fruits have, beside fructose, a higher amount of glucose, so their digestion is heavier and slower that of the semi-acid, acid or juicy fruits (such as melons).

Having the “power of detoxification” on the lymphatic system as main measure to assess their action – the practical experience showed that the most efficient for long time cures are the following fruits:

  • grapes

  • melons

  • citrus fruits (esp. lemons and oranges)

But any fruit, well ripe and well tolerated digestively, can be beneficial for the body, as long as we understand the blockages in every body and we adapt the fruit diet – gradually – slowly – in the general diet – until we reach the 100% fruits all day long, days in a row – for the great satisfaction of the whole body!

We will present here a lot of theoretical and practical information for every fruit category. More new materials will be added all the time – in the months to come.
We thank everybody supporting us with good information and sharing their experience with us – together we learn easier and we travel faster toward the end goal of everybody:


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