Exotic Fruits


All fruits described here are occasionally, rarely or it all available in our country. On this amazing planet Earth there are tens and hundreds of fruits – waiting to be discovered and enjoyed – so we intent to read about them, and in time, “to test” them personally, in order to assess their direct effects on our body.

We will share our experience with these fruits – as well as experiences from other fruitarians – in order to gather together a big amount of information dedicated to fruit nutrition.

One is actually knowing that most of the amazing fruits of this planet could be found in tropical regions, in south-east Asia, Africa or south America – but because we live on a little planet and the airplanes made all kind of travel easily accessible – we will invite you that in time, with the healing of your physical body, and the simplifying of diet, relationships and life – to redirect more of your resources (money, time, energy) toward oneself and find time to travel and explore our Planet.

All we have in this world, in this life are OUR LIFE EXPERIENCES.
We loose all the rest when we pass from this world to “the other one” (at death).
We cannot carry with us any of our possessions (not even our physical body), our relationships or even our knowledges.
We only take THE ENERGY OF EXPERIENCES we went through on Earth.

So we invite everybody to use fruits to “clean” the physical body, to clean our brains and minds of all mucus and foggy sensation we have – and “clean” our life of all burdens and garbage (emotional as well as physic) pilled up in a lifetime. Fruits will help us re-direct the adventure of life in the only meaningful direction: internal EVOLUTION.
One will surpass stagnation and obstacles represented by sufferance, guilt and fear – and one will travel in worlds full of colors, flavors, sun and light!

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