We present to you the translation of some very interesting excerpts from an extraordinary book. I thank Cristela Gerogescu for sending me the information and the Spirit/Universe who sends me at the right time what I need for my continued growth and evolution.

Ashavir Ter-Hovanessian (Aterhov) – RAW-EATING, A new World Free from Diseases, Vices and Poisons

Third Edition Revised, Hallelujah Acres, Shelby, North Carolina, USA, 2000

A.T. Hovanessian – Uncooked food – a world without diseases, vices and poisons

Arshavir Ter-Hovanessian – The Forgotten Prophet

Armenian raw vegan Arshavir Ter-Hovanessian will one day be remembered as not only the father of the modern world raw food movement, but also one of the greatest humanists and environmentalists who ever lived ever. His book Raw Eating, first published in Armenian in 1960, is considered not only the bible of the raw food movement, but also one of the best books ever published.

After his “awakening” to eating uncooked food, he found his passion and life’s mission in sharing the truth across the planet. With his own money he printed and distributed free over 10,000 copies of his book all over the world. It did not seem moral to him to take money for such simple and beneficial knowledge. Thanks to his efforts, thousands and now millions of people have been given a second chance at life, free from disease and suffering.

Not much is known about his life. His work was widely plagiarized by other opportunistic “gurus of the naturist movement” such as Stephen Arlin, David Wolfe, Fouad Dini, R.C. Dini and Ken Seaney, in their book: The First Law of Nature: The Uncooked Diet. Aterhov (Aeshavir Ter-Hovanessian) was not recognized at all by any of these money-hungry authors. He has done so much for mankind and it is important that he is at least recognized, appreciated and honored for his work. Aterhov is truly one of the most underrated philanthropists of our time and his philosophy on uncooked food arose out of humanity’s desperate need for a more natural and healthy way of life.

The raw diet is not only remarkably beneficial for our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, but also for the entire environment and economy of all the nations of the earth. This lifestyle is the only way we were designed to live, and converting entire nations to the uncooked diet would be a revolutionary step, quite literally. Aterhov also believed that uncooked food would produce “the world’s greatest revolution”, so let’s try not to disappoint him.

Thanks to Hallelujah Acres Publishers for republishing this masterpiece in English and I have made this e-book available for everyone to distribute to whomever they see fit. Don’t let this message go unheard, because it can change lives. There is a transition to a new world, a world where uncooked food will free us from all the suffering and degeneration brought by the old tradition of cooked food, designing for us a brighter future than we can imagine.

Haik Nazaryan,

March 11, 2012, Glendale, California

Part one


How we conceived the idea of non-thermally prepared food

Uncooked food should be man’s only nutrition. The habit of cooking food should be completely abandoned by the whole world. It is an undeniable demand of nature. The consumption of cooked food is the greatest barbarism in human history, a barbarism of which no one seems aware and to which we all fall unconscious victims. No matter how strange this idea seems to many people, it is an absolute truth that we can no longer avoid.

The truth became apparent to me after 18 years of painstaking study and investigation, when I became convinced that the deaths of my 10-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter were caused by their unnatural diet. The huge number of medical investigations we did in Iran, France, Germany and Switzerland in the various attempts to discover specific diseases of their bodies and the administration of innumerable medicines – also played a considerable role in the unfolding of the tragedies. My children died of gradual emaciation and decay of bodies caused by unnatural food and poisonous medicines.

I was able to penetrate the secrets of medical science and see both its positive and negative aspects more clearly because I was not motivated by the desire to become a doctor and earn a living. in that. My incentive was first of all the desire to do everything possible to restore the health of my beloved children, and later, the burning desire to perpetuate their memory by offering something useful to humanity.

Another factor that contributed to an even fuller realization of the limitations of medical science was the entire system I developed in my self-taught studies, free from the pressure of academic programs. I never became intoxicated by the “slogans” of progress proclaimed by medical science and the phantasmagoric stories of the fabulous benefits of drugs. I studied all these aspects with an open and critical mind and always saw the limitations and problems of all. I also took into account the fact that despite the existence of an impressive number of qualified doctors and an equally large number of Nobel prize winners, civilized people get sick much more often than any animal, and diseases such as sclerosis, diabetes, heart and cancers have increased at an alarming rate, threatening to wipe humanity off the face of the earth. I didn’t waste my time memorizing the symptoms of diseases, the names and dosages of medicines and those complicated formulas that one rarely needs in practice, because I never intended to take exams and get degrees. Instead, I devoted my time as much as possible to studying those branches of science and their sources of knowledge, from the level of general and fundamental principles, until I was able to draw my own essential and vital conclusions.

The results of 18 years of intensive study and work were presented in two volumes, the first of 568 pages being the one published in Armenian in 1960.

The efficiency of the operations of each plant depends on the uniform supply of useful raw material specified by the engineer

Until the discovery of fire, man developed, along with all animals, by consuming natural, raw, unprocessed foods. But with the discovery of fire, without thinking too much, people began to “thermally prepare” their food, destroying its essential components, turning the food into corpses and feeding their bodies with them. As a direct consequence of this, all the diseases that humanity suffers from today arose.

The human body is a jewel of nature. Man is the most complicated and perfect living plant built by the continuous efforts of Nature over a period of 1.5 billion years. Simultaneously with the construction of this “factory”, our nature used the sun’s rays to develop the raw materials necessary to coordinate the thousands of complicated operations in our bodies and ensure the production of the corresponding substances. Moreover, nature has endowed these raw materials with the perfection of their structure and with components in perfect harmony – found in a grain of corn, in a pomegranate seed, in a berry or a grape, or in the leaf of a vegetable . Each raw food component taken separately contains all the factors that are necessary to keep the living organisms of beings like man alive.

In the material world – the slightest deviation from the details of the protocols designed by engineers for the operation of a factory or any anomaly in the raw material required to ensure normal productivity causes a failure in factory operations.

In the same way, the slightest damage or alteration of the raw materials prescribed by nature to ensure the normality of the operations of the complicated processes in the human body produces disturbances in the normal biological functions of the organs and these disturbances are expressed in the form of diseases.

The various methods used by humans to destroy and degenerate the complete raw materials of nature, necessary for the normal “operation” of organisms – are almost difficult to comprehend with the mind. Humans invented demonic factories, ovens, and kitchens. Any degeneration in the quality of natural foods is followed by a corresponding degeneration of the human organism. Natural nutrition ensures the normal operation of our body, while unnatural nutrition is followed by a disturbance of its functions. The multitude of diseases is the result of the great diversity of degeneration in the constituents of natural food.

When all its needs are met according to the laws of nature, the human organism, which is the most perfect organism in the animal kingdom, can live in excellent health for a minimum of 150 years to 200-250 years. Cooked food forces the body’s organs to work at many times their normal capacity, thus tiring prematurely and producing various diseases, shortening human life to a fraction of its normal potential. In the present era of scientific advances, man could completely get rid of all diseases if he stopped eating junk food and devotes his energies to the study of the problem of longevity. Simultaneously, along with natural nutrition, man must take care that the rest of his natural needs are satisfied. These are clean air, restful sleep (falling asleep early and waking up early), physical activity, refraining from artificial heating, hygiene (cleanliness) and others.

Direct and indirect nutritional diseases

Nutritional diseases are divided into two broad categories: direct and indirect diseases. Direct nutritional diseases are those produced by the superabundance of certain nutritional constituents or the deficiency of others. Cooked foods and animal foods have the effect of increasing protein and fat in the diet, while eliminating other substances of high nutritional value (enzymes, vitamins). Science has so far identified only a negligibly small number of these substances – called vitamins and without which life could not exist. Among the direct nutritional diseases we mention all chronic conditions and deficiency diseases (deficiencies). These diseases develop very slowly and in great secrecy. As long as the disease has not reached the final stage and the organs have stopped functioning, the person is considered healthy. In the case of a partial or mixed vitamin deficiency, the disease does not appear, but specific symptoms of a certain avitaminosis are described in medical books; often, sufferings arise that are not easily explained.

Indirect digestive diseases are infectious diseases. In the human body live many varieties of microbes that under normal circumstances provide useful services to the body and that are controlled by certain specialized (differentiated) cells and obey their commands. But due to the wrong nutrition, the degenerated and emaciated cells are so weakened that, by virtue of the Law of Survival, the microbes “take it into their heads” and free themselves from the control of the cells, rebel against their masters and become pathogens, producing infectious diseases so well- known. Sometimes the invading army of microbes, which would have met with irresistible opposition in a healthy organism and been destroyed at once, meets no opposition in a weakened organism and produces a specific infection.

In the second volume of my book in the Armenian language, I devoted considerable space to the problem of infectious diseases, for the examination of which I analyzed certain portions of the first volume of the treatise “Pathological Anatomy and Pathogenesis of Human Diseases” written by the eminent Russian scientist I.V. Davydovsky, published in 1956. Through numerous facts, the author proves that it is not microbes themselves that are responsible for causing infectious diseases, but the poor condition of the human body, the decline of its immune power. But unfortunately, Davydovsky, like all food addicts, is unable to explain how we can restore the body’s immunity, but even better, how to prevent its decline.

The fear of germs has scared people so much that to get rid of them they have resorted to the most dangerous measures and yet, they have achieved the opposite results. Cooking food to avoid germs is one of the fatal mistakes of medical science. We cannot exterminate microbes from the surface of the earth. They are found everywhere, will always exist, and can enter our bodies through various channels. In particular, by cooking food we weaken the resistance of our own cells and then destroy in our food exactly those natural antibiotics intended by nature to fight microbes. Even doctors who are addicted to cooked food can confirm that many vitamins, destroyed by fire, have anti-bacterial properties. That is why animals that are fed human waste are affected by the same kinds of infectious diseases as humans.

Cancer cells are the direct result of degenerate food

Many of the consumers of cooked food are inclined to believe that man’s feeding of cooked food for centuries has made him accustomed to it, and that he may suffer if he begins to eat raw food immediately. In other words, if we have filled the car’s engine with junk and inferior gasoline for a long time, the engine has already gotten used to it and would be in danger of destruction if we replaced the dirty gasoline with clean one.

First of all, a period of several thousand years cannot be compared to more than 1.5 billion years in which our ancestors lived and developed exclusively on raw food. More than that, man has not become accustomed to cooked food, a fact proven by the existence of so many diseases and sufferings, which disappear when the organisms return to their normal functions, once man returns to uncooked food.

It is true that through the laws of evolution our organisms try to adapt to the food they receive, but not in the way it’s what people imagine. Those nutritive constituents of food which are essential to the complicated processes and major specialized functions of the cells are easily destroyed under the influence of fire. That is why the foods considered nutritious by those who eat cooked do not have essential constituents, but instead bring an abundant intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, several times more in excess of what the cells need.

Being continually deprived of the nutritive constituents essential to the performance of their higher functions, the cells either do not attain their full development and specialization, or, after attaining them, lose these abilities to perform them. After several years of deprivation and resistance, a day comes when one of the several billion cells, completely deprived of its native abilities, is released from the mechanisms that limit cellular growth. And then this cell separates itself from the common life, becomes autonomous and begins to greedily devour the materials from which the tissues are created, as well as those found in the inter-cellular fluid in large quantities, as they are rejected by the other cells, being in large excess to their needs – but which are intensely praised by biologists who love gastronomy – proteins (especially animal proteins), fats and nitrogenous substances. After this cell grows at an alarming, uncontrolled and defiant rate, the cell begins to multiply in a disorderly manner to form a hideous mass, a new living creature, which in the process of growth destroys everything around it and in a hello, it destroys the very edifice it is in, the human body. The name of this new creature is cancer. It is a true child of cooked food, a living proof of how cells are “adapted” to the structure of the food they consume.

When life first appeared on our planet, nature had at its disposal the most basic building materials (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) from which it was able to successfully create the first single-celled organisms. Just as by the mere addition of a cylinder, a device, or a small detail, an engineer succeeds in adding a new function to his factory, so nature, by adding a new constituent to the building materials (plant bodies) has added a new function an animal organ. This painstaking task kept nature busy for 1.5 billion years, during which time it developed its “raw” materials from ordinary bacteria to the fruits we know today, and through the development of plant materials and simultaneously with evolution also developed the single-celled animal organisms that created marvels of perfection like man, just as man developed his own tools, the first steam engine, and turned them into a complicated nuclear reactor.

Unfortunately, after the discovery of fire, man’s natural evolution stopped, and what’s worse, regressed tremendously. Fire and other ridiculous means of degeneration invented by civilized man destroyed all the superior nutritive properties stored up for billions of years in natural foods and consequently in animal cells and returned them to their primitive typology, but with the enormous prerogative of serving as a source for building materials that serve the aimless growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells are true specimens of primitive cells. For myopic biologists the building materials for the body are proteins, in other words the stone and bricks used in ordinary structures. They are not interested in various other types of “mortars” and other details indispensable for the construction of a complicated factory, and which do not exist in a steakhouse or a grill.

In the second volume of my book in the Armenian language I have devoted almost 300 pages to examining the problem of the origin of cancer. For this purpose I reviewed an important treatise by a famous American microbiologist, E.V Cowdry entitled “Cancer Cells” (1955) considered the most exhaustive of the various studies on the subject and in which all important studies, data, opinions and conclusions published by numerous well-known scientists. Based on research data obtained by microbiologists, we have proven that cancer cells originate in the deficiency of higher nutritional constituents and the superabundance of those “common” building materials that encourage the aimless growth of cells.

Addiction to cooked food is the most dangerous of all vices

The reader may naturally wonder why none of the most eminent scientists and teachers notice this simple truth, and why no one tells us that the habit of eating cooked food is unnatural and dangerous. The reason is that the entire mankind is dependent on cooked food and the cooked ana blinded everyone. No one realizes that eating cooked food is a vice and even more so, the worst of all. It’s not about the craving for a particular substance, but the sum total of the craving for thousands of substances (and what “wonderful” and “desirable” substances they all are!). Moreover, myopic cooked food eaters see richness and excellence in the multiplicity of combinations of cooked foods, precisely this multiplicity giving rise to an equally great multitude of injuries, the reflection of which can be found in the wide variety of diseases prevalent in the world.

Man becomes addicted to those substances that contain poisons such as tea, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, alcohol, opium, cocaine, morphine, etc. The intense craving for these substances is stimulated by the corresponding poisons accumulated in the human body. Cooked food produces a wide variety of poisons which, in the course of time, are deposited in various parts of the body, such as in the walls of veins and capillaries, in the joints, in the center of fat cells, and everywhere else in the body. Just as an addict’s heroin craving does not arise from the body’s normal, physiological need, so the desire for cooked food, the perceived sensation of hunger, is not the body’s normal demand, but rather the demand of its addiction. It is the expression of the impulses which are stimulated by the poisons collected in the human organism; it is the request of the disease that has nested in the body, the request of man’s greatest enemy.

This terrible vice is introduced into the body of every human being, even by their own parents, immediately after birth. Therefore, from the moment the child begins to become conscious and speak, the dependence on cooked food is already well established, and from that moment until the end of his life he considers cooked food as his normal diet and has intense cravings for it, considering his physiological needs; it is what he misconstrues as real “hunger”.

The desire for cooked food is not HUNGER

When a cooked food eater tries to feed exclusively on natural foods such as honey, nuts, grains, raw fruits and vegetables, and has no appetite for any of these raw foods, it means that his body’s natural needs are currently being met and he is full. If he eats the cooked food, even though he has already eaten several times more than he needs of the food, he acts as if he has eaten nothing and feels an intense craving for a meaty dish, rich and appetizing. This is no longer “hunger”. It is an irritation produced by poisons that have been stored in the body and now demand new doses of poison. It is the cry of the demons hidden within, calling for new tools to tear the human body to pieces. The strong-willed raw food eater hears this complaint for days – but ignores it wholeheartedly and makes not the slightest concession.

Cooked food forces human organs to work at three to four times their normal capacity

All organs of the human body have some natural reserves of storage energy. They typically operate at a quarter of their potential, conserving the remaining energy for use in emergencies or old age. Thus, under “normal” circumstances, the heart beats about 70-72 times per minute (while in a consumer of unprocessed food it is 58-62 per minute) and only in exceptional circumstances it can reach 200 beats per minute . During normal breathing, 500 cubic centimeters of air enter and leave the lungs, but in special respiratory efforts we can breathe up to 3700 cc.

The consumer of uncooked food uses his digestive organs at a quarter of their potential capacity, and as a result, these organs are never overloaded or fatigued. The eater of cooked food, on the other hand, after stimulating his appetite through conditioned reflexes, irritating spices, appetizers, and other absurd stimulants, fills his stomach in such a manner that the digestive organs are forced to use their entire energy reserve capacity, and even so they are often unable to cope with the demands to which they are subjected. Often the person is forced to expel the horrendous food on the same side it entered, or expel it from the bowels with purgatives. Surprisingly, these nauseating acts are not considered unusual by an eater of thermally cooked food.

When the digestive organs are overloaded, many other organs start working intensively, such as the heart, liver and kidneys. The additional work to which they are subjected soon tires them and puts them out of office prematurely. It is not a surprise that the result consists in shortening the life span by several times. By feeding on useless, harmful and poisonous substances , the cooked food addict satisfies his cravings, instead he paralyzes his stomach and creates an illusion of satisfaction for himself, while all the cells of the body groan with hunger, due to the lack of essential nutrients. A raw food eater’s stomach rests all the time and even most of the time is empty, but his body feels full and satisfied in the true sense of the word.

When a cooked food eater decides to switch to uncooked food, he does not feel satisfied at first, no matter how much he eats. Usually, instead of feeling happy, the cooked food addict feels unhappy with his condition. In his opinion, the reason for this continuous state of hunger would be the fact that the foods he consumes have a lower nutritional value and are not “food”. There is a terrible misunderstanding. On the contrary, these foods are nutritious and completely balanced. The body’s cells suffered for years as a result of their lack. The capacity of the human digestive organs corresponds to the composition of the food and the arrangement of its constituents. Therefore the stomach happily receives them, quickly softens them and passes them into the intestines without much delay, and the cells in turn, which were weakened and emaciated by hunger, greedily absorb them and demand more and more.

Diseased cells are healed, emaciated ones recover, inactive ones regain their vitality. Fat cells, on the other hand, begin to melt (through starvation), the accumulation of poisons gradually disappears, and unnecessary water from the tissues is eliminated. Normal, active cells take the place of those “stinky” cells that were fattened by indolence and inactivity. Rapid loss of body weight is a sure sign of regaining health and vigor.

This should fill a person’s heart with joy and happiness. Because those nutrients immediately spread throughout his body and bring him health, strength, vigor and energy. It is the first time in his life that although all the organs and glands are getting a plentiful supply of nutrients, they are able to work comfortably and easily. Even if one day the person consumes a larger amount of raw food than the body needs, or the intestines and cells are able to absorb, the stomach will not reject it or produce a feeling of nausea, triggering forceful vomiting . But food in excess of its needs will not sit in the stomach to produce putrefaction; nor will it turn into poisons and cause intestinal disturbances. Instead, without being digested, they will be passed from the stomach into the intestines and then leave the body in the feces the same day, while the intestines and blood will be loaded with well-balanced nutrients.

After a while, try only to eat a few mouthfuls of cooked food. The stomach will indignantly reject those foreign and unwanted substances. Despite the extreme pleasure that the mouth perceives, the swallows will stagnate in the stomach for a long time, then act as an appetite blocker and paralyze the normal course of digestive activities. But an eater of cooked food is very satisfied and happy with his condition, because it satisfies his appetites, fills his stomach and feels “full”. The man who realizes the value of uncooked food is horrified by the situation in which he finds himself. He fully understands that it is the nutrients in raw food that nourish the body, while the corpses that come from the fire are more fuel and sources of various poisons and diseases.

Human food should consist of living cells and not the corpses of dead cells.

Balanced foods contain living cells. Plant bodies, after leaving the ground, remain alive for long periods of time. A rosebud continues to bloom in a pot, while seeds germinate when planted years after being gathered. But the cells of the killed animals or those of the milk removed from their bodies die immediately and begin to disintegrate, turning into poison. Cooking changes them into something truly awful. To regard animal protein as superior to vegetable protein is the most unfortunate error of judgment, a manifest proof of the myopia of meat-loving biologists. If we accept the fact that the animal body receives vegetable proteins and transforms them into balanced nutrients, then the meat of animals such as foxes, wolves, dogs, cats and tigers that feed on these “balanced” proteins should have the highest nutritional value; while the poisonous character of the flesh of these animals is so evident that even the most ardent carnivores dare not eat it.

Biologists who are driven by their own personal predilections to look for special advantages in meat for the discovery of so-called amino acids essential, they did not take into account the fact that these amino acids are formed precisely from the most common grasses consumed by animals. By what rules of science does the cow’s body have the ability to manufacture amino acids from the most ordinary grasses and weeds, and why should the human body not have this ability to prepare the same components from plant foods of superior nutritional quality? How do millions of Buddhists manage to live without the amino acids provided by meat?

Myopia is the greatest flaw in medical science

The biggest mistake of biologists addicted to cooked food is their short-sightedness. They turn a blind eye to those evils that appear negligible to them and do not foresee serious consequences that result sooner or later from seemingly minor causes. Let us illustrate this statement with a few examples. Cooked food, especially meat, is full of poisons. No one notices the chronic poisoning that occurs imperceptibly all the time, and even when, as a result of the poisoning, the liver, heart or kidneys are subsequently affected, their dysfunction is attributed to “unknown” causes. When the poisoning is severe and is accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting, it is considered a digestive disorder. By “indigestion” or “food poisoning” is meant only the condition that affects the whole body and threatens the victim with immediate death. How many innocent lives are not sacrificed in this way!

People do not see the filth that passes into their arteries and veins from the food they eat daily, and how layer after layer is deposited on the walls of the vessels, narrowing the passages and suddenly blocking the circulation of the blood, one day – a circumstance considered by the short-sighted as “unexpected”. .

People don’t notice the huge pressure exerted by the waters of a flood pressing against the walls of a dam. But when the dam, which has resisted and wobbled for a long time under the impact of the waters, gives way, the cause of its demolition is attributed to the pebble accidentally thrown by a child. We have already discussed the correct view that a raw food eater has about the cause of cancer. Against this, the 400 “carcinogenetic agents” presented to us by scientists, dependent on cooked food, among them mechanical irritations or cigarette smoke, have no greater effect than that pebble thrown by a child.

Each organ has millions of cells that collaborate and through which the function of that organ is carried out. When the nutrition imposed on the cells is deprived of certain essential constituents, the cells begin to lose their vitality and become ill. Energy reserves also come into play, but they too are soon depleted. As long as the organ performs its function, one way or another, myopic people don’t see the red light; but when the organ can no longer perform its duties, they say that it is sick and resort to medicine. But is it possible that a pill or a dose of poison can constitute the nutritive substitutes from food which has been burnt in the fire for years, and help the diseased cells to regain their capacity for their specialized work?

After sitting in the digestive tract for days, the quantities of meat, eggs, butter and cheeses begin to rot and produce inflammation of the intestines, the most common symptom of which is diarrhea. But when a child has an episode of diarrhea, the blame is placed on undigested fruit peel found in the stool. No one wonders how the rind of the fruit could produce inflammation in the intestines of a child, when it does not rot or decompose, but leaves the body unchanged within a few hours of being introduced. The whole tragedy results from the fact that people regard foods like eggs, meat, butter and cheese as something normal and essential, and fruits as something secondary, which can be eaten or not. Sometimes, it is even considered necessary to forbid children from eating fruit, in order to “not disturb their stomachs”.

The weight of a consumer of cooked food cannot be considered as a criterion of health. Obesity is the most dangerous disease.

As long as the human body is able to resist the unnatural diet and continue its fight against it, various disorders begin to manifest, such as lack of appetite, indigestion, gastritis and other gastric disorders, colitis and so on. All this is the obvious expression of the body’s struggle to use all the means at its disposal to neutralize the harmful effects of the unnatural diet and to eliminate from within the poisonous substances produced by it. The patient begins to lose weight and then tries to “strengthen” by introducing “nutritious” meals. The day when the organism is finally defeated and stops its struggle is the day when either man says goodbye to this world, or on the contrary, aphis appetite increases and he begins to eat without stopping, to digest well and gain weight “to regain his health and vigor”. In other words, the day the human body abandons the fight, it “adapts” to the unnatural diet and the foundation of one of the most dangerous human diseases is laid – unnatural corpulence.

Under the pressure of the unnatural diet, the body is forced to adapt and allow the accumulation of various harmful substances produced by this diet. Deposits of fats, uric acid and its derivatives, cholesterol, common salts, excess fluid, stones, scirrhous formations, tumors, inactive and parasitic cells, multinucleated giant cells (polykaryocytes), cells with oversized nuclei (megakaryocytes), etc. are formed . Sometimes these cells are hundreds of times the size of a normal cell, but they lack the ability to do any kind of useful activity.

All these monstrosities accumulate in the body and create for the man the illusion of health and strength, while he suffers, in reality, from a gradual emaciation. His muscles become thin and weak, the number of his specialized and active cells shrinks, and his organs begin to degrade. A ‘well-built’ person with prominent jaws, huge arms, thick hands and hanging layers of fat – and the world is full of such people – is really just a skeleton covered with skin. Such a man has loaded his lean and emaciated muscles with sleeves of fat, which he continually feeds and carries everywhere with him. But strangely speaking, these people talk about how healthy, vigorous and strong they are. They are so proud of how “well-made” they are that whenever the discussion about losing weight is brought up, they knock on wood or say “God’s will be done” but they would not give up a gram of their much-loved fat . We could fill dozens of volumes with examples of such myopia and lack of vision.

No medicine can replace the “raw” materials destroyed by fire

All the drugs used are symptomatic. In other words, they serve as palliatives to temporarily relieve the patient’s condition and hide the symptoms of the disease. In no way can they replace the raw nutrients destroyed in cooking pots and pans. Many scientists forbid the use of drugs. In England, after four and a half years of difficult and lengthy research on a large sample of the population in good condition, Packham biologists concluded that only 9% of people enjoyed good health; all the other 91% were sick, although not many were aware of their illnesses. After the indicated clinical treatments, the conclusions were without exception that all the diseases responded to the treatment, but they were followed by a marked deterioration in the general state of health of the people. This meant that the drugs rather masked the symptoms of the disease, while their side effects added to the already weakened body to make it even worse. Therefore, whoever wishes not to get sick, or if he is already sick, to regain his health, should not put his hopes in medicines; but rather he needs to restrain himself from consuming unnatural foods and medicines and to live in accordance with the natural laws of consuming uncooked foods.

This is the true, safe and scientific way, while drug therapy is, to quote Bircher-Benner, only “deception and deception”. In my opinion, it can rather be called an illusion and a self-deception. Nietsche called his drugs “the lash of the whip”. Doctors can easily convince themselves of the truth of my statements by dividing the hospital patients into two equal groups, treating one group with medicine and cooked food and the other only with uncooked food, and then comparing the results of the two. This would be the basic and decisive test, otherwise any argument against raw food will continue to be worthless. Let us illustrate our statements with some examples from symptomatic drug therapy.

Pain is a signal that the body is in danger, it is a cry for help from the body. But instead of eliminating the danger, we numb the nerves that transmit the sense of danger to our brain and silence their voice with a dose of poison. Meanwhile, the disease continues its inevitable evolution, aggravated by the drug’s side effects. And another example: when the lumen of our arteries narrows throughout the body, an increase in blood pressure results. But instead of cleaning our blood vessels of those deposits, we use poisons to stimulate those nerves that are able to widen the arterial lumen. As long as the effect of the poison lasts, blood circulates through the vessels, but they are increasingly weakened, including dit is the effect of the drugs used.

There is no drug that does not have a harmful effect on the human body. But only recently a few small publications have begun to concern themselves with this subject. One of them “Reactions of Drug Therapy” (1955) by Dr. Harry L. Alexander, Professor Emeritus of Clinical Medicine, Washington University Medical School, gives us a lot of useful information. Of course, the general use of drugs is responsible for complications and reactions that immediately kill the victim or trigger the onset of serious diseases. But even so, only one in a thousand such complications is recorded, most remain hidden under silence.

It has been established that each of the 350,000 substances used in the preparation of medicines is capable of producing complications. But among them, the most dangerous are penicillin, aureomycin, streptomycin, mercury compounds, drugs from the group of sulfonamides, digitalis, vaccines, serums, synthetic vitamins (thiamine, niacin), cortisone, liver extracts, insulin, adrenaline and many other drugs usually used.

It is important to give this matter special consideration. Synthetic vitamins and organic extracts, with which people replace their nutritional constituents and burnt products in the kitchen, kill a person with the speed of light, often 5 minutes after entering the body. In 1951, 324 million and in 1952, 350 million grams of penicillin were injected into people’s blood to replace natural antibiotics that were burned and destroyed in the kitchen.

After being introduced into the human body, the drugs kill thousands of people, sometimes within the first 5-10 minutes, through anaphylaxis, while tens of thousands more become affected by various diseases, among which we mention urticaria, dermatitis, eczema, purpura, bronchial asthma, polyarteritis, liver cirrhosis, jaundice, nephritis, nephrosis, aplastic anemia, scabies and other diseases.

People choose to be blind to the responsibility that drugs have in causing death and disease and instead blame the body’s over-sensitivity. But what causes this super-sensitivity is kept completely silent.

My poor children were afflicted with such diseases and skin problems several times a year. We always tried to look for the causes in the food they ate, while the doctors who gave us bags of medicine did not say a word about the dangers of the prescribed substances. Like millions of other people, I believed that medicine was for curing people, not making them sick. Once, both my children developed jaundice on the same day. We were taken by surprise, because we knew that jaundice was not a contagious disease that would affect both of us at the same time. Today, there is nothing I can do to stop my guilty conscience, except to warn other parents about the dangers of medication.

Nowadays it is sad to see how the most dangerous drugs are popularized with the help of light songs and attractive images, as if it is something beneficial to consume every day. In some countries, medicine and pharmacies have become big concerns of commercialism and profit.

Eating uncooked food will immediately end the use of medicine of any kind, because in the absence of disease, medicine will no longer be needed. Diseases are produced by the degeneration of food; diseases can only be cured by correcting our diet. All attempts to cure diseases by means of drugs are very dangerous, useless experiments destined to fail. Their deplorable consequences jump out at us continually.

New types of diseases appear, mild ailments are replaced by more serious ones. As a result, people are constantly making new kinds of serums and vaccines, discovering more and more powerful antibiotics, and gradually becoming involved in a maze of errors, complications, and disasters.

A fundamental and unprecedented change is needed in the field of medical science. All honest and civic-minded doctors need to stand up and become active to prevent the destruction of the raw raw material intended to feed the human body factory.

In the view of the myopic, raw food is a return to a primitive life, like that of prehistoric man. In fact, there is no greater assault on civilization than the cooking and processing of food. Those who consume raw food escape the sufferings produced by the so-called diseases of civilization and refuse to use the technical progress of civilization as a means of destroying the purity of the raw materials of men. No one refuses to talk on the phone, travel by plane and keep their fruit fresh in the fridge.

For centuries, people have been so blinded and ignorant that they have always considered eating cooked food as something natural cheers And now, when they hear for the first time about uncooked food, they consider it something strange and curious, when in reality it is the degeneration of natural food through cooking that is unnatural, strange and strange – and will be recorded as such in history as the biggest stupidity committed by Homo sapiens.

Cooked food and drug therapy are leading the human race to final annihilation

Many species of giant animals once inhabited the earth and completely disappeared as a result of adverse environmental conditions. Today, man creates such adverse conditions with his own hands, and one day he will disappear from the face of the Earth. Parallel to the process of food degeneration, there is an increase in the variety and frequency of various diseases. Before several generations have passed, humans will die of cardiovascular disease or cancer before reaching puberty and without having had the opportunity to develop reproductive skills. Based on the alarming rate of disease growth in recent decades, it is easy to predict the future if people persist in their madness.

Scientists who point to the benefits of eating cooked food and drug therapy are like merchants who, under threat of bankruptcy, are happy to count their pennies, turning a blind eye to the millions of losses that lie before them. The final result of any business is visible on the balance sheet at the end of the year. Let us see what benefits and advantages civilized man has obtained as a result of the discovery of cooking and medicine, compared to those enjoyed by the billions of other animals. Not one, if we consider the fact that he is the most perfect being on this Earth and yet is subject to more diseases than any other creature of God.

After the discovery of vitamins, man should have had the wisdom to perceive that by cooking he destroys in natural foods exactly these constituents without which he hastens his end. It should have stopped waste and preserved the integrity of natural foods, not degenerated them. But the charm of cooked food is so great that it covers any attempts at reform. Addictions conquer science and claim their pay. Meanwhile, still clinging to cooked food, people try to penetrate the secrets of food, recognize what constituents are destroyed by cooking and processing, and then replace them with synthetic substances. Isn’t it crazy to burn and destroy with your own hands those essential components, get sick, be on the edge of the pit, and then make futile attempts to save yourself by illusory means? It is important to keep in mind that these constituents are not limited to the 40 or 50 vitamins recognized by biology. There are many more, and we won’t be able to form a real picture of their qualitative and quantitative properties for many thousands of years to come. Let us suppose that one day scientists will succeed in recognizing all their varieties. Then to replace them with artificial means to prepare thousands of medicines and preparations needed for each individual – without discussing the prohibitive costs involved.

In research conducted on separate varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains, biologists addicted to cooked food have also proven that these natural foods have properties to cure almost any kind of disease. But people do not want to admit that the human body will become free from disease if it is fed exclusively with natural foods from childhood, continuously. Right from the start – the thought of abstaining from cooked food does not allow them to think clearly and gives way to addiction.

Natural foods should not be used by doctors as temporary therapeutic means. But they should be declared as the only diet indicated for the human being.

Many progressive doctors condemn drug therapy. Some of them are so disappointed by the ineffective results obtained after drug treatment that they abandon their medical practice and devote themselves to the study of the fundamental problems of prophylaxis. Among them is the famous Swiss doctor Bircher-Benner, from whose studies I introduced short translations in my book in the Armenian language. At the beginning of his medical career, Bircher-Benner became so disillusioned with existing methods of therapy that upon learning data about the nutritional value of food, he began to heal his patients with the help of natural nutrition, without any drugs. Soon a large number of patients, who had been treated without success by various other doctors of the world, headed to his sanatorium in Zurich and were soon completely cured by a strict raw vegetarian diet.

But Bircher-Benner considered raw food as a “therapeutic measure”, not as the only suitable diet for humans. As if a man would have been forced to feed on unnatural foods from childhood and then, falling ill, be cured by the “therapeutic diet” at an advanced age. But this apparent paradox has its definite motivations. First, there is no one in the world, not even the remotest raw food expert. Bircher-Benner realized that cooked food is addictive and that the craving people feel for cooked food is neither hunger nor a biological demand of the cells.

As a physician, Bircher-Benner was trained to cure diseases that exist. No one would have paid him an honorarium or taken him seriously if he had publicly advocated a nutritional system that would have helped mankind not get sick.

At the moment, there are two opposing views on nutrition. One of them defends the raw diet, the other favors cooked food; one of them supports vegetarianism, the other prefers animal protein diet. Science is not political, however. The man who holds a wrong point of view has no right to impose his erroneous and harmful views on innocent children. There is an imperative need in our times for the two points of view to be examined in international scientific and cultural circles, so that the wrong one is condemned, while the true one is presented to the public and put into practice generally.

At first glance, simple people who do not want to go into the depth of the problem think that the ideal of food without fire cannot be realized quickly and that man is not ready to abandon his deep-rooted habits. But this is the voice of addiction, not science. Science should, however, be separated from addiction. It needs to be recognized that raw foods are real and complete materials for the human body, then those who want to degenerate raw materials be left to do what they want with them and their children.

First, we need to use the experience gathered from eating raw foods to correct the misconceptions prevalent in nutritional science, according to which many essential foods are considered harmful to humans, while those that are truly harmful are recommended as complete. . It is important to realize that, without exception, all the cases in which raw foods are forbidden to the weak, the sick, those suffering from stomach ailments or other diseases, are precisely the cases in which the forbidden foods would lead to healing, sustaining and strengthening the patients.

In these cases it is no longer a question of stopping a harmful habit. On the contrary, the patient asks for fruit and we refuse to give it; he feels sick with cooked food, but we persuade him to eat more; we take fruit from children’s hands and force them to swallow cooked food. In other words, we are hastening their end by forcing them to eat the very foods that are the cause of their illness and disability. Correcting this misunderstanding alone would reduce the number of premature deaths by 50%.

To convince ourselves of the truth of these statements we have nothing more to do than to test uncooked food for several months, and this experiment should be done by any sensible person. This will put an end to the conflict between different points of view on nutrition.

In the light of non-thermally prepared food, the basic principles of nutrition are no longer limited to universities and research institutes; but they become subjects of prime importance to mankind. To the man in the street, the scientific names of hundreds of foods, their complicated formulas and long and tedious descriptions of nutritional properties and supposed benefits can be summed up in just three words: RAW VEGETABLE FOOD or complete raw material for the factory of the human body.

Thus food without fire becomes an ideal separate from the science of medicine, an ideal which is not explicable by a scientific formula but by logic, its evidence being the immovable laws of nature and the basic results obtained from the experiences of all.

We should not alter in any way the integrity of the “raw” materials intended for the human body

The human body is the most perfect and at the same time the most complicated factory in the world. Or it would be better to think of it as a huge world of factories and systems, but since each cell considered separately is a complicated factory in itself, constituted in turn by countless other factories. To date, scientists have managed to discover ten thousand parts in each cell. Each gland or organ is composed of billions of such cells and from the combination of these glands, organs, systems the skeleton and skin of the human body are formed.

In order to perform their functions properly, these very complicated factories and systems need to be supplied with “prhymes” containing tens of thousands of different substances, each with a special task to perform in the general organization of the human body. All these substances are built with the help of sunlight and are concentrated in plant organs. For example, a seed, a leaf or a grain of corn contains in itself all those essential nutritive constituents of the animal body. These constituents may differ in various plants in their composition and arrangement, but it does not matter much, because after they are introduced into the body they are broken down and re-synthesized, a process by which one substance is changed into another substance . Thus, the body is able to change the amounts of the various constituents in accordance with its needs, but in the absence of certain chemical elements, it is not able to replace it with another or to synthesize it inside the body.

For example, no high concentrations of calcium, vitamins or protein have been found in clover in the laboratory, but it is from clover and other common herbs that animals get all their vitamins and minerals, and build their massive bones, meat and fat. . In other words, instead of the milk, butter, cheese, brains, liver and meat recommended by myopic people as sources of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and “balanced” proteins, only clover could be recommended, because it is from it that they originate all these substances. That is why it is meaningless, valuable and even harmful to claim that a certain food is rich in a certain vitamin, while another is abundant in a certain mineral, because, apart from misleading and causing confusion in humans, these statements serve no purpose.

The main functions of nutrients in the body are three. First, they are building materials for the renovation and construction of cells; then they produce the energy needed for the movement of those cells and the production of heat in the body, and finally, they provide the specialized cells with the “raw material” needed for their productive activities.

It is imperative that we take care of our body in the same way that an industrialist takes care of his factory. Therefore, for the three categories of operations and functions, we must supply our bodies with all the necessary nutritional constituents, in full, as they exist in the Nature that gives them to us. Otherwise, if deficiencies occur in any of the constituents, this fact will inevitably have an adverse effect on the structure and activity of the body.

But how does the civilized man of today treat his body? He wastes, burns, kills and alters the integrity of raw materials and then fills his stomach randomly with corpses and poisons, with only a few thousand nutrients left. In this way, the consumption of certain constituents exceeds the body’s normal requirement by thousands of times, while there will be a corresponding deficit of other constituents.

From cooked food, white bread, macaroni, rice, sweets, butter and margarine are produced incapable, parasitic cells of simple structure, under the weight of which the cooked food addict curls up. Scientists can prove that 50, 100 or 200 years ago, people’s ailments and diseases were accompanied by a state of weight loss. Nowadays, man has a greater power of resistance and the human body has become able to resist unnatural foods and prevent the introduction of excessive amounts of them through loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. But over time, the human body succumbs to the pressure of degenerate food, “adapts” to it and allows the existence of exaggerated chubbiness in children and a roundness of the face. The overweight are the first to present simple, worthless and inactive cells in the body, corresponding to their structure. That is why nowadays we no longer find thin people and the world is full of unnatural corpulence and ugliness.

Today, many children are born with a terrible burden of inactive and worthless cells. Their parents, in the simplicity of their thinking, are proud of their children’s chubbiness and the roundness of their faces. But this overweight of enormous dimensions will terrify the one who understands its true nature. Yet, in their stupidity, people put depictions of this monstrosity on baby food packaging as a picture of health.

The human body makes a tremendous effort to keep under some control the chaotic growth of parasitic and useless cells by distributing them in all loose parts of the body, on the upper and lower extremities, around the chin, under the skin of the abdomen and on the thighs, and in other parts. It happens that occasionally some of the cells manage to get out of control, break away from community life, become independent and start an individual existence our supply, constantly, fully, all the time, and especially when no single nutrient can serve a useful purpose when consumed in isolation.

The duty of biologists and doctors would be to advise people not to constitute nutritional separators but to always consume them together, in their natural balanced and living form. They should not discuss the usefulness of individual nutritional constituents, but advise that they are indispensable. For an airplane, the fuel used is not something USEFUL, but something INDISPENSABLE. Scientists should not discuss the benefits of a particular vitamin, but should emphasize the dangers of affecting the integrity of foods containing it and destroying it.

Generally speaking, the whole science of nutrition could be summed up in two big ideas and presented to all people like this:

  1. Human food should consist entirely of living cells. Only those foods that are composed of living cells have the necessary qualities to meet the demands of the Omani body. MAN IS NOT A CORPSE CONSUMER. He cannot be a carnivore, because he is neither able to catch a fly from the air and swallow it alive, nor to tear the food from an animal, like a carnivore, devouring it with all its components, with entrails, bones and hooves.
  2. There are varieties of vegetables in nature, which man can select for his food. The most nutritious and perfect vegetables for the human body are fruits, greens (green leaves), grains and roots. Of all the animals, man has developed and attained a high degree of perfection, as he has been able to obtain his food by the labor of his hands, and has developed his physique because of this food. Therefore, whenever possible, man should choose the most valuable nutrients for his cosum.

By consuming food prepared thermally, man satiates his appetite with three or four varieties of degenerate substances and deprives his body of thousands of other natural constituents. A striking proof of this statement is that among the thousands of medical prescriptions there are very few that do not contain vitamins or other supplements, but you will hardly find any prescriptions in which the names of proteins, fats or carbohydrates are mentioned.

In short, man is in perfect health when he feeds only on uncooked food, gets sick when he eats cooked food, and dies quickly when he lives exclusively on a cooked diet.
………………………………………… …………………………

The greatest crime is to accustom a newborn baby to cooked food

When a person clearly understands that thermally prepared food is an unnatural habit, which produces all the diseases of mankind and it represents a terrible addiction that hooks people irreversibly, he is already a victim almost incapable of freeing himself from the clutches of this vice. What right does a sane person have to introduce this poison, with his own hand, into the organism of the newborn? What right does he have to destroy the child’s organs through food that is burnt, killed and destroyed by fire? Is this not the most terrible of crimes, is it not a brutal infanticide? I myself killed my two beloved children in this way with my own hands, and I am well aware of the enormity of the crime committed.

In hindsight, all parents addicted to cooked food are killing their children. In the present century no one dies of “natural death”. All deaths are the result of illnesses produced by cooked food, and the people who teach their children to eat cooked food are their parents. Cooked-food parents need to realize the responsibility they have for every illness and disorder of their children and take full ownership of it. They need to weigh this subject very seriously before continuing the same wrong behavior. The foundation of every cancer, every heart attack is laid with every bite of cooked food given to a child, even if the disease will appear later at an advanced age.

It can be argued that it will be difficult for adults to be completely without cooked food. Very well then, let’s let them persevere in their harmful habits. But why give the children the same burnt raw materials, why destroy them and remove their essential constituents, in order to transform them into harmful substances, which they then serve to the children? This inhuman treatment of the innocent little ones – it is barbarism that must be stopped.

There is no social rule that stops a parent from giving, instead of white bread, polished rice or macaroni – sprouted seeds, or instead of sugar – honey, or instead of powdered milk – fresh juices of carrots, oranges, grapes or apples, fresh fruit instead of compotes; walnuts, almonds and sprouted beans and peas, instead of meat and fat. By eating uncooked food, the child will enjoy health, happiness and a long life, instead of the alternative of a life full of disease and an early death. You can rest assured that any human child will happily and wholeheartedly accept uncooked food. The body demands the “raw material” in an intact state, because it has the right to it. The physician or parent who is not devoid of common sense or conscience will apply these natural principles without the least hesitation.

When at the age of three or four months, the children’s organs begin to function irregularly, the “short-sighted” doctor prescribes two or three kinds of artificial vitamins instead of the THOUSANDS of substances that have been burned and destroyed in the fire, or some doctors recommend, as a kind of medicine, a few teaspoons of fruit juice, thus calming his conscience and that of his parents. Why would a child suffer from vitamin deficiencies, if not his mother, with her own hand, would not destroy these vitamins that exist in natural food?

Let’s close our eyes for a few moments and fully imagine the miracles that nature performs. As soon as we introduce a single grain of grain into the “factory” of the human body, through the mouth, the body takes that grain, breaks it down and distributes it throughout the body. The thousands of different substances concentrated in that grain of grain move in all directions and each goes to fulfill its specific tasks. Thus, the variations of nutritional constituents in a single grain of grain perform thousands of different tasks and coordinate biological functions in the body without the slightest error or syncope.

But what happens when we insert a mouthful of white bread into the stomach? It will put the stomach to work without any purpose, it is burned and transformed into heat or in the best case, it will add a few more “bricks” to indolent and worthless cells. The heart of a person who eats whole grains is firm and strong (like a grain of corn), while the heart of a person who eats white flour is weak and soft, like the bread he eats. Look around at the increasing number of heart failures.

If, by some miracle, all people in the world woke up and started eating uncooked food, except in very advanced cases of disease and degeneration, there would be no more premature deaths for the next three or four decades, and the elderly would reach considerable ages. Today, the deaths caused by cooked food exceed those caused by the largest wars.

On behalf of all helpless children, I appeal to all scientists, scholars and leaders of nations, ministers of health, parents and all good-hearted people of the world – to stop killing their children. Every day, we pay the price of thousands of innocent lives. Grown people are free to sacrifice their lives for the fatal pleasure of cooked food and kill themselves at every moment, but who still gives them the right to massacre their children too, especially with those foods that not only do not please children, but do they also fill them with disgust? It is useless to argue that when a child grows up and sees others eating, he will also feel the desire to eat. First of all, a barbarism like consuming cooked food will not last long and I am very confident in the victory of “raw” food, not thermally prepared. Then there are millions of people who observe alcohol and drug addictions in others and manage not to fall for them. My child is 6 years old and can already understand anything; when she sees others eating the cooked food, she loathes it with all her soul. What drug addict teaches his baby from the cradle to depend on the same vice? What common sense prompts a man to sacrifice his child in order to make him a companion with whom to perpetuate the vice to which he has fallen prey? Let us teach parents to raise healthy children in accordance with the laws of nature, and after they grow up let them exercise their free will in all choices, as they all do with all existing vices.

After reading the above, no sane parent will find justification in the various advice read or heard elsewhere. If the parent continues to ignore the voice of truth, then he will have to take responsibility for harming the child’s health and undermining his future. A person must lack the most basic judgment to replace 10,000 natural substances with two supplements, to replace living cells with dead ones, to substitute balanced natural materials for degenerate ones, to replace natural nutrients with unnatural ones, sprouted grains with white bread, green peas with cooked meat and fresh fruit with jam.

Excerpts from the book “Food not prepared thermally – a world without diseases, vices and poisons”

By Ashavir Ter-Hovanessian

Thanks to Monica Neagu for translating and editing other excerpts from Hovanessian’s book, a “jewel” of knowledge for all those seeking answers in food healing.

Pages 33 -38 (of the original book).

How diseases are born

Let’s take the example of a gland composed of several billion cells. These cells are diverse, each with different functions and tasks to perform. Thus, we have muscle cells, epithelial cells, nerve cells and many other types. But the main function of the cells of any gland is the secretion of fluids.
The glands of a person who eats cooked food have the full spectrum of cells, maybe even some extra, but only a quarter or a fifth of them are able to do their job, or do it adequately. Proteins alone, especially animal proteins—which narrow-minded people see as the perfect building material—can only create a simplistic structure of a primitive cell, without shape or purpose. Such a structure is reminiscent of the most primitive organisms that appeared on earth, in the first evolutionary stages, and which were built with the most rudimentary elements: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

But over the millions and millions of years that followed, these primitive single-celled organisms went through an evolutionary process with the help of the highest quality nutrients, namely the vitamins and minerals we know today or not. Throughout evolution, they perfected themselves and gave birth to much more complex organisms, of which man is their perfect product. We can recognize this historical process, briefly replicated, in the evolution of the mammalian embryo, from the moment of fertilization to its full development. The same process occurs in the evolution of a single human cell.

In any of the human glands, a specialized cell has its own mechanisms, which work and are activated with the help of certain nutrients. Now, the exclusive raw material on the basis of which these mechanisms perform is raw food. A bee cannot produce honey using thermally prepared nectar!
When the necessary nutrients do not reach the cells in sufficient quantity, then their development and activity slows down or even stops. This gives the opportunity for diseased and imperfect cells to develop, such as adipose, anaplastic, malignant or cancerous cells, macrophages, megakaryocytes, polykaryocytes, etc.
Thus, not only do the majority of gland cells not end up having the opportunity to specialize (differentiate), but even those few cells that can still produce the specific fluid secretion are not fed with the fuel to ensure an optimal level of production. This is why the gland gets sick. Insufficient development and poor functioning of cells can also occur in other organs and systems, resulting in specific diseases.

In some cases, the damage to a gland or organ is so great that removal becomes inevitable. Instead of man preventing their destruction by adopting the most natural measures possible, he submits to the ordeal of an operation and then feels proud of the miraculous result. For a raw foodist, it is simple to understand that a synthetic drug cannot restore the integrity of a degenerated cell and recover its optimal working capacity.
The consumer of raw food does not fear microbes, because he is protected from natural forces. Microbes cannot harm well-developed and specialized (differentiated) cells. They can only contaminate and harm weakened and fragile cells. The reality is that a cooked food eater owes his existence precisely to those few raw ingredients which he consumes occasionally for pleasure, without considering their major importance. Although the human body subsists on an incredibly small amount of nutrients in raw form, that dose is only sufficient for a finite amount of time.

Today, even the most renowned nutrition experts believe that putrefaction or contamination are the only problems with food. Conversely, if that food is fresh, clean and “well prepared”, then it means that it is nutritious, complete and normal. The absence of thousands of essential compounds doesn’t seem to worry them at all. When reminded of them, they reply that they also eat fruit. A completely meaningless answer. The diseases from which the human body suffers appear precisely because of the separation of nutrients from each other and their consumption alone, occasionally and by chance.

The nutritional value of food does not depend on the variety of foods we eat, but on the variety of nutrients which it contains. The most common lettuce leaf alone has more nutrients than all the dishes served together at the most sumptuous party. This is the verdict of science.
There are numerous conferences on disease prevention, where, after hours of discussions on secondary topics, the most important representatives of the medical world gather around beautifully set tables for dinner. Then, in total ignorance of the perfectly balanced diet with nutrients formed in Nature’s laboratory, for the prevention of diseases with thousands of living substances, they begin to fill themselves with “delicious” dishes containing degenerate corpses of 4-5 favorite dishes. Even worse, many of them, forgetting the importance of the natural constituents in the diet, light up a cigarette and drink a coffee. I ask the doctors to excuse me for this brief description, but if they take a moment to analyze the situation, I am convinced that they would agree with me that this is not a correct eating style and that it is time to make a change in the current system of nutrition deeply mistaken.
At one time, in certain Asian countries, criminals sentenced to death were fed a diet consisting exclusively of cooked meat. They would die in about 28-30 days, while a human who is given absolutely nothing to eat can live up to 70 days. This shows us not only that the thermal preparation of meat makes it a poor food from a nutritional point of view, but also that the toxins produced by cooking have downright poisonous effects in a relatively short time.

It is known that those who consume excessive amounts of refined rice are affected by the disease beri beri (an illness caused by malnutrition), which can take the life of the patient, subject to considerable torment. The most well-known symptom in beri beri is polyneuritis, but it is not the only one, but only one of them. Nor is vitamin B1 deficiency its only cause, as is commonly believed. Refined rice does not contain any vitamins, known or not. White bread, and in general any preparation made from white flour, has the same properties as refined rice. The same is true with artificial sugar or heat-altered fats, which are part of the thousands of nutritional compounds we consume.
The above foods, on which the standard diet of the cooked food eater is based, are the main causes of death, only they kill in the form of infectious diseases, diarrhea, rheumatism, gout, sclerosis, diabetes, apoplexy, cancer, etc. Sometimes they kill a person in the first year of life, sometimes at the age of 10, 50 or 70, depending on the proportion of the two food categories consumed (cooked or raw) and the degree of hereditary resistance of the individual.

As a result of a poor diet, many mothers today have no milk to nurse their babies, and some of them feed their babies with milk powder, biscuits, white bread and tea. As a result, the child becomes weak and exhausted – pediatric hospitals and orphanages are full of such patients. It is enough to give these children two bottles of fruit juice a day and they can regain their health within 2 weeks. But the doctors, themselves consumers of cooked food, neglect the organism’s need for fruit and begin to conduct all kinds of experiments on the child’s languishing body, and after taking the last drop of blood from it for analysis, then try to feed it through powdered milk formulas, meat derivatives, artificial vitamins and various drugs. In other words, they ignore the harmonious balance of nutrients readily available in nature, replacing it with all sorts of substances about which they have learned disparate notions through laboratory experiments. If the infant does not get even a portion of natural food, it will surely die, and such loss of life happens by the thousands. And what is even worse is the fact that many naive doctors do not even allow the consumption of fresh fruit among children, under the false impression that their stomachs are too weak to digest them, or, at most, leave the question of fruit to the discretion of the parents, regarding appearance as a fad of no importance.

We all notice that in most hospitals you can find meat, biscuits, milk powder, sugar, tea, margarine, rice, white bread, synthetic vitamins and drugs by the cart, but you will not find a juicer anywhere, fruit does not count mandatory. Dozens of baby corpses leave these hospitals and no one wants to blame the unnatural food system for it. I appeal to the humanitarian feelings of doctors to seriously consider this aspect. I am asking all the university professors, all the responsible cadres and all the ministries of health of the countries of this world, even if they are concerned about the level of health and birth of their peoples or not. The statements I make here are not shaky hypotheses, but solid evidence that I have not gleaned from experiments on guinea pigs, but have obtained from my own experience and that of my family.
The most effective way to prevent and cure disease, while raising the standard of living, is for each ministry of health to allocate a small budget to the establishment of information departments, the precise purpose of which is to advise the population of the disastrous effects of cooking and of all foods without vitamins, especially white bread, rice, meat, animal fats, sugar, tea, coffee, alcoholic or soft drinks. These departments should then educate the population to reduce the consumption of cooked food as much as possible and make gradual changes in eating habits. Of course, not everyone will be receptive and it will not be possible to turn everyone into a raw foodist at once, but it is essential that people come into contact with raw and unadulterated substances from the first years of life, to be able to free themselves from dangerous prejudices , to realize that it is not the chicken soup, pilaf, chops and eggs at breakfast that give them and their children strength and health, but sprouted wheat, carrots, tomatoes, walnuts and grapes. I give myself as an example, who, after 52 years of consuming meat and cooked food, had lost all my strength and could not climb even a flight of stairs without losing my breath; and today, after giving up cooked food for the last 8 years, I can climb mountains without any problem.

I don’t know in what scientific base, in many people’s homes and in kindergartens, there are packets of biscuits from which children serve themselves at their discretion, when and how they feel like it. Those packages full of horrible substances should be replaced by baskets of fruit, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes in the summer, and dried fruit in the winter, from which the children are left free to eat all day, as much and as often . In this way, it will be possible for anyone to notice that, by the laws of nature, children will focus more on fruits and less on processed food, choosing health with their own hands.

The raw food system should be adopted in hospitals for all patients and the results should be made known. Useful reforms could also be made in restaurants, or in canteens and food rations for the army. Without completely depriving the consumer of thermally processed food and the pleasure of eating it, even as deadly as it is, it is possible, to begin with, to consume 50%, and the rest to be occupied by salads and raw ingredients, alongside of the multitude of fresh, seasonal fruits. Thus, not only will people diversify their diet and enjoy food more, but their health will also improve and public health expenditures will decrease.
Once the population knows the damage that thermally prepared food causes, people will avoid it. A significant percentage of them will shut the mouth of their own addiction and follow the example of a raw food diet to ensure their own health and that of their family. People who have lost hope of recovery or who have become disfigured by their body weight will find that through a strict raw food diet, they can achieve the level of health they have always dreamed of.
Various authors write numerous books to demonstrate the therapeutic properties of fruits and vegetables taken separately, such as grapes, dates, apples, onions or radishes, and by developing special principles of consumption, they try to give a scientific air to this operation. In fact, all varieties of live edible plants have the same qualities. Regardless of the disease a person suffers from, they all satisfy the needs of the body, regulate the functions of the organs and restore the patient’s health. The communication of these truths should be made public at no cost, because it is inhumane to charge money for this kind of information.

The diet of a cooked food eater is full of fatal contradictions. In many cases, certain foods are recommended as beneficial and others, essential, as totally harmful and forbidden. This fact is explained by the immediate, superficial and contradictory experience of food effects, whose calculations are made in the laboratory. Millions of innocent people perish because of these miscalculations.

The most reliable food guide is the fundamental principles of the living food experimenter, in which all scientific mistakes, contradictions and misunderstandings, in general, and dietary ones in particular, are revealed and corrected once and for all. It is necessary to propagate these experiences as far and as often as possible, so that humanity knows the results obtained.

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Biologists who glorify the pleasure of food must prove how Nature made the mistake of not giving us cooked food

I publicly appeal to all scientists to confirm my vision and declare this, or prove the fact that when natural foods are put on fire, they do not lose their nutritional properties and energy; that living plant cells do not die and that no change occurs in the composition of atoms. Then to demonstrate how our Creator has omitted to give us some of the nutrients needed by the body, derived from foods “purified” by cooking and burning, that the operations carried out in factories and kitchens are scientific measures taken to correct the errors of the Creator, and that the vitamins synthetic, man-made, have a higher value than those found in nature. If they can’t explain all this, then they should admit their tragic mistakes so far and put an end to fireside meals once and for all; to submit to the wisdom of the Creator and stop changing the composition of the foods created by HIM. Let those who consider themselves carnivores eat their flesh alive and fresh, if they will, just as wild carnivorous animals do, without destroying and altering its structure.

We have no right to change the structural integrity of the living matter created by nature for the benefit of the human organism as long as, with all the scientific means at our disposal, we do not succeed in creating even the smallest unicellular organism; so long as, with all the nutrients we know, we cannot artificially nourish an organism and make it survive for a longer time; or as long as we can barely distinguish the thousandth component of a grain of corn. It is true that much research and progress has been made in the identification of various nutrients and many important discoveries have been made about nutrients, but all these innovations do not exceed in importance the discovery of artificial satellites.

The difference between artificial vitamins and the natural constituents of a grain of corn is about the same as that between an artificial, man-made satellite and the celestial bodies that make up our galactic system. It’s just that scientists developing a satellite, however, don’t set out to destroy the existing galaxy and replace it with astrological bodies of their own making.

The best way forward for us is to study thoroughly the natural laws of animal and vegetable evolution, and then to support the work of nature by any means which will hasten its evolution. But in no case should we try to sabotage nature’s mission and take over its task with the help of pitiful extracts from glands and artificial vitamins.
When we put a potato or a zucchini in a pan with butter and start frying them, that’s when we start the destruction process. Immediately they begin to sizzle, shrivel, turn brown and dry, and if we do not stop the operation, they burn and become mere ashes. That inviting smell that tickles our nostrils is the aroma of the most valuable nutrients laughing in our noses as they evaporate. The terms “cook” and “bake” should not be used in the sense of preparing, creating and improving, but rather in the sense of disintegrating, destroying, burning, killing and annihilating, because through these two operations , we eliminate the most precious vital substances for the body, and thus commit a horrible crime among humanity.

Small children abhor the taste of cooked food, which seems appetizing only to a fire-cooking addict, as opium is appealing to a drug addict

Simple-minded people might think it cruel to deprive a young child of the pleasure that comes from the taste of cooked food. Such persons should realize that, in fact, food cooked over fire is not even tasty; it seems so only to the consumer of cooked food, just as opium seems good to the user of drugs. Until now no one has pronounced this simple truth, because from time immemorial no one has eaten anything but cooked over fire. However, the organs of a newborn are exclusively adapted to living food. The human chicken is very fond of fruits and vegetables in their natural state, and eats with the greatest satisfaction raw grains, potatoes, beans, eggplants, peas, and lentils, which they find tasty, as opposed to what a food eater perceives them to be. food on fire.
The little child feels no pleasure when he tastes a cooked dish; he is disgusted and runs away from it with all his soul, and only with great effort can he swallow that unnatural food. But the poor parent with simplistic thinking doesn’t understand, because a mother takes after her own addiction and, out of concern for feeding her child properly, she continues to stuff unhealthy food down his throat until she turns him into the perfect addict too, destroying his health and happiness.
In the first years of life, the child fights a hard battle with unnatural food. This is evident when we consider all childhood stomach ailments and problems, as well as the infant mortality rate. The human child is newly built like a perfect factory and will not get sick if we provide it with natural nutrients corresponding to the natural activities of its organs.

The universal adoption of a raw food diet is the only way to free mankind from the curse of disease. Propagation should begin with the sick, with the new-born, with exceptional persons endowed with will and wisdom, and with caring parents who will oblige themselves to exclude from their homes every trace of adulterated food, so as not to offer temptations to children.
This initial period of voluntary abstinence from cooked food will last until the day when the authorities come back to reality and declare fireless food compulsory, exerting the preventive force of nature upon the ignorant and unknowing masses. There will come a time when living food will take over the world. In those blessed days, the degeneration of the living raw materials necessary for the factory that is the human body will be considered one of the most heinous crimes and will be severely punished.
The so-called impossibility of giving up the habit of consuming cooked food should not serve as an excuse, denying the fact that it harms us. No one tries to justify theft, robbery and murder just because society has not been able to get rid of them. The essential aspect here is for scientists to agree in theory and declare to the public that the operation of cooking food over fire is wrong, unnatural and dangerous, being the direct cause of disease. The second aspect, that of implementing the habit of natural food in practice, will then unfold by itself.
Cooking food gave birth to food addictions, diseases, medical science and pharmacology. The main purpose of medical science is to repair and restore degenerated and diseased human organs. Instead, the raw food eater has his own science and view of health, with the aim of preventing the aforementioned degenerations and ensuring a long, happy and healthy life for himself and the generations to come. . All diseases are caused by the violation of the laws of nature. Raw food forces man to obey those laws.

The practice of eating raw in my family

The fact that I can write these lines at the age of 60 is due to raw food. 7-8 years ago, my heart was in such poor condition that a heart attack seemed inevitable. I was out of breath climbing just a few steps; I didn’t even have enough strength to lift a bucket of water. Constipation, indigestion, heartburn, insomnia, headaches, hemorrhoids, gout, inflammation, hypertension, tachycardia, chronic bronchitis and frequent colds accompanied me for a long time on the road of life. However, thanks to the raw food diet, I got rid of all these ailments. My blood pressure permanently dropped from 18-20 to 13, and my heart rate from 80-90 to 58-60. I can walk the distance to Tajrish, i.e. 24 kilometers in 4 hours, climb the mountain like a goat, carrying my suitcases up the stairs and, when I have time, doing 12 kilometer walks as a daily routine. I, who suffered from chronic bronchitis and was bedridden several times a year as usual, have had no cold of any kind in recent years although I have slept, without fear of germs or cold, in the open air, and summer and winter.
A long time ago I had an attack of gout so bad that I could not even touch my joints from the big toe; today, I can move them without the slightest discomfort. When have similar results been achieved with the help of Atophan-type painkillers, ACTH-type hormones, Digitalis-type heart drugs, bromines, iodines, aspirins, antibiotics and thousands of other pills? A heart that beats at 58 beats per minute can be considered to function perfectly for many years without being in danger of having a heart attack. As long as one consumes cooked food, such a decrease in heart rate indicates a weakened heart, but in my case it is a natural consequence of the normal activity of the digestive organs. It is extremely important to note that when I begin to load my stomach with more food than its normal capacity, the food does not spend much time in the stomach, but quickly passes through the intestines and is eliminated from the body within a few hours without the decomposition process begins and without me having the slightest discomfort digestive. Under these conditions, the heart rate increases by no more than 4-5 beats per minute, while when I try to “satisfy” my body with cooked food, like an “ordinary person”, the rate jumps directly to 85-90 and I have to let a few days pass until the stomach returns to its normal state of lightness.

Next to me, I raised my third child on a raw food diet. He is already almost 7 years old and has never put his mouth on a morsel of cooked food. His health is simply perfect. Now I can see what a huge difference there is between a raw food child and a fire eater. It’s easier to raise a hundred raw food children than a single cooked food eater. There is no more reason to worry about ailments such as fever and colds, diarrhea and constipation, if the child eats too much or too little.
My little girl is as cheerful as a lark and whenever she wants, she goes to the table and helps herself to whatever she wants to eat. They play, sing and dance all day long, without moods and whims, without crying, without causing problems to those around them. They go to bed at 8 sharp in the evening, and after singing to themselves for a few minutes, close their eyes and sleep soundly until 6 in the morning. Moreover, what is remarkable is that, after the first months of life, we only remember 3-4 times when he woke up during the night. Her sleep is so deep and sound that no noise or movement disturbs her. When the other children in the kindergarten sit down at the table for breakfast, and eat bread and cheese, bread with butter or pastries, she takes out her packet of fruit from home and enjoys it quietly. When we visit friends, she is completely indifferent to the tables loaded with puff pastry and sweets, where people sit down to “enjoy”. He often takes the cookies from the table and fills the plates in his toy set with them, for a “tea party with cooked snacks”, which he stages with his dolls or playmates. He never expressed any desire, or even curiosity, to taste them. This is how all our raw food children should be raised.

My wife, whom I did not force in any way, gradually began to change her eating style, for the sake of the health of the child and herself, and became a complete raw foodist, with a state of well-being that fully satisfied her. First, he completely gave up meat and reduced cooked vegetarian dishes to 1-2 times a week. As the girl grew older, these meals were replaced by a few boiled potatoes eaten occasionally. In the end, she also gave up on them after the child asked her one day “What smells so bad, mommy? “. After this episode, the only cooked thing he ate was a slice of bread with honey and hazelnuts, hidden from the child’s eyes. (Author’s note: At the time, my view of raw food was still forming; I now know very clearly that the general rule is total abstinence from cooked food from day one, especially for those suffering from an illness). Today, my wife experiences the wonderful effects of non-fire food on her own body, so it is no surprise that for this reason she no longer consumes anything cooked. And he managed to do it without much trouble, once the decision was made in all sincerity. When there is no more smell of cooked food in the house, eating raw food becomes a simple matter. This is the path that all parents who love their children and care about their health should follow.

All the bad habits and animal inclinations of man are the consequence of food cooked on fire

With raw food, man gets rid of vices such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and gluttony. These addictions cannot associate with raw foods any more than a devil can associate with an angel. The aforementioned vices are satellites of cooked food.
Through the victory of food without fire, world peace will be established and cooperation among nations will emerge. All crime, hatred, enmity, arrogance, jealousy and generally all the bad habits and animalistic inclinations of man are the result of eating cooked food. By abolishing it, all human passions will be quenched, human minds will be ennobled, and life will become so simple that no one will be compelled to jump at anyone’s beregata or sell their soul for a bowl of hot food.

Concern with diet should be strictly limited to replacing unnatural food with natural food method

A completely raw food diet is the only way humanity will get rid of disease. Half measures have not and will never produce any results. In conditions where cooked food is consumed, no calculation of the nutritional value of the food makes any sense. Regardless of the nature of the disease, when it comes to the right diet, the only thing that we must consider is raw versus cooked, natural versus unnatural, pure versus adulterated. The daily recommendations from the radio, from the newspaper and so on about various vitamins, minerals and proteins and their caloric value are downright impractical, obscure and dangerous, especially when the products are obtained by pharmaceutical manipulation or are of animal origin . When considering the specific properties of nutrients, we should not be confused about which vitamins or compounds are in a food. But only the actual presence of nutrients in every Sunday that we swallow is what matters. We must, therefore, make sure that they are not missing from the food we eat. Nutrients are present in a raw, plant-based diet, but are missing by the thousands in a cooked diet.
For centuries, thousands of specialists have studied dietetics.

But because they focused on secondary problems and did not take into account the damage caused by the kitchen fire, their findings did not produce the desired result and, worst of all, because of the many contradictions that arose, they were disastrous for mankind. Even the vegetarians, considered a progressive category, not only tolerated the ravages produced by fire, but consented to the use of white bread and sugar, which are completely emptied of any nutritional value. However, we have to admit that in the fight against food addictions, vegetarians have had a hard time. The most difficult step is giving up meat, after which the substitution of other foods with raw products is a small hop, although it is this small hop that is essential in reaching the final goal. Therefore, I expect that vegetarians, regardless of individual principles, will accept the idea of raw food and all come together under the same umbrella to lay the foundations for a happy life, as mankind has always dreamed of.

As an expert in dietetics, G. Hauser gained an outstanding reputation in America. But even Hauser, progressive as he is, compared to other dietitians, did not take into account the effect produced by cooking food, and consequently tries to repair the damage caused in the kitchen with the help of medical recipes. Let us imagine for a moment that his advice serves a useful purpose. But where will the laborer, the farmer, and the common man in the street find a thousand dollars to consult him and get information about how much molasses to take in the morning, how much yeast in the evening, and how many thousands of units of a certain vitamin to swallow daily? This is not the most appropriate approach.
It is necessary to familiarize everyone, as closely as possible, with the idea of raw integral fuel for the human body, to radically change the current eating habits and stop all recommendations of a particular diet or vitamins.

Scientists know very well that a person who eats only white bread, refined rice or meat cannot hope for a long life. But the common man does not know. According to him, these foods provide him with excellent nutrition. How can we guarantee that, forced by circumstances or under the pressure of lack of money, that person and his family will not resort, indiscriminately, to these products and thus not destroy their health? Even an eminent scientist, knowledgeable about these aspects, may find it impossible to resist the dictates of greed and consumes all those sinful substances that kill him slowly but surely, practically committing suicide by cancer or heart attack.
It is not enough, therefore, to propagate these ideas with the help of books; it is necessary to mobilize the approved bodies of the state to introduce essential, well-thought-out changes related to the eating habits of the population. Active measures must be taken to gradually limit the massive waste of nutrients from food and to encourage the consumption of raw and unadulterated food. The basic objective of every diet is the consumption of raw food, while the term “diet” loses its meaning and is replaced by the phrase NATURAL FOOD or RAW WHOLE MATERIALS FOR HUMAN FABRICATION.

The use of artificial vitamins and minerals should be stopped

The relative amount of nutrients in natural foods varies quite a bit, in the sense that one milligram of one substance may correspond to one thousandth of a milligram of a second substance and one millionth of a third. But that tiny part is as important, to the human factory, as a milligram. Now, during the thermal preparation process, precisely those little bits of nutrients are destroyed in a first phase. One might wonder why, with such a dearth of raw matter, the factory that is the human body does not simply shut down, as an ordinary factory would, and how does it continue its long-term operations, making- us, thus, to shoot m the wrong conclusion that anything that satisfies our appetite is nutritious food.
In reality, however, the human body is no ordinary factory. It is a world with billions of inhabitants, countless factories, various organizations, systems, warehouses, reserves and so on. Even if it no longer receives food, it manages to sustain itself even up to 70 days, calling on the stocks in the reserve. After entering the body, the nutrients are distributed, via the blood, according to the special needs of each specialized cell. But the cells that make up the glands and organs get none of the few degenerate nutrients from cooked food, so few that you can count them on the fingers of one hand. They lie in wait, starving and despondent, until their master deigns to reach for a green vegetable or fruit. Man does not feel the hunger of individual cells because, despite his hungry glands and organs, his stomach is full, his addiction satisfied, himself satisfied. But still more satisfied are the insignificant, passive and lethargic cells, which greedily devour the “perfectly balanced raw materials” which admirably suit their structure, and which “strengthen and fortify” the organism by their increasing mass.

This is the reason why, with a mass of 50-60 kilograms of ineffective and useless cells, an apparently healthy, resistant and vigorous person does not have even a few hundred grams of active specialized cells, with which one organ or another to be able to function normally and perform their duties flawlessly. As long as the glands and organs are not deprived of the last trace of active cells, man is still able to carry on his existence, but when these are exhausted, then death is inevitable. Then the “full”, “resilient” and “vigorous” man dies because of the glands and organs he has starved.
For example, heart cells lose their strength and elasticity to make normal contractions. The heart subsequently tries to save the situation by multiplying the number of cells, and ends up increasing its mass with new cells, made up of animal proteins and white bread. But that is of no use, because those entities do not have the capacity to perform their necessary tasks, and the heart stops beating before long.

We do not know exactly how many substances go into the composition of a grain of wheat or other plant body. Suppose, hypothetically, that number were 10,000. Following the most elementary laws of nature, we can deduce from this that the human factory needs 10,000 different raw substances to function and that we must take care that none of them are lacking. This is the most natural measure to ensure the smooth running of the human factory.

Now let’s look at just how upside-down the food system is in the age of thermally prepared food. Humans destroy the essential substances in food en masse and feed their bodies with only the few varieties that remain of them. After years of hard research, biologists have discovered that there are only 1,015 types of nutrients in cheese, butter, liver or brain. Normally, we might have expected them to communicate, as a result of their long work, that this or that food contains only 10-15 typologies of altered, unbalanced, toxic, degenerate and dead compounds, and that of those that naturally compose a raw product, 9,990 are completely missing, turning those foods into incomplete, harmful and dangerous products, which are not recommended for consumption by anyone.
Instead, they specify, one by one, the names of the substances they have been able to identify in the content, what their nutritional uses are and, enumerating their properties, they recommend them as “beneficial”. Not a word about the absence of the other thousands of nutritive compounds, their role in the diet, and the disastrous consequences that invariably follow from their lack. However, these aspects are central to the discussion.

It must be borne in mind that the roles of raw food in the body are so diverse that, even if we were to get to know them all, through a miracle, there would still not be enough time in a human life to we describe them on paper. We must understand, as a basic rule in nutrition, that no nutrient no longer fulfills its role when it is consumed separately, when it is removed from the whole.

If someone remarks, in front of the greatest scientist, that white bread has no trace of vitamins in it, he will answer, without hesitation, that he eats other foods that do contain vitamins. It’s like a mason laying bricks all day, building a wall without mortar, only to then say that sometimes he uses mortar too. Such is the myopia caused by food addiction.

What else is white bread if not starch, sugar, fat, protein and some dead salts – with in other words, the lifeless ashes of some of the 10,000 compounds present in raw products? What is refined sugar if not just one of 10,000 substances? What else is meat if not a mass of contaminated proteins and a few traces of degenerate nutrients? However, man stuffs his stomach to the brim with these few categories of substances and deprives his organs of the other thousands of essential elements. As for the diseases that later result in the body, man explains them by visiting hospitals or analyzing the illustrations in specialized books. How else would those degenerations, bumps and ulcerations appear if not through the absence of top quality nutrients?

Although scientists have discovered only 40-50 elements out of the thousands that make up nutrients, much of the medical literature is focused on describing the effects of those substances, and they also occupy a large part of current medical work . In addition, a whole network of institutions has spread throughout the world for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing those substances. Let’s think for a moment what would happen if, instead of these 40-50 substances, researchers managed to discover 400 or 500, or even 4000 or 5000. Contemporary man seems to have completely lost his perspective on the wholeness of food raw things that are really necessary for the body; he either does not find them at hand or finds it impossible to obtain them. So he looks for them in all sorts of obscure places to satisfy his body’s needs.

Researchers are under the impression that only substances with formulas they know and appear in books are scientifically valid. Since they do not know the complete formula of the elements that make up a grain of wheat, they do not consider that there is science there either. They have the impression that it is something “common”, easy to find, that exists everywhere and is known to everyone. But things change when they manage to discover some new substance and decipher its formula. Then it becomes science; its discovery is hailed as a great victory for medicine and, moreover, arouses interest and momentum in factories, pharmacies and hospitals. All this because the man does not want to give up his white bread.

Be that as it may, people must finally recognize that the only way to get rid of disease is to first severely limit, then completely ban, the mass destruction of nutrients in food. To this end, specialized authorities must make the reality known and take active measures against food spoilage.
They must obtain new varieties of dishes, from different mixes of raw products, and recommend them to the public, whose eating habits will gradually adapt. As a result, the diseases that now afflict humanity will gradually disappear and our living costs will experience significant savings.
Until my family and I became raw food eaters, together we consumed a kilogram of bread a day, while now, a kilogram of wheat lasts us 8 or even 10 days. If I had continued to eat white bread, I would have been dead by now, but thanks to the life-giving raw wheat, I am still alive and I feel like I will be 40-50 years from now.