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Open your mind, Choose consciously, Train your inner strength

All we can do each day is to train ourselves to be present in the physical body, to maintain our emotional balance, and to focus the mind in positive directions.

They are the only personal efforts that make sense, in the midst of social chaos, which wants us stuck in victim roles.

The assumption and training of personal power is done through repeated efforts to strengthen and empower ourselves.

We propose an intensive one-month program in which we will address the physical body, emotions and thoughts in the mind in a structured and focused way.

We will say YES, or rather DAA (that is, we emphasize openness and the message to life).

Every second we can choose pro-life or anti-life. They are the only options we have. We invite you to make pro-life choices together, working with the physical body while identifying inner strengths to anchor through thoughts and emotions.

What do you say? Are you coming with us?


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